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Salad Bars

by Steve 16 years ago

Is there any place in Toronto that still has an all you can eat salad bar? Burger King, Wendy's, etc. use to have these several years ago but now, for some reason, I can't find one. Anybody ha...

Salad Bars in diners

by Richard 19 years ago

I am a diner/restaurant salad bar addict. NOT deli salad bars. Love salad bars with loads of fresh veggies. Would love to hear from anyone regarding the BEST diner/restaurant salad bars in the tr...

who has decent take-away salad bars besides whole foods and ralphs?

by Kurt 16 years ago

I did a search, nada - westside, eastside, whatever - nothing delux, just salad, chicken, the basics. thanks!

Yes another request....all you can eat salad bar?

by Stella 16 years ago

I know I have seen posts before about good salad bars around boston, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a good restaurant to go and just get the salad bar. The only place I know of is Ruby Tues...

Question about Whole Foods salad bar

by Leeza 16 years ago

When I buy vegetables at the Whole Foods salad bar (kale, broccoli, etc.) is it fresh or frozen? Anyone know? Thank you!

Salad Bar?

by anon. 17 years ago

Eating salad for a meal always makes me feel healthy, even if I get lots of cheese, croutons, unhealthy dressing, egg (I really like crumbled pieces of hard boiled egg) and bacon bits on it. Where...

The Old Upstairs Grendel's Salad Bar - Are there any like it?

by JB 17 years ago

For those of you who remember, Grendel's Den, when it used the entire upstairs as a restaurant, had a well-conceived and well-executed menu peppered with vegetarian options. Among these was an incr...

Salad Bar @ Penn Sta? (Metro Diary)

by Turtlejay 17 years ago

Yesterday's Times Metropolitan Diary feature carried a vignette that began "Being near Pennsylvania Station at suppertime recently, I stopped in to have dinner at my favorite salad bar. As I approa...

New Salad Bar - Brigham Circle

by Taralli 17 years ago

FYI: Stop & Shop opened their new, huge salad bar yesterday at lunch time. I was at S&S to pick up some potted arugula. Mgr was carrying out platters of wings - teriaki, buffalo & fried. Extensiv...

best salad bar in toronto?

by aznpoon 17 years ago

in search for the best salad bar in toronto i havn't seen many around town... suggestions anyone?

Are there any exceptional salad bars in the San Diego/La Mesa area?

by d2u 17 years ago

I have been dieting, uggggggg, and I am looking for some inspirational salad bars, for either eat in, or take out. Does anyone have any favorites? Thanks! Dawn

Salad bars in Bucktown/Wicker Park

by Leah 17 years ago

I am moving to the Bucktown/Wicker park area in a few weeks and i am a little obssessed with salad bars. Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for salad bars in the area

Salad bar near Union Square?

by Amy 17 years ago

Hi All, After several years of working (and eating delicious lunches) in downtown Oakland, I'm starting a new job near Union Square in SF. I'm wondering if any of you can recommend a good salad b...

Salad Bar?

by GuzzlingG 17 years ago

Where can I find a salad bar in Scarborough (north) or Markham that has a wide variety, where one can just fill up a platter (on a buffet basis)? The ones at the Chinese buffets seem to have the b...

Good LI Salad Bar??

by Tony B 17 years ago

I know salad bars are not usually something a chow hound would look for, but my kids (3 and 4) love their veggies (we are lucky) and often find that a place with a salad bar provides their veggies ...

Good salad bars near 17th & Penn?

by Courtney T. 17 years ago

I'm going through withdrawal...Skyline on Pennsylvania Ave. is renovating for three more weeks and I really need a comparable salad bar - one that has lots of undressed veggies, so to speak, and is...

Salad Bars

by salad 17 years ago

where in betweeen santa clara and palo alto can i get a massive hot/cold salad bar where you can fill in a container by weight and take out (like whole foods) nyc has hundreds of these. but cann...

PDX -- salad bar

by Lydia 18 years ago

I'm looking for a restaurant that offers a salad bar in the Portland area. I'm from the midwest and most eateries such as itilian or steak places offer a one trip salad bar with your meal or the o...

salad bars?

by Bumpkin 18 years ago

Where are they? They used to be everywhere and now I can't find them anywhere (dinner) besides Ruby Tuesdays. Can anybody enlighten me? Thanks.

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