Safe to Eat?

Wondering whether that day-old Chinese takeout is safe? Turn to Chowhounds for the real deal on food safety, like how long raw meat keeps and whether to freeze that leftover casserole.

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Safe to eat?

by gray 13 years ago

So a package from D'artgans went sat out the night of delivery and was not refrigerated (don't ask). So they put in the fridge this morning and now just opened to inspect. One of the ice packs mel...

Is Hoary Salami Safe to Eat?

by pilinut 13 years ago

I just excavated a Fra Mani Salametti from the bottom drawer of my fridge. Forgot to serve it over the holidays. It's whole, still in it's original paper and cellophane packaging. I know salam...

Safe to eat rare ground beef assuming I grind and cook immediately myself?

by Roberto7 13 years ago

Hello, I'm looking to make some home-made beef burgers tonight with some fresh steaks (top sirloin and flank). If I grind the meat at home myself, and immediately cook, is it safe to eat it ...

Please help me convince my GF its safe to eat in NOLA!

by docdekay 14 years ago

We have gone down to JF the past couple of years and have enjoyed ourselves immensely. Our primary reason for going was not the music, however, but rather the food. I'm from NYC and consider m...

Safe to eat?

by Renee 14 years ago

Help! I made some roasted eggplant, put it in a tupperware container to cool before putting it in the fridge and then forgot about it and left it on the counter overnight! When I found it, I put ...

Chicken Soup, Safe to Eat?

by Hmmm 14 years ago

I had some of mom's homemade chicken soup given to me and it was frozen. Then it was transported and completly thawed out in the car. Someone then placed it into my freezer where it has once again...

fish - safe to eat right now?

by gachimai 14 years ago

My sister told me today that it might not be safe to eat fish because of some toxins that shellfish are releasing this time of year? I did hear about fish dying recently because of increased toxin...

How long is it safe to marinate meat?

by phastphil 15 years ago

I bought some lamb for stewing on Sunday. Immediately put it in a marinade (90% wine). It's been in the fridge ever since (about 96 hours). Is it safe to cook tonight? I would be hesitant to c...

Munster out all night: safe to eat?

by Fidelixi 15 years ago

I took some good, sealed and wrapped Munster from the fridge during dinner and placed it on the counter. I then forgot about it, remembering it only this morning when the ripe aroma wafted through...

Floating eggs: safe to eat?

by Zorra 16 years ago

When I put these eggs in water to boil them, they floated. I cracked one to see if it was rotten, and it wasn't. So I boiled the rest of them; each one did have a big air pocket at the base, but th...

safe to eat fish list in New York Times?

by Alexandra 16 years ago

I misplaced the list of fish that the New York Times recommended eating or avoiding, printed in July. Does anyone have that, or could point out how I could get it? Thanks. I tried their website, b...

Where is Safe To Eat?

by Jim Leff 16 years ago

Northeastern and canadian hounds are wondering when it's safe to go back in the pool, so to speak, and if there is any sort of dining out that can be done safely. Please use this thread to discus...

where is it safe to eat????

by amp156 16 years ago

Hello from Park Slope. We have power in most of the neighborhood and I'm wondering where is safe to eat (other than pizza). I really wanted sushi, but something is telling not to go after that fi...

Where is it safe to eat?

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 16 years ago

As this discussion has cropped up on boards of other blacked-out areas, we thought we'd point out the thread on General Topics started on this topic. For specific Manhattan locales feel free to p...

Safe to eat?

by Weiszguy 16 years ago

I got a jar of hearts of palm at Costco over the weekend - when I opened the jar, I noticed that the lid was not screwed on all the way. However, it still made that satisfying "suuuuuck-pop" sound...

Is It Safe to Eat at Seven Seas?

by Pappy 17 years ago

Despite living in a nearby neighborhood, I have never been to this well-known, well-respected Chinese Seafood restaurant in Rockville. So I was making plans to try it out Saturday night. First, ...

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