Safe to Eat?

Wondering whether that day-old Chinese takeout is safe? Turn to Chowhounds for the real deal on food safety, like how long raw meat keeps and whether to freeze that leftover casserole.


Slow Cooker - Food Safety

by jjohio 5 days ago

I used to not be so food safety obsessed until I had kids (3 yr & 7 months). But now that I'm feeding them I'm always terrified of giving them food poisoning because yeah, vomiting kids = no fun. ...

Am I going to be sick?

by Sassefras 15 days ago

I was making brownies and when I put in an egg I could tell it was spoiled. Right away I scooped out the little bit that had gotten in, went ahead and finished, then baked them. Will they make me s...

Chili Dilemma

by Mohansen1 23 days ago

Help. I was done cooking boiling bot chili at 10pm. I immediately wrapped the pot in plastic and put top on and placed in fridge at 2:45am. It was never served immediately covered with plastic wra...

Left frozen ribs on counter overnight

by michaeljc70 27 days ago

I took out 2 racks of frozen baby back ribs at 8pm last night and put them on the counter expecting to throw them in the fridge before bed. I forgot and put them in the fridge at 8am. Should I st...

Out of date vacuum sealed organic guacamole...

by amandacloe 3 months ago

Without realizing that the guacamole I decided to unseal tonight was over 2 months old, I took a spoonful to put on my chili and ate about a 1/2 spoonful before I realized it had a little acidic ta...

White spots appearing on sweet potatoes [right before my eyes! ] . . .

by mike2401 7 years ago

I know I must appear frightened by sweet potatoes but this really freaked me out: I cut into this sweet potato and a few seconds later, these crazy white spots appeared. I cut another wedge off...

Left Four Pounds of Butter out overnight

by Gretchen 2 months ago

Can I use it or should i head back to the store? We have 50 people coming tomorrow, I don't want to poison the lot of them...UGH!

Mashed potato casserole

by raberbm 3 months ago

Several days ago, I put together a mashed potato casserole with chopped green onions and cheese and (I think) egg. I did not have a chance to make bake it, so its been in the fridge for the last t...

Some frozen sockeye salmons taste fishier than usual?

by borisabrams 3 months ago

Hey I have been buying wild Sockeye salmom from the local Whole Foods. The fish comes in packets of about 6 fillets. Often, the taste and smell is mild and lovely. Othertimes, the fish smells s...

Green Beans OK to Use?

by MamaManda23 3 months ago

There are two green beans in the bag that are gross and black spotted like this. Should I toss the whole bag or are the rest ok to use? Feeding a little one too so don’t want to do anything risky, ...

55 Degree Turkey Safe?

by smtexdad 3 months ago

Ordered a fresh, never frozen, pre-brined turkey online. It shipped from California at 7pm 11/25 and arrived to my door in Houston exactly 24 hours later. The turkey was refrigerated before shippin...

Mushroom Identification

by kySafran 4 months ago

Just spotted these while taking the bins out. They look fine to eat but can anyone confirm or give me a lead as to what they are? They are pure white all over including the gills.

Left Lasagna Out All Night. Can I eat it?

by rgifford 10 years ago

Ugh. I left a yummy lasagna, made with ground beef, out all night. I put it in the refrigerator as soon as I saw it this morning, but... Help. Thanks. Robin

Life cycle of pickled herring

by Danybear 5 months ago

I continually purchase jars of pickled herring from the refrigerated case in grocery stores, then the jar get lost in the back of my fridge until the best before date rolls around. The herring is p...

Safe to Eat Meal Kit Box left overnight?

by paleogirl52 5 months ago

Left Box from GreenChef out overnight. Meat was pressed right up against freezer packs. Temp outside was probably 63-68 degrees. Meat felt cold but now I am not sure?

Zucchini Ok to Use?

by MamaManda23 5 months ago

Are these zucchini safe to use? They are firm, but the top of them at the top stem seems waterlogged, and a couple of them have that brown decaying look. Is it something that can be cut off? I don...

Is the gumbo still good?

by gcwhite 6 months ago

I made a simple gumbo. My first time making gumbo so wanted it to be easy. Chicken and sausage. Here’s my question: Cooked a big batch of chicken in crockpot on a Sunday. Froze in batches on Tue...

Forget ribs in foil in a hot car, still good to eat?

by St_Winter 8 months ago

So, me and the family went to go visit with my parents. My dad made his amazing slow cooked then grilled brown sugar bbq ribs that my mom kindly wrapped up in foil and handed me as we were leaving....

Is it safe to eat graham crackers after expired?

by boobmoose 9 years ago

Is it okay to eat graham crackers (still in an unopened package) two months after their expiration date? Thanks!