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Wondering whether that day-old Chinese takeout is safe? Turn to Chowhounds for the real deal on food safety, like how long raw meat keeps and whether to freeze that leftover casserole.

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Food in refrigerator for days- still frozen solid- until when safe to eat?

by lisaleira 7 years ago

Helloooo chowhound! I have been following this board for a while and love it. I diligently searched all the threads I could locate to see if this question had been answered; I hope I didn't m...

Safe to Eat Cured Mullet Roe (aka Karasumi, Bottarga) if it's Moldy?

by peggychen428 8 years ago

Anyone know if it's still safe to eat cured mullet roe (aka karasumi or bottarga) if it's developed mold on the outside (like with hard cheese)? Can I just wash and/or cut off the moldy parts and e...

Left my lunch on the counter before work. Safe to eat?

by Crankyrobot 8 years ago

I'm super frustrated. I made a huge pot of chicken chili (with shredded chicken and chicken broth) last night and froze a bunch of leftovers for lunch. One serving was in a tightly-closed tupperwar...

expired eggs?

by lmuller 11 years ago

I have some eggs that I was about to use and noticed that they expired on January 11th. Are they still ok or should I run out to get some new ones?

Potatoes -- sprouting and just slightly soft

by lafarrell 8 years ago

I want to use these potatoes in a soup. They have just started to sprout and are not quite as hard as they were a few weeks ago when a bought them. Are they still okay to eat? Will they be okay in ...

Cauliflower Is it bad?

by sgschef 8 years ago

Have a cauliflower which has started to get brown/black spots on the outside. What is this? What causes this? And most important--can it still be eaten?

Is this ground sausage safe to eat?

by deliosgirl 8 years ago

I purchased fresh ground pork sausage from the butcher on Monday. I forgot to put it in the freezer and I need to use it to make Scotch Eggs on Saturday. Is it still good? I haven't opened it yet.

Is it safe to eat while it has brown spot or brown dots on korean perilla leaf

by Pigtail87 8 years ago

I went to h-mart today to buy vegetables I never know how to pick which is good or bad or is it safe to eat the korean perilla leaf that has brown dots or brown spots. I don't want to be sick or p...

Is this Sweet Potato safe to eat? [pic]

by mike2401 8 years ago

I purchased this at the Asian supermarket. I forget exactly what it was: maybe a Japanese yam or sweet potato. I skinned it, cut it in half and saw this. Since I don't know what it was sup...

Meatball safety :)

by fuzzyscorpio 9 years ago

Hi Chowhounds. Apologies for introducing myself with a dull and icky topic, but this is the only central location other than perhaps GardenWeb where I have seen sane and intelligent discussions abo...

Help! Is the pork belly I cured safe to cook and eat?

by goodeatsgal 9 years ago

I have a 2 1/2 pound chunk of Mangalitsa pork belly which I've cured for 7 days basically following Michael Ruhlman's recipe published in the New York Times for Home-Cured Bacon. http://www.nytime...

Beef Stroganoff left out overnight - safe to eat?

by theeggman85 9 years ago

I left out some uncovered beef stroganoff on my kitchen counter from about 9pm to 8am. It had some cream cheese and sour cream in it, is it still safe to eat? I put it in the fridge immediately whe...

Safe to eat yogurt left out at room temperature?

by ios94 9 years ago

Is it safe? I left out a half eaten container by accident for 16 hours, should I toss it out?

To confit or not to confit. Is this duck leg safe to eat?

by Leibowitz 10 years ago

So, I bought a vacuum-packed frozen duck leg about a month ago. I left it in the refrigerator to thaw and kind of forgot about it. I just happened upon it tonight. I did not take it out of the v...

Is it safe to reuse heated oil?

by OrigamiDuck 10 years ago

If I heat Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and cook something in it, can I then save that oil and reuse it later? I'm looking to make a vegan version of niter kibbeh, and I was hoping to use olive oil but ...

Beef ribs thawing in fridge for 7 days- Safe or not safe to eat?

by steakrules85 10 years ago

I have 4 HUGE beef ribs that were in my freezer for the past 6 months that I forgot about. I was planning on making them last weekend, so I took them out to thaw but those plans fell thru so I left...

I left the braised beef out overnight can I still eat it

by Danica21 10 years ago

I should know this, but for some reason I don't. The braised beef was out of the fridge for 12 hours in our 70 degree house. I have seen food out at picnics for a long time, then wrapped and eate...

is this meat still safe to eat

by ddhirlahelix3hound 10 years ago

Oi. My dad went to the grocery store and when he came back he was so tired he took a quick nap. Of course he put the groceries away first, or he thought he did, until he woke up and found that he ...

Sous Vide ... how long is it safe to wait before searing/eating?

by CantGoogleMe 10 years ago

I want to cook a couple of steaks in a sous vide setup at home, then take them over to a friends place to grill. I'm pretty new to this and have been following recipes strictly because I worry abou...

Is it safe to eat sushi (after the Japan disaster?)

by basil4me 10 years ago

I miss eating sushi, but stopped eating it after the Japan disaster earlier this year. I was under the impression that alot of fish used in sushi comes from Japan. The radiation scare has kept me a...

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