Rye Whiskey

Drinking History: George Washington's Whiskey Distillery at Mount Vernon

You won’t catch many modern-day presidents confessing a love for hard liquor. But the Founding Fathers were hardly 12-Steppers, George Washington included. In fact, a few years before the first president...

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Whiskey help - Johnny Smoking Gun? Where to find?

by GreyFloors 5 years ago

I am trying to recreate a ridiculously good cocktail I had at Slowly Shirley in NYC recently. It was an Old Fashioned made with Two James Johnny Smoking Gun Badlands Whiskey, orange bitters, and La...

Allotment System - the Barrel House Manifesto

by jochaima 6 years ago

I read this on the facebook page of a bar/bistro north of Boston; a statement critical of the allocation system. See what you think! https://www.facebook.com/BarrelHouseAmericanBar/photos/a.229...

High West Rendezvous?

by jochaima 6 years ago

Hi, anybody try High West Rendezvous rye recently? What did you think? thank you

What drinks can i make with my liquor cabinet?

by butswami 6 years ago

Im looking for different drinks that I can sip on at night. Here is what is in my liquor cabinet. Vodkas New amsterdam vodka Spring 44 honey vodka Smironoff peppermint twist vodka Bour...

lillet rouge and the manhattan

by Soybomb 12 years ago

Martini purists beware, this posting isn't for you. I've come to really favor lillet blanc in my martinis. Paired with plymouth gin it might be the best "martini" I've ever had. Natually my mi...

Rye whiskey sees exceptional growth in US

by zin1953 6 years ago

"Rye whiskey is fast becoming the on-trend spirit in the US, riding on the overall rise in popularity of American whiskeys and Bourbon to grow in volume sales by 536% since 2009, according to suppl...

Who wants to make me a cocktail?

by Tehama 7 years ago

Good morning! So, I'll preface this post by admitting I am no mixologist right-up-front! My repertoire mostly consists of perfecting the gin & tonic! However, I've been wanting to expand my ...

What Craft Spirits Have Disappointed You?

by patsully 7 years ago

The Atlantic is worried that the huge boom in craft distilling is causing quality to suffer. What craft spirits have you tried and been disappointed by? I bought a bottle of Balcones Baby Blue ...

blackberry rye whiskey infusion

by charles_sills 8 years ago

i just two minutes ago put some black berries into rye whiskey for an infusion. there were three or 4 berries that had mold on them, so i threw them out, inspected and cleaned the remaining. droppe...

Man Charged With Drinking $100K Worth Of Old (Pre-Prohibition) Rye Whiskey

by zin1953 8 years ago

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/22/john-saunders-charged-wit_n_2934989.html see also http://www.chinchinjobs.com/News/Article/caretaker-drinks-secret-stash-of-prohibition-whisky-3798?go...

Rye Whisky

by jackbauer 10 years ago

I just saw "The Lost Weekend" a couple of weeks ago and it made me interested in Rye. (The drinking part, not the alcoholic writer part). My local liquor store only carried Jim Beam which was ab...

NPR does Rye Whiskey

by zin1953 9 years ago


white rye whiskey

by lobster lover 9 years ago

Has any one sampled the new white rye whiskey or have ant knowledge of it.

Rye Whiskey Report - A Time of Transition

by sku 9 years ago

The popularity of rye whiskey keeps growing. This is good and bad for the rye lovers. Good because it means more options, but bad because the stocks of aged rye (which is a really tiny market com...

best gadget to peel lemon twist from a fresh lemon? (plus rye whiskey cocktail chatter)

by kerns125 9 years ago

I've got a soft spot for OXO products and was about to buy the "OXO Good Grips Pro Swivel Peeler" but then thought I'd check here to see what others recommend for peeling lemons to use as a twist f...

Your thoughts on Rye Whiskey

by tanker64 10 years ago

Hounds; Getting tired of Martini's and thought Manhattans might get me through the rest of the winter. My issue is that I am not very knowledgeable about Rye. What are the good ones at the vario...

Where do you get Rittenhouse Bottled-In-Bond 100 proof rye whiskey in Denver/Boulder?!?

by monopod 10 years ago

I've been researching rye whiskeys and the Rittenhouse 100 proof is apparently the gold standard of inexpensive ($20 or less) rye whiskeys that beats even the most pricey bottles in blind tastings....

Rye Whiskey in Worcester Area?

by CodCakes 10 years ago

I was wondering if anyone knows of a bar or restaurant that serves rye whiskey. I've found it in several liquor stores, but have yet to see it in a bar. Anywhere in a 30 mile radius of Worcester ...

New Bulleit 95 Rye Whiskey

by biskuit 10 years ago

Just picked up the new Bulleit 95 Rye, 95% rye mash, 90 proof, probably made at LDI who does Templeton Rye as well (though these are definitely not the same thing w a different label). It's a real ...

WhistlePig Rye Whiskey

by sku 11 years ago

Because of our porous northern border and common popular culture, Canadians often come to seek fame and fortune in the United States. Once here, unlike many other immigrants, they tend to assimilat...