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Wondering whether that day-old Chinese takeout is safe? Turn to Chowhounds for the real deal on food safety, like how long raw meat keeps and whether to freeze that leftover casserole.

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Are raw oysters safe to eat in May?

by eugenegirl 11 years ago

It may sound silly, but I was just told by a Texan that as a rule, folks only ate oysters in the "R" months when they were in season and that the old school safety mentality would dictate that raw ...

Is it safe to leave silicone utensils sitting in the pan during high heat cooking?

by GabrielKnight 10 years ago

By 'leave' I mean have the utensil sitting in the pan for 10 minutes at a time while the food cooks. By 'silicone' I mean "high temperature silicone" from a reputable manufacturer By 'utens...

Is it safe to eat the food? ;-)

by DiningDiva 10 years ago

Nice little article about eating food in Mexico - http://www.boston.com/travel/getaways/latinamerica/articles/2010/04/04/tired_of_the_tourist_menu_so_why_not_eat_like_a_mexican/

Lead found in Indian Spices? Is it safe to eat Indian Resturant food?? [from Boston Board]

by mangotango 10 years ago

http://www.boston.com/news/health/articles/2010/03/20/lead_poisonings_linked_to_indian_imports/ Please read the recent Boston Globe article. I won't be feeding my kids any Indian Food until I kno...

Dinner Suggestions and Safe Walking to Golden Gate Theater

by Oceanlover 10 years ago

Any dinner suggestions in walking distance to the Golden Gate Theater? We are taking BART and will likely get off at the Civic Center stop.

raw vidalia onion in olive oil..... is it safe to eat?

by alkapal 10 years ago

i've enjoyed the vidalia in good extra virgin olive oil with lemon juice and salt suggested by terkalin. it's good on lots of dishes. i used it for a couple of days, and then left it out of the f...

Safe to eat prepackaged meals after 'best before' date?

by inventivefficiency 10 years ago

Those commercial meals you put in the pantry. If it was 1 year? or 2 year? or 3? past 'best before' date.

Is it Safe to Eat Musy Onion that's been in the Fridge for over a wk?

by inventivefficiency 10 years ago

Is it Safe to Eat Musy Onion that's been in the Fridge for over a wk? Some people on Google results say no, and answers are confusing and inconsistent.

Looking for 'safe' places to eat around Tampa with a severe shellfish allergy...

by AiXelsyD13 10 years ago

I have a rather amusing problem... I'm going with my wife to Tampa, FL next week to visit here brother & his wife & our new niece... and I'm trying to scout out places in advance where it will be '...

New Bilan---can anyone encourage me with a recent experience---that it's safe to eat there?

by Ediblethoughts 10 years ago

I was all ready to go there today but when my friend and I arrived, it looked, very, very... risky. And I'm pretty brave about appearances-----it's the food that I'm interested in. But it was 12:...

Is it safe to eat really old preserves?

by takadi 11 years ago

My mom was doing a cleanup of the house to make room for some painters and she found some old preserves that looks like it hasn't been touched in years, perhaps even decades. From the looks of the ...

Is my cornbeef safe to eat?

by tunapet 10 years ago

Ok guys heres the scoop. Back in March or so I stocked up on cornbeef that was on sale. I used most of them up fairly quickly but had one hanging around in the fridge with a exp. date of June 02/09...

I have chicken in the freezer that is a year old. Is it usable?

L   nrs
by L nrs 11 years ago

The title pretty much says it all. I've been going through my freezer and realized I have 3 lbs. of chicken thighs that have been in the freezer for a year. Are they usable? If not, do you think...

I left it out - safe to eat?

by drucie 11 years ago

I made marmalade (kumquat.) This is a fast-jam recipe that you store in a regular container in the fridge - not canning/preserving where you boil the containers etc. The recipe says to let it coo...

green crab stock safe to eat?

by inibble 11 years ago

I went all-out yesterday and made a crab quiche with fresh, live rock crabs. I threw the top hulls and most of the legs away, but saved the inner bodies and some of the meatier legs and used them t...

Does maple syrup ever spoil?

by alc 11 years ago

I've had a can of maple syrup in my refrigerator for several years. I used it today to make cranberry sauce, and am now wondering if it is safe to eat.

Tamales still safe to eat?

by onrushpam 11 years ago

My sister brought some tamales from TX (a friend of hers made them). We forgot they were in the fridge! I know they were made more than a week ago... probably on the 20th or 21st. They've been ...

Is my lobster safe to eat??

by thunderbug84 11 years ago

I just bought some fresh lobsters. When I put them in my crisper drawer (I'm not going to be cooking them for another 2 hours or so), I noticed that one had foam all around its head. This same one ...

Help! power outage: is my food still safe?

by mschow 11 years ago

We were out of power here yesterday for 12 hours. During that time I only opened the freezer for a few seconds and did not open the frig at all. The power came back on around 3 AM; I had some mil...

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