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Rotisserie Chicken leg attachment

by mikelovin 8 months ago

Good day forum. I have a small rotisserie take away shop, and I currently cook the chickens whole, the traditional...

mikie commented 6 months ago

Favorite packaging for store roasted chickens? Plastic or Paper?

by panhandlerestaurantsupply 1 year ago

I have a client that is going into the roasted chicken business and they want to package their chickens for take out....

Mindi_Pie commented 8 months ago

Costco "Rotisserie Chicken Cooked Breast Meat"

by Shrinkrap 9 months ago

So I've read about it before, then bought some on a whim several weeks ago, and now want to use it in a recipe for "C...

outRIAAge commented 9 months ago

Can you stuff a rotisserie chicken?

by PinotPlease 9 years ago

Hey Hounders - I'm thinking of doing a chicken for my small Thanksgiving of 2. I'd love to do a chicken instead of ...


stillblue commented 10 months ago

Dirty Bird's expansion

by coasts 11 months ago

Dirty Bird, mostly known as a rotisserie take-out, has expanded their W. 14th St. location to include table service a...

Monica commented 11 months ago

Places that sell rotisserie chickens?

by Bonbon898 1 year ago

I'm a student living in University City, Philadelphia, and looking to use grocery stores' rotisserie chicken as easy ...


urbanfabric commented 1 year ago

Costco rotisserie chicken...why is it so good?

by riceisnice2011 5 years ago

One of the only reason i shop at costco is because of the rotisserie chicken, not because its cheap, not because its ...


senecal commented 1 year ago

Doctoring up Costco's rotisserie chicken

by Monica 1 year ago

I am not a huge fan of store bought rotisserie chicken...but I can't pass it on when I am at Costco. It's cheap and ...

Monica commented 1 year ago

What to do with over-cooked, dried out rotisserie chicken breast?

by bitchincook 2 years ago

I bought a rotisserie chicken at a store that used to cook them properly, but not anymore, apparently. The dark meat ...

caiatransplant commented 2 years ago

Rotisserie Chicken on the Webber 22.5

by Dogboa 2 years ago

Got a good deal on a couple of whole chickens at Penn Dutch along with the Kingsford charcoal deal at Lowe's. I'm goi...


Dogboa commented 2 years ago

Whole Foods Rotisserie Chicken ... or what a Giant Unsweetened Peeps would taste like.

by ipsedixit 7 years ago

I had to swing by Whole Foods to pick up something last night (it was olives for my SO), and because it was late deci...


rockycat commented 2 years ago

What to do with leftover rotisserie chicken?

by FoodNewb 2 years ago

I have absolutely no experience in cooking but a friend recommended this forum to me so I would stop asking them ques...


FoodNewb commented 2 years ago

Best rotisserie chicken in NYC

by Blumie 2 years ago

A friend, a lifelong vegetarian, has decided that she MUST try rotisserie chicken. Where should I take her? I have ...

Ziggy41 commented 2 years ago

Superb rotisserie chicken sandwich at Chicken Provence, 39th between 3rd and Lex

by Blumie 3 years ago

This relatively new place seems to be flying under the radar; I know of it only because I use the citibike docking st...


drew22 commented 2 years ago

Costco Rotisserie Chicken Products

by Sacto_Damkier 9 years ago

One of my favorite meals at Costco is their rotisserie chicken, but I never really tried any of their other chicken p...

kobuta commented 2 years ago

Help! What is the best way to heat up a rotisserie chicken?

by wincountrygirl 3 years ago

I got it this morning so I need to heat it up. I hate to use the microwave - prefer the oven, but how do I keep it mo...

alkapal commented 3 years ago

Rotisserie chicken virgin

by Ttrockwood 3 years ago

So. I'm a vegetarian and my very dear friend has asked I pick up and bring a rotisserie chicken to a very informal ge...

c oliver commented 3 years ago

Crock Pot Rotisserie Chicken?

by nuraman00 5 years ago

I've tried to make a rotisserie style chicken in the crock pot a few times. I want it to taste like the rotisserie...

arthurb3 commented 3 years ago

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Holy Wood-fired Rotisserie Chicken, Batman!

by JimGrinsfelder 3 years ago

Holyland Deli on Central in NE recently opened their remodeled deli space. It includes a big wood-fired rotisserie c...

ISO - Best Rotisserie Chicken???

by loreeLB 3 years ago

Living in the LBC communiting to the South Bay - ISO the tastiest rotisserie chicken - For Up on the Westside I love ...


Johnny L commented 3 years ago

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