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Blue Nami, Roseville

by PeterL 13 years ago

The Roseville branch of this Citrus Heights sushi place. It's located in a new mostly restaurants strip mall across from CarMax. I take one star away for having just one flat screen TV. Just k...

It's 2008 - Roseville dining?

by NoCAFoodie 14 years ago

We'll be down that way in a couple of days. Cuisine style is open. We're all pretty flexible, and want to sit around and catch up on the past 18 months or so. What's new? What's good? What shou...

Cream for Rommergrot in Auburn, Roseville

by hungerpains 14 years ago

or Placerville Area. My wife wants to make rommergrot for Jule. Does anyone know where in the area north of Roseville (will drive to Sac if necessary) to get raw cream or at least as little paste...

Source for clams in Roseville/Sac area

by hungerpains 14 years ago

Recently moved to the Auburn area and would like to know where to go to buy fresh clams. I wanted to use them for Portuguese cataplana dish of clams and pork. Littleneck clams would be preferred ...

18 Degrees Frozen Custard in Roseville?

by Agent 510 14 years ago

Have any of you Sacramento hounds tried it? We've had a discussion on the SF board about how we can't find bonafide frozen custard anywhere here, but I'll be passing through Roseville next week...

Crush 29 in Roseville,CA

by bkh238559 14 years ago

Has anyone been there yet? I am going on the 9th for dinner and wondered if it's good. The menu looks nice. Mind you, we, my boyfriend and I are young and haven't been to too many extravagant pl...

Awesomely good Chinese food in Roseville?

by Bryan Harrell 17 years ago

This is a tall order, but is there any truly great and reasonably authentic Chinese food in Roseville? Thanks.

new HL in Roseville [Sac]

by steve_o 15 years ago

There is a new Hoa Luan bakery/noodle place on Douglas in Roseville, CA (Sacto-area). They call it HL cafe or some variant of that, but it's the same chain found near SF in Sacramento. Unfortunat...

La Provence Roseville Report (long)

free sample addict aka Tracy L
by free sample addict aka Tracy L 15 years ago

DH and I had dinner at La Provence in Roseville last night. The space itself was impressive without being ostentatious. Massive beamed ceilings, large gas fireplace and lots of wood framed windows...

Roseville region restaurants and food

by Tom Hall 15 years ago

My son just finished at UOP and has started work in Roseville, living between the HP campus and the Galleria at Roseville. We will be visiting him fairly often including this weekend. Are there a...

food and wine near Roseville

by steve h. 15 years ago

plan on being there in late August. Deb and I will spend time there with my wonderful aunt who loves good food and wine. Smart, not necessarily obvious, recommendations would be appreciated. Money ...

Back Forty Texas BBQ - Roseville

by BurlRandy 15 years ago

Tried the Back Forty Texas BBQ in my search for decent places on the road to Tahoe. Had the pork ribs and side of links. The links were totally without taste. The sauce was mild and of no help fo...

Roseville update , and Auburn Mandarin Orange Festival

by janet of reno 16 years ago

The weather stays (too) good, so we did the promised road trip today. We never made it to Sac, but I do have a quick Denio's/Roseville update. I reported a month or so ago that we had tamales at ...

Dinner in Roseville near Galleria

by JHall 16 years ago

I am doing some out of town holiday shopping this weekend at the Galleria, and i'm looking for somewhere for dinner on sunday night. Casual but not too informal for me and my BF. Any suggestions wo...

Denio's Roseville Auction/La Bamba Tamales

by janet of reno 16 years ago

I just wanted to remind you Sacramento-area folks that the best Farmer's Market around may well be at Denio's in Roseville....open on weekends. Sunday afternoons are a particularly good time to go...

ISO GOOD sushi in the Roseville area?

by Rosebear 16 years ago

I don't mind so much if there are offerings that aren't exactly "traditional," but I want fresh, clean fish and flavors that make my mouth rejoice. We were referred to Mikuni, and were vastly dis...

Ruth's Chris moving into Roseville Mall.

by Peter 16 years ago

Just saw that Ruth's Chris is moving into that empty middle restaurant space at the Roseville Mall. I predict it'll do well. As the Sac Bee article noted, Sacto, esp. the burbs, is meat and potato.

Ruth's Chris coming to Roseville.

by Peter 16 years ago

Was just at the Roseville Mall. A new Ruth's Chris Steak House is going into the vacant restaurant space.

Folsom,Orangevale,Roseville... great chinese???

by charlie 17 years ago

Need recommendation for great chinese food restaurant and specifically great Wor Wonton Soup