It may be the drink of choice for pirates and vacation-goers, but rum is more versatile than it may seem. Check out our recipes, tips, and tricks that elevate the sugarcane-based libation beyond fruity cocktails with paper umbrellas.

2 Days in Belize: Ruminations on Ruins, Rum, and Running out of Room (to Eat)

If you’re lucky enough to be headed to Belize, here’s what you should see (and eat). Belize, formerly British Honduras and the place whose town called San Pedro is the alleged inspiration behind Madonna...

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Puerto Rican Rum

by Boris Carlitov 14 years ago

I'm heading off to Puerto Rico for a week and would like to pick up some _really good_ rum. I like darker aged rums more then light ones. Can anybody make some recommendations? I'd be particula...

Jordan Trip Report, Part I, Magdaba, Petra, and Wadi Rum (long)

by susancinsf 14 years ago

Hello hounds: well, I keep hoping to add images to this report, but haven't got around to finding a website to host them...so figured I should just post part 1, and hopefully will get the pics aspe...

Mount Gay Rum???

by Fanny 14 years ago

Hi there, I am having the strongest craving for some Mount Gay Extra Old, and don't see myself making it to the Caribbean anytime in the near future. Does anyone know where I can find some in th...

buttered rum

by searchin' 15 years ago

with the chill in the air, where can one be served warm buttered rum?

buttered rum

by searchin' 15 years ago

with the chill in the air, where can one be served warm buttered rum?

Flor de Cana Rum

by dlibation 15 years ago

Where can I buy Flor de Cana Rum, imported from Nicaragua, here in New York City? I've tried the upscale liquor stores, but they don't seem to carry it!

CSR rum from Nevis

by babes 15 years ago

anybody know if you can get this in the states?

Seeking Pusser's Rum--any help?

by Denis 15 years ago

My girlfriend's throwing a bachelorette party for her sister at which the featured drink, which I think is called the Painkiller, is traditionally made with Pusser's rum. I'm not a major rumhound,...

ISO Pampero Aniversario rum

by AndieCat 15 years ago

In today's Jim Leff's chow alert, he praises Pampero aniversario rum from Venezuela and says that it is available now in New York and that he doesn't have to ask friends to bring it from Venezuela ...

Hot toddy or buttered rum or winter beverage treats...

by Michelle 16 years ago

Where does one go for one of these? Bonus points if there is a fire place. The only one I know about is the Tabard Inn on Dupont Circle. Thank you!

Question about Rumtopf/rum pot

by The Rogue 16 years ago

I have been looking a tons of recipes for rumtopf and wonder why most recipes say not to use apples, pears, pineapple, citrus and other non-stone / soft fruits... and some say that pears are ok. Wh...

Flor de Cana rum-- Thanks!

by Cicely 16 years ago

Thanks to all who've recommended the Nicaraguan rum Flor de Cana on this site. I just got two bottles from my local Jon's (at Vermont/Hollywood)-- one for me and one for a friend-- and did a side-b...

Cooking/baking with dark rum?

by Louise 16 years ago

Elle's post below reminded me that I have a bottle of dark rum that I received as a gift - I don't drink rum, so I'd like to use it in cooking or baking. What is your favourite cooking/baking appli...

Kosher alchohol - irish cream (original), malibu rum

by Miriam 16 years ago

Hi, Are the following kosher? Baileys original irish cream Malibu rum (in a white bottle) We need to know asap because we're leaving to Israel in two days and need to take it with us. Thanks

Hot Buttered Rum & Hot Spiced Wine

by Jean 16 years ago

Now that it's finally getting cooler, I'm craving my favorite winter drinks. Where can I find hot buttered rum and hot spiced wine? Thanks.

subsitute for coconut rum?

by Wendy Lai 16 years ago

I really like the combination of coconut rum with pineapple juice. But are there any non-alcholic alternative to coconut rum? And I'm not talking about extracts, because I don't think I can drink...

foodfirst - ? re: your rum concoction

by ChrisKC 16 years ago

My brother and I are planning to put some of this together this evening to have 4th of July. Boy are we gonna have fun that day! My question is about the difference in the rums and if it's necessar...

Mixed Drinks with Rum

by Caitlin McGrath 16 years ago

I like drinks made with rum, so I'd like to hear your ideas for interesting rum concoctions beyond the obvious (e.g., mojitos, daquiris, mai tais, and so on). I like fruit flavors in drinks, but no...

adding rum to baking recipe?

by adam 16 years ago

so i wanted to add rum to the attached recipe -- a yellow cake with pineapple and coconut, basically. how much should i add? and at what stage in the process? Link: http://www.foodnetwork.com/fo...

Rum Tasting? One more time...

by Caroline 16 years ago

I don't know how my posting below got erased and replaced with a response to the margarita question, but I'm trying once again... Does anyone know of a place in SF that has a wide selection of ru...

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