Salad Dressing

Where can I buy the salad dressing used by genuine Japanese restaurants?

by scherz0 2 years ago

The salad dressing used by Japanese restaurants, such as Shiso Tree Café (Victoria Park & Steeles) where I ate: 1...


Orph3us79 commented 26 days ago

Nanina's in Fields Corner [moved from Boston]

by Kodiak604 8 years ago I know it was a hole in the wall but I use to love this place...and most of all the salad dressing there. I ...


Peachie1943 commented 2 months ago

Can't get Kraft Russian dressing, recipe to make it?

by Shinnam 10 months ago

I miss Kraft Russian dressing, the red kind with horseradish bits. I can't get it in Sweden, can't get the red Frenc...

Wtg2Retire commented 6 months ago

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CopyCat Recipe

by boratini 7 months ago

Does anyone now how to make the Honey Jalapeño dressing from a restaurant in Charleston SC that used to be on Market ...

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Summer Salads Made Simple

by Mlchur 8 months ago

I'm celebrating the first days of summer. So what if summer doesn’t officially start until next week! Can you really ...

Whatever Happened to Roquefort Dressing in Restaurants?

by Perilagu Khan 8 years ago

When I was a kiddo back in the 70s virtually every halfway decent restaurant offered roquefort dressing as one of its...


robinsings12 commented 9 months ago

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Help! House Salad Dressing @ Me Va Me, Sofra, Hannah's

by toronto guy 9 months ago

All 3 serve a similar and truly delish salad dressing. If you have eaten at any of them, you will probably agree ...

Good Seasons italian dressing packet

by sophia519 11 months ago

My friend has specifically requested I make a salad with Good Seasons italian dressing. The thing is, I don't know wh...

ChristinaMason commented 10 months ago

Correct too sweet salad dressing

by lisaleira 11 months ago

Hola! I was looking to make a quick dressing for a raw cabbage salad and for raw kale salad (two separate salads)...


lisaleira commented 10 months ago

How long will homemade vinaigrette stay good for?

by jessicheese 5 years ago

I was wondering what the average expiration would be on a homemade vinaigrette dressing. Any insight would be great!


acgold7 commented 11 months ago

Garlic & Botulism

by MissDior 1 year ago

We haven't had one of those conversations in a while. I've read them all and I'm still confused. A couple of weeks...

outRIAAge commented 1 year ago

Whole Wheat and Wild Berries

by Drew 12 years ago

Anyone who remembers the rest. 'Whole Wheat and Wild Berries' in NYC on 10th St. will remember the fabulous salad dre...


sailorblue83 commented 1 year ago

Dressing for side salad that won't clash with mushroom crepes?

by Journey 1 year ago

For a main dish, I'm serving crepes filled with simply sauteed wild mushrooms topped with a chive sauce made with sou...

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Recipe for Kraft Miracle French Dressing?

by JohnJeter 13 years ago

I've searched high and low a recipe that approximates the taste of long-discontinued Kraft Miracle French Dressing (t...


griffwn commented 1 year ago

Why is "French" dressing called that way?

by bad nono 10 years ago

Hello, I'm French, and on another board someone explained to me that the US orange dressing (which I find utterly...


IcaMC commented 1 year ago

ISO Teppan Steakhouse Vinaigrette

by DuffyH 1 year ago

I was recently given a bottle of Litehouse Ginger salad dressing, told it was just like the vinaigrette at Japanese s...

letsindulge commented 1 year ago

Russian vs. Thousand Island dressing [moved from Home Cooking]

by DigitalVelvet 8 years ago

Is there a difference between Russian dressing and Thousand Island dressing, and if so, what is it? Which one is pro...


jmbrill81 commented 1 year ago

Caesar salad dressing

by Meeskeit 1 year ago

My caesar salad dressing - usually excellent - tastes bitter. Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks everyone for your s...


Meeskeit commented 1 year ago

Good bottled salad dressing in GTA?

by magic 1 year ago

I'm sick of my homemade dressings. Want to try some bottled ones. Problem is, most stink. Can anyone recommend so...


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