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Safe to Eat?

Wondering whether that day-old Chinese takeout is safe? Turn to Chowhounds for the real deal on food safety, like how long raw meat keeps and whether to freeze that leftover casserole.

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More on safe chicken

by RiverGypsy 5 days ago

I had a late night last night, and the last thing I did before bed was put a whole chicken in the crock pot with vegg...

hill food commented 5 days ago

Dried Anchovies

by adamchrissy 8 days ago

Is it safe to eat Dried Anchovies without cooking them? - I have read from some that you should cook them and from ot...


LorenzoGA commented 7 days ago

Tofu 2 Days Past Expiration Date -- Okay to use?

by NShewmaker 10 days ago

Hey Guys, I am making a marinated tofu recipe (I have a brand new package, but found one hidden in the fridge that...

Ttrockwood commented 9 days ago

Tamales still safe to eat?

by onrushpam 8 years ago

My sister brought some tamales from TX (a friend of hers made them). We forgot they were in the fridge! I know they...

C. Hamster commented 13 days ago

Is is safe to eat Basil with bugs?

by crowmuncher 6 years ago

I notice this white, nasty growth on my sorry excuse for a basil plant. I do like to use it on pizza, etc but always...


jnm3079 commented 23 days ago

Packaged/stuffed caps out overnight

by oslerspark 1 month ago

So I bought 4 large stuffed mushroom caps. 2 bacon, 2 Neptune from local Butcher shop. I took them out of fridge las...


oslerspark commented 1 month ago

How long can cooked chorizo and eggs be left out?

by mommastallworth 2 months ago

I cooked churizo and egg burritos this morning 630am for my family wrapped them in foil and left them on the counter ...

Midlife commented 2 months ago

I left the potato soup out last night, is it still safe to eat?

by davonne 4 years ago

I made a big pot of potato soup last night and forgot and left it on the counter, probably about 8 hrs. It has cream ...


masha commented 2 months ago

Is there any hope (moldy potatoes)

by lisaleira 2 months ago

Is there hope. One has a lot of mold, one has a little, one seems to have none. They lived in a bag together for two ...


lisaleira commented 2 months ago

Left black eyed peas in cooker

by Tanasha 3 months ago

I cooked black eyed peas in the slow cocker yesterday and turned them on warm around 8 pm. I forgot about them until ...


MikeG commented 3 months ago


by jibrat 3 months ago

I bought these dumplings (CJ Meat & Vegetable) on a cool day and they were sitting in my car for a bit...maybe like a...


masha commented 3 months ago

Re-creating clarification needed!

by Porkypig93 3 months ago

I've been trying to look up my answer for a while and have found some sources contradict others. My feeling is that t...


Bigley9 commented 3 months ago

Unopened Hormel's pepperoni

by agalaslam 3 months ago

I just found this in the back of my fridge, unopened. It says to use or freeze by the date. The date was March 15 2...

TastyReuben commented 3 months ago

Is it safe to keep stock at 160F?

by nutellablop 3 months ago

Hey all, I made chicken stock by simmering it on a stove for a few hours, and then moving it into an oven at 180F ov...


nutellablop commented 3 months ago

Ak! Left raw chicken in car!

by sallyt 3 months ago

It's 32 (chilly) degrees in Boston. I left raw chicken in the car (back seat) for about 5 hours. Safe to eat or not...


beevod commented 3 months ago

Still safe to eat short ribs after I forgot to turn on slow cooker?

by swedishfishsticks 3 months ago

So I seared some short ribs and placed them in the slow cooker - but forgot to turn it on low - sigh. They sat in the...

TastyReuben commented 3 months ago

Ate unrefrigerated kimchi

by kimmyann 4 months ago

I ate a jar of kimchi that I've had in my cupboard for weeks. It had not been opened prior to eating it. It said on t...

coll commented 4 months ago

Good meat bad meat

by flavormaster 4 months ago

Have some ribs that are four days past sell by date. Slightly off smell and a "little" bit slimy. Safe to eat or not?


nlgardener commented 4 months ago

Store bought roasted chicken - how long ok in the fridge?

by harrison 6 years ago

Anyone have a general rule of thumb on this? Ours are usually gone pretty quickly, but we have one that's been hangi...


sedimental commented 4 months ago