Your ultimate culinary guide to Sacramento: 'Hounds discuss their favorite local restaurants, from diners to doughnut shops.

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Re; Sacramento events

by Marion 19 years ago

Robert brought up a good point in one of his last postings. He suggested getting together at some of the many local and regional festivals, ethnic and otherwise, with and without music. I love to ...

I need YOUR help....Sacramento and Santa Rosa and environs

by Drew 19 years ago

I'm travelling down to CA for a visit over Memorial Day weekend and I need some help. I'll be spending a few days in Sacramnto and then on to Santa Rosa for a few more. I'd like recommendations ...

Need Advice From Sacramento 'Hounds

by Jane 19 years ago

I'm driving from the Bay Area to Sacramento to take the exam to get my real estate license. Clearly, I will need an excellent lunch after I finish the exam. The exam is on X Street between 22nd a...

What to do in Sacramento?

by MizThang 19 years ago

I am going to Sacramento to visit my sister Easter weekend and she knows where to eat, but it doesn't sound like she knows where we should go for fun (she's lived there just a month and a half now)...

la brea bakery goods- sacramento

by tonya casmo 19 years ago

does anyone know where to get la brea bakery goods in the sacramento area??? i really want to try their olive bread- i could go to napa area too if needed

Need Sacramento recommendations

by Steve Timko 19 years ago

I'm going to Sacramento the weekend of April 13 and I'd like to know the best kept secret of a place to go, especially near the governor's mansion. remove my pants to email me.

Al's Market in Sacramento

by Larry Conlin 19 years ago

Here's an update for the Sacramento Hounds that remember Al's meats from Elvas and H. You remember the high quality meats, the fresh fish, the chicken loaf! Well, he opened up this morning in Ikeda...

New Sacramento Thai restaruant

by Doc 19 years ago

Hello CH's, wanted to let you know about a new Thai place that just opened in Carmichael area. Bangkok Thai Cuisine on Greenback Lane couple blocks east of Sunrise Mall. (In the same parking lot ...

THE vietnamese restaurant in sacramento?

by louisa 19 years ago

i remember reading about a vietnamese restaurant in sacramento years ago - when there were almost none in this country - and i think it was featured in saveur's favourites list last year. which o...

Best restaurant in Sacramento

by Gwenne Lally 19 years ago

We will be hosting a dinner and would like to do it at the best restaurant in Scramento. Ethnic food is fine as long as there is a reasonable wine list and decent ambiance. Suggestions? Link: http...

Burgers in Sacramento

by Jim Leff 21 years ago

Patrick A. left a vague message about great burgers in Sacramento over on our "What's My Craving Board" (read it by using the link below). He just emailed me more info, which I'll faithfully copy...

Ikeda opening in Sacramento!!

by Christine DiBona 20 years ago

So, because we live out in the country, it is not insane for us to drive ~40 miles each way when we get a hankering for a GOOD deli sandwich. Wednesday morning the urge hit, and a dearth of icy col...

Sacramento Organic Eaterys?

by FarfelGoes2 19 years ago

Any suggestions for vegetarian restaurants? And, someplace to celebrate major old birthday? Thanks.

Sacramento Bakeries

by Kit 19 years ago

Need fresh Italian bread and rolls! Best found so far is the Pugliese ("Pool-Yee-Ay-Say) loaves from Grace Bakery sold at Cordi Bros. and Trader Joe's. Crusty on the outside and bubbly inside...

Sacramento - new Korean place

by garlicginger 19 years ago

Found a new Korean restaurant tonight, think they've only been open a few days. Bud Namu Jip, 8979 Folsom Boulevard - that's just east of Watt Ave. Funny little strip center also containing a P...

Russian or slavic food in Sacramento

by Doug 19 years ago

Does anyone know where the Russian or Ukranian neighborhoods area? I'm pining for some beet borscht. Recommendations are welcome. Thanks

Sacramento Recs.

by Ian 19 years ago

Dear Sacramento Chowhounds: My wife's parents live in Sacramento. As a part of their Christmas present we are getting them gift-certificates to the Tower Theater. We would like to also get them...

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