Homemade Granola Is Easy—and a Blank Canvas for Your Works of Edible Art

The best granola recipe is a matter of personal opinion. Luckily, making homemade granola is not only easy, but endlessly adaptable. There are are a few ground rules you need to follow, though. The...



Kantine | San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Back in May I enjoyed a solo breakfast at Kantine. At that point it had been open for almost a year. On a brisk and windy day, the outdoor seating was not an inviting option. Thought I’d laze her...

Is there a recipe for Silverstein's kimmel rye bread (Toronto) online? Or anything similar?

by tetraneutron 12 months ago

Everyone in Toronto has had Silverstein's rye bread and I want to recreate it. I know they supplied some of the local delis and markets, and you could keep buying bread that tastes the same after t...

Rye bread using AP flour, rye flour and active-dry yeast

Dave MP
by Dave MP 2 years ago

I'm looking for a great rye bread recipe that uses the ingredients I have, but doesn't call for the ones I don't have. If anyone has a tried-and-true one that would work, would love to know it! ...

Rye Flour NYC

by Fritz 2 years ago

Been having trouble finding 5lb rye flour of late. Any stores in Manhattan stocked?

Salted Chocolate Rye Cookies

by Nooshijoon 3 years ago

I am completely addicted to the salted chocolate rye cookies at a local Vancouver bakery called Batard. I have tried to recreate them at home and the only similar recipe I can find is Chad Robert...

Really good seeded Jewish (or Russian) rye bread. Where can I get it in the Boston area?

by somervilleoldtimer 4 years ago

I'm looking for a rounded oval (not loaf pan) loaf of really good Jewish rye bread, seeded, with a chewy crust and that slightly sour rye taste. Where can I find it in the Boston area? I'll buy l...


by Apprentice 4 years ago

Hey Chicago hounds, I think I have a handle on the main cocktail bars recommended by fellow hounds (obviously with a city this size there are hundreds): Proxi Loyalist GreenRiver Berskhir...

Where do I get a decent sized rye bread?

by gavspen 4 years ago

We like to make corned beef sandwiches at home but I have not been able to find a place to buy a decent sized loaf of rye bread. Everything I find is very small in diameter, not the kind of thing y...

Best Rye Bread in Chicago: An Investigation

by CountFenring 5 years ago

I've been obsessed with rye bread forever - there are certain sandwiches that simply don't work without a crusty rye with the proper crumb. But for some crazy reason there are not many parts of the...

Rye Meal

by mairehome 4 years ago

I am from Toronto and I am baking rye bread. I am trying to find both course rye meal and fine rye meal, as compared to rye whole grain flour. Does anyone know where I can purchase these in Toronto...

Looking for Dark Rye Bread

by alcoholic29 4 years ago

Any ideas where I can get a loaf of dark rye bread? I checked the online menus of Bread & Cie and Con Pane and neither had dark rye listed. Pumpernickel would suffice as well. Thanks This...

The Boulevardier

by tomjb27 9 years ago

Can someone explain why this is better with rye vs bourbon? It's a eminently drinkable failure every time I've made it with bourbon, but comes to life with Rittenhouse 100.

Marble Rye bread

by aunteejoy 5 years ago

A friend in Maryland has asked me to bring Marble Rye when I visit. Where to get it? This used to be relatively easy to find in any Manhattan bakery but that no longer seems to be the case. Look...

HELP! Seeking a good caraway rye bread as (custom) sandwich loaf...

by bimjim 5 years ago

My story is that I tried asking Dempsters if they would adjust their traditional huge-to-thin pointed caraway rye half-loaf process - to perhaps make it in a pan - so that the slices would fit into...

Never baked before: Rye bread too ambitious?

by lisaleira 6 years ago

Okay, I have baked some things but I have no real understanding of how bread functions. However I recently ate this amazing dark rye (no wheat) load from Baltic black rooster and it is so good ...

Any delicious Ideas to use up 10 lbs of organic rye flour?

by lecker 8 years ago

Please help. I am a very very new cook (started cooking a few days ago, after a life-changing trip through Italy and France). I am currently obsessed with making fresh pasta and I attempted to do...

Best four bottle collection for sipping neat on a budget?

by herpderp 6 years ago

As in the title. I was thinking of doing the following: 1. Tito's (~$20) 2. Bombay Sapphire / Citadelle (~$15-20) 3. Old Overholt / Rittenhouse Rye (~$20) 4. ??? What would a good four...

Where in D.C. (or very close-in burbs) to buy rye bread?

by Deborah R. 7 years ago

Can anybody recommend a source of rye bread? Preferably seeded, and if they also have a marble rye, I will be thrilled. I used to get a good (no-name) one from Snider's in Silver Spring, but hav...

Danish breads

by Howard_2 6 years ago

I'm looking for a recipe for a kind of Danish rye bread. I am NOT looking for the classic "rugbrod" recipe, which produces a dark-coloured loaf. I'm looking for a recipe for a light-coloured brea...