Round Rock


Bread for tea sandwiches

by beargrey 5 years ago

I'm trying to find a white bread that can stand up to spreading cream cheese and doesn't just disintegrate in the mouth. All the regular grocery store brands that I've tried tear when I spread butt...

Quality Meat near Round Rock

by BJSully 6 years ago

Just bought a Big Green Egg from BBQ Outfitters out on 620 near the lake. Great place with great staff if you haven't been before. I typically just buy my protein at HEB (Natural chickens, prime be...

Round Rock Report

by raisncains 8 years ago

Just wanted to say that I recommend both Greenhouse Craft Foods and High Country Market. Greenhouse has salads, sandwiches and then a daily lunch special. The food is all locally sourced and made...

Your mission: get to downtown Round Rock for Fire In The Hole

by jwynne2000 7 years ago

Doesn't look like they have a website yet, but their FB page has their menu posted and several good pics: https://www.facebook.com/FireInTheHoleRestaurant We went last night and were very pleas...

Curly's Carolina Brick and Mortar in Round Rock

by slowcoooked 8 years ago

Not to ignore a 2012 "pulled pork" thread where Jay's trailer was mentioned, but I think he and his partner deserve a non-buried report now that they've set up shop as of Nov. 14th downtown in rou...

boba tea, tapioca tea in Round Rock

by WSZsr 8 years ago

Thought I saw something recently about a new place in Round Rock that offers Boba tea (various fruit drinks with tapioca balls. Anyone know?

New job in Round Rock - What's Good?

by danny_w 8 years ago

I just started a new job in RR and don't know the area very well. I know there are several restaurants (mostly fast food) in the WalMart and Lowes shopping centers, and I went with a friend to Long...

Review: Annapurna Gardens in Round Rock

by slowcoooked 8 years ago

We checked this place out after reading stellar reviews elsewhere (none here) and its fantastic. The Indian food scene has really opened up in our area in the past couple of years with Asiana sout...

In n' Out coming to Round Rock

by heyzeus212 9 years ago

http://impactnews.com/articles/in-n-out-coming-to-round-rock "Vining said the restaurant contacted his firm three months ago to help facilitate zoning changes needed at the location In-N-Out is ...

Decent eats in Round Rock past 10 p.m. on a Tuesday night?

by ipsedixit 8 years ago

Any leads much appreciated, esp. non-chains. Not expecting much, just some good grub at a late hour. Rather not end up at a place like Hooters, Razzoo's or Pluckers (or places of that ilk). ...

Airport to Round Rock dinner on a Sunday

by bonita 8 years ago

Will be driving from Austin airport to Round Rock next Sunday at dinnertime. Don't know the area at all and want to stay away from downtown SXSW which I know will be crowded. From AZ so not interes...

Round Rock Food Trailers

by DevoBevo 9 years ago

Has anybody visited the newly opened RR Food Trailers? Impressions? Would like to find out...

What are your current faves in the Round Rock area?

by thymetobake 9 years ago

Hubby and I will be in the area in about a week. It's our 17th anniversary and guess what we're doing? Going to the outlet mall, lol. Anyway, just looking for some good food. Preferably a casua...

New to Round Rock

by oatbran17 12 years ago

Hello fellow foodies! I recently moved to Round Rock and am looking for some delicious NON-CHAIN places to eat. I haven't been out and about too much off the main roads, because I am directional...

Voodoo BBQ in Round Rock

by tdombrow 9 years ago

I know that today is their grand opening, but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this place? I know that it originated in New Orleans ( I guess), but how is the food? I love to try ne...

Corner Bakery Cafe now open in Round Rock

by redhatcharm 9 years ago

They opened about a week ago at Hwy 620 exit in a strip center where Sprouts and Freddies Custard are located. I ate at the CBC in the old Fresh Choice location and I liked it. Staff was super fr...

five guys in round rock

by nytexan 10 years ago

just heard as of 10/3 five guys has invaded round rock in the shopping center that has third base and target and best buy off 35

Best Happy Hours in Far NW Austin and Beyond (Cedar Park, Round Rock)

by jactar 10 years ago

A group of friends and I meet monthly, generally for happy hours and catching up. We all live somewhere near 183, ranging from near the Arboretum into Cedar Park. We're all willing to drive at l...