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Need a Make-Ahead Bourbon Cocktail - Pitcher Recipe

by rp17 1 month ago

I'm having a party next weekend and want to make a pitcher of cocktails that my guests can easily pour for themselves...


rp17 commented 1 month ago

Old fashioned cocktails, bourbon or rye whiskey?

by Jack2 3 years ago

I was originally going to get some bourbon but from reading this it seems like I'd like rye whiskey better. http:/...

davis_sq_pro commented 5 months ago

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Sugar content of liqueurs

by Haroold 5 months ago

Determining the sugar content of liqueur is not an easy task. Hydrometers and refractometors do not give anywhere cl...

Suggestions for unique bottles on the west coast (Oregon)?

by jtbeck419 8 months ago

Hello! We live in the midwest but a relative of mine is on a road trip and currently staying on the Oregon coast. ...

stevewi commented 8 months ago

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Ben Milam bourbon

by tim irvine 9 months ago

Try this new bourbon. It is lovely. Double gold in SF. I have tasted the rye which is about to hit the shelves in ...

Holiday Cocktails at Elixir - San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Thanks to this tip from "oniontears", a friend joined me last week for a couple rounds of holiday cocktails at Elixir...

Melanie Wong commented 1 year ago

Favorite Fall Cocktails?

by DashBitters 1 year ago

What are everyone's favorite flavors for fall cocktails? Pumpkin & cinnamon are high on the list, but I'm open to...

davis_sq_pro commented 1 year ago

Bourbon or rye, gift ideas (Boston area)

by jochaima 2 years ago

Hello I'm looking for ideas for a gift either bourbon, or rye. I'm in the Boston area. He -loved the Thomas ...

yarm commented 1 year ago

Whiskey help - Johnny Smoking Gun? Where to find?

by GreyFloors 2 years ago

I am trying to recreate a ridiculously good cocktail I had at Slowly Shirley in NYC recently. It was an Old Fashioned...

nsenada commented 2 years ago

Allotment System - the Barrel House Manifesto

by jochaima 2 years ago

I read this on the facebook page of a bar/bistro north of Boston; a statement critical of the allocation system. See...

hotoynoodle commented 2 years ago

High West Rendezvous?

by jochaima 2 years ago

Hi, anybody try High West Rendezvous rye recently? What did you think? thank you


angelaangel commented 2 years ago

What drinks can i make with my liquor cabinet?

by butswami 2 years ago

Im looking for different drinks that I can sip on at night. Here is what is in my liquor cabinet. Vodkas New am...


Smores commented 2 years ago

lillet rouge and the manhattan

by Soybomb 8 years ago

Martini purists beware, this posting isn't for you. I've come to really favor lillet blanc in my martinis. Paired...

tim irvine commented 2 years ago

Rye whiskey sees exceptional growth in US

by zin1953 2 years ago

"Rye whiskey is fast becoming the on-trend spirit in the US, riding on the overall rise in popularity of American whi...


BoneAppetite commented 2 years ago

Who wants to make me a cocktail?

by Tehama 3 years ago

Good morning! So, I'll preface this post by admitting I am no mixologist right-up-front! My repertoire mostly con...

Tehama commented 3 years ago

blackberry rye whiskey infusion

by charles_sills 4 years ago

i just two minutes ago put some black berries into rye whiskey for an infusion. there were three or 4 berries that ha...

DiningDiva commented 4 years ago

Man Charged With Drinking $100K Worth Of Old (Pre-Prohibition) Rye Whiskey

by zin1953 5 years ago

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/22/john-saunders-charged-wit_n_2934989.html see also http://www.chinchinj...

davis_sq_pro commented 5 years ago

Rye Whisky

by jackbauer 7 years ago

I just saw "The Lost Weekend" a couple of weeks ago and it made me interested in Rye. (The drinking part, not the a...


NorfolkGuy commented 5 years ago

NPR does Rye Whiskey

by zin1953 5 years ago


Jim Dorsch commented 5 years ago