Il Fornaio Super Bowl 50% discount code

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 months ago

"We're celebrating the Big Game this Sunday with Half-Priced Pizzas, Appetizers and Signature Cocktails!* Score extra points with your team at home when you order an Italian feast To Go - use code...

Krispy Kreme: Be Sweet Saturdays

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

"Get a FREE Original Glazed dozen to share when you buy one or more full price Original Glazed Dozens. . . Every Saturday during this time, Krispy Kreme will add a free dozen Original Glazed Doughn...

Where can I buy a pongal pot?

by garland0130 6 years ago

I've been looking unsuccessfully for a pongal pot for celebrating Pongal (Tamil) / Thai Pongal. I don't mind if it's clay/earthen, but would prefer the brass pot. I attached a photo of what I'm loo...

Good Parmesan cheese in N Cal stores?

by SimSportPlyr 8 years ago

[cross-posting from the California forum] Earlier this year I had Parmesan cheese in a restaurant in Parma, Italy that was off-the-charts delicious. Is it possible to buy cheese in N Cal ...

Nice resturant in Roseville, CA area

by tommr3642 6 years ago

I am relatively new to Roseville and looking for a nice restaurant to take a friend to. Good food and not too loud so we can talk.

Roseville CA eats

by cymbaline65 9 years ago

Hello all- I'll be in and out of Roseville for about 9 weeks - staying near the mall on Creekside Ridge. Most recent posts for chow in this town are 2 years old. Restaurants come and go so can an...

If you're driving on I-80 at Roseville

by escargot3 9 years ago

And want a cuppa coffee and a small bite to eat, I highly recommend Extreme Java Jungle on the main drag: Vernon St. It's upbeat, hip, and a large space that invites you to pull up a chair and s...

Best Breakfast Sandwich in Roseville?

by EatUrCity 9 years ago

I know this is a LONG shot, but I'm looking for a really good breakfast sandwich (NOT Jack, Carls, Wendy's, etc.)

New to Roseville, CA (Sac area)

by ygoloneo 15 years ago

Howdy, I'm looking for good restaurants and markets in the Roseville/Sac vicinity. In the restaurant area I'm hunting for dim sum, sushi, tapas, breakfast, mexican, etc., pretty much everything. ...

Sunflower Farmers Market, Roseville?

by hhc 10 years ago

Modesto is getting a Sunflower FM in Fall 2011 & Fremont, CA is getting a Sunflower FM in 2012. I found on Sunflower FM store locator that Roseville has one already. Who's been & what do you like...

Roseville and Sacramento areas

by air 11 years ago

I am going to be working and staying in Roseville for the week and I would really appreciate some non-chain suggestions for lunch. Initial search showed some threads that were a couple months old a...

German Chocolate Cake in Lincoln/Roseville

by peppatty 11 years ago

I'm in charge of getting a German Chocolate Cake for a birthday on Saturday. I live in the Bay Area and don't know what bakeries are good in Lincoln/Roseville area. Any suggestions of bakeries I ca...

Food Truck in Roseville

by Noxious4 11 years ago

I'm looking for a food truck that has no markings on it that drives around the southern roseville area. Ive seen it by the automall before. It is run by an asian man and his wife. they serve kind o...

Roseville/Granite Bay

by movedeast 11 years ago

Hi, Moved "up" here from SF a year and a half ago. (Actually moved to Applegate near Auburn) Anyway, would loved recommendations on upscale dinner restaurants in the Roseville and Granite Bay ...

Places to eat in Roseville/Rockland?

by scorpioscuba 13 years ago

My best friend is moving to the Roseville/Rockland area outside of Sacramento later this month. After house hunting he came back and said all of the places nearby to eat are all chains which he rea...

Roseville/Sacramento Recomendations

by sugarNspice 12 years ago

Headed to Roseville/Sacaramento area for the first time. Looking for recomendations for interesting bakeries and chocolate shops. Also dinner recomendations will be great. I live in Napa Valley ...

Sac: Auburn Blvd, Roseville to Sacramento!

by bennyboy1 12 years ago

Lets do a thread about one of the longest streets in the area.. This one will be Auburn Blvd and places within four blocks of Auburn Blvd. First up, California Burgers in the KMart shopping cen...

Specialty beer retailers near Roseville?

by khelvan 12 years ago

Hello, I am looking for a retail shop or shops that have a wide selection of normally hard-to-find beer, especially a variety of Belgian beer. Can someone recommend a shop near Roseville that migh...

Any worthwhile restaurants in Roseville?

by siam 13 years ago

My husband and I will be staying in Roseville for a wedding and would like to find a good place to have dinner on a Friday night. It doesn't matter whether it is fine dining, good ethnic eats or a...

Looking for Asian Beef Jerky in the Roseville area.

by jken2000 13 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find asian beef jerky in the Roseville area? I would be willing to drive an hour to purchase some.