The food on a date should be the highlight, not the stress. Find the perfect date-night spot with help from our community, whether you want white tablecloths and sommeliers or beer and to-die-for nachos. We've got you covered so you can just focus on the romance.

French Quarter Saturday Brunch Recommendations?

by danhanshan 9 months ago

Hi, I've been reading through these discussion threads, but I'm not seeing exactly what I'm looking for--please help! My wife and I will spend two nights in New Orleans at the end of this month ...

1st Time in London - Help!

by nycAttorney 6 months ago

Hey guys, I am taking my wife here for our anniversary at the beginning of November for about a week. We are foodies, and love just about any kind of food. We need help with some suggestions for lu...

Paris - Anniversary Dinner Nov. 2018

by nycAttorney 6 months ago

I will be back in Paris (having been 1x before with my wife a couple of years ago) for a few days at the beginning of November. I am searching for a few places to have a true Parisian dinner. The c...

Best Mexican food

by katjim 7 months ago

Where are some best Mexican food when driving from Long Beach on the way to Escondido, CA?

looking for a Romantic and Intimate Dinner and Dance

by Zoso 8 years ago

Hello, I have been looking for a Formal/fancy Restaurant that has dinner and dancing on a more romantic and personal/intimate setting. This is for a very special date where the lady can wear a ni...

Restaurant/food experiences in Greece: Athens, Crete, and Karpathos

by sarahbecca 7 months ago

Hi! My husband and I are traveling to Greece for about two weeks later this month. We’ll be staying in Athens, Chania and outside of Heraklion in Crete, and Pigadia (+planning to travel around the ...

Maison Blanche Rises Above the Crowd

by sarafinadh 10 months ago

Ok I couldn't resist, and the view at Maison Blanche and the terrace really are wonderful! MB was recommended by a Parisian acquaintance who suggested that, while pricey, it would deliver a top ...

Favorite Valentine's Day indulgences...

by gutreactions 2 years ago

What special foods or dining venues do you like to share during Valentine's Day?

Romantic dinner in Delray Beach

by sjkilrain 2 years ago

Headed to Delray Beach and will be there for our anniversary. Any suggestions for an upscale seafood restaurant?

Pescatarian/vegetarian romantic dinner

by Magelet 1 year ago

Looking for somewhere special for an anniversary dinner on a weeknight. In SF, Oakland, Berkeley, Tiburon or Sausalito. Someplace quiet and romantic, I'd like to be able to hear eachother talk. ...

Need Help Narrowing Down Dinner Options

by Greaser23 1 year ago

Headed to New Orleans for my anniversary next week and need to narrow this list down to 3 places. We have been to NOLA a couple of times before and have gone to the same restaurants (Commanders, A...

Cheap thrills: economical dinner menu that wows

free sample addict aka Tracy L
by free sample addict aka Tracy L 2 years ago

I was going to make a lavish dinner for a friend, but need to scale back as I had a financial set back. He loves Italian food. He lives in Mexico so no Mexican food. I don't want to make pasta as ...

Pompano Beach Area

by CheetahsCoach 1 year ago

My wife and I are getting a chance to get away to the Pompano Beach, Fla area for a week - We have never been to this location so I am looking for some guidance as to restaurants that might be of i...

1st Wedding Aniversary in New Orleans!

by Arpita 2 years ago

We have decided to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary in New Orleans. We have planned 27th April to 30th April 3 day's trip. We are visiting New Orleans for the first time. Could you please h...

Suggestions for a super-cozy, non-stuffy romantic dinner

by LM225 2 years ago

Hi experts -- Anyone up for a challenge? :) My wife and I will be visiting for a few days, and I'd be grateful for your help in finding a restaurant with the following parameters. Adding a fe...

Help finding an upscale non-sushi restaurant for special occasion

by arturchik 2 years ago

Hello I was wondering if the community can help me with suggestion for upscale (but ideally below 20,000 per person) restaurant in Tokyo. I am looking for Japanese cuisine, can be either traditio...

First date but she can't sit for over 30 mins

by cjavier70 2 years ago

Hello all. I'm taking an attractive girl that I met at a coffee shop out on a date in San Francisco tomorrow. However...she has a slipped disk in her back and so anything that requires long periods...

Dinner after elopement ceremony in Vegas

by cruisingmickey 2 years ago

Hello, My fiancé and I will be eloping to Vegas this coming April and want to go out for a romantic dinner afterwards. Other than the standard touristy spots like Top of the World and the Eiffe...

Romantic bars and restaurants with adjacent seating

by Blumie 2 years ago

There are plenty of threads here and elsewhere about romantic bars and restaurants. What I'm specifically looking for is a romantic place where a couple can be seated next to each other rather tha...