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The food on a date should be the highlight, not the stress. Find the perfect date-night spot with help from our community, whether you want white tablecloths and sommeliers or beer and to-die-for nachos. We've got you covered so you can just focus on the romance.

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1st Wedding Aniversary in New Orleans!

by Arpita 15 days ago

We have decided to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary in New Orleans. We have planned 27th April to 30th April 3 d...


Blumie commented 13 days ago

Suggestions for a super-cozy, non-stuffy romantic dinner

by LM225 29 days ago

Hi experts -- Anyone up for a challenge? :) My wife and I will be visiting for a few days, and I'd be grateful ...


UES Mayor commented 25 days ago

Help finding an upscale non-sushi restaurant for special occasion

by arturchik 2 months ago

Hello I was wondering if the community can help me with suggestion for upscale (but ideally below 20,000 per person)...


arturchik commented 2 months ago

Romantic dinner in Delray Beach

by sjkilrain 2 months ago

Headed to Delray Beach and will be there for our anniversary. Any suggestions for an upscale seafood restaurant?

erica commented 2 months ago

You Can Now Get Married at Taco Bell for $600

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

Starting this summer, a new option for tying the knot in Las Vegas, Taco Bell Cantina on the strip.


catseefood commented 2 months ago

First date but she can't sit for over 30 mins

by cjavier70 2 months ago

Hello all. I'm taking an attractive girl that I met at a coffee shop out on a date in San Francisco tomorrow. However...


JonDough commented 2 months ago

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Favorite Valentine's Day indulgences...

by gutreactions 3 months ago

What special foods or dining venues do you like to share during Valentine's Day?

Dinner after elopement ceremony in Vegas

by cruisingmickey 4 months ago

Hello, My fiancé and I will be eloping to Vegas this coming April and want to go out for a romantic dinner afterwa...


butterfli311 commented 4 months ago

Romantic bars and restaurants with adjacent seating

by Blumie 4 months ago

There are plenty of threads here and elsewhere about romantic bars and restaurants. What I'm specifically looking fo...


Blumie commented 4 months ago

Cheap thrills: economical dinner menu that wows

by free sample addict aka Tracy L 6 months ago

I was going to make a lavish dinner for a friend, but need to scale back as I had a financial set back. He loves Ital...


Madrid commented 6 months ago

Romantic Dinner after getting hitched

by cruisingmickey 6 months ago

My fiancé and I, an interracial same sex couple, are eloping to Vegas within the next few months and are wondering wh...


LVI commented 6 months ago

In search of a DARK/dimly lit place near Lower East Side

by mimi222 8 months ago

Hi, could you please recommend a dining spot with dimmed lighting? It should have a really dark interior, candle lit ...


mimi222 commented 8 months ago

Post-Proposal Restaurant Suggestions

by nolabound 9 months ago

I'm planning to propose to my girlfriend (not at a restaurant), but I was looking for the best/most romantic restaura...


hazelhurst commented 9 months ago

Nothing Creamy Special Dinner in/near 7th

by phillybakingqueen 10 months ago

We are looking for a romantic, celebration meal. Price isn't a factor for this one. My DH doesn't enjoy anything crea...

phillybakingqueen commented 10 months ago

Romantic restaurant in DC

by Bood 11 months ago

I live in DC and I'm going on a date night with my spouse this coming Friday. Any suggestions on a romantic restauran...


Bood commented 11 months ago

SF Seafood restaurant

by 50waze 12 months ago

Hi, have a romantic b-day dinner and looking for ideas for SF fresh seafood restaurants. Someplace with a little ambi...


zorrosf commented 12 months ago

Anniversary dinner in Portland OR

by JunieB 1 year ago

My husband and I will be traveling through Portland in April and I'm looking for a nice, romantic restaurant for dinn...

grayelf commented 1 year ago

Looking for Casual Dinner and Dance 60+

by mavericknm 1 year ago

Some years ago I took my parents to Lisbon by Night. They absolutely loved the cover band playing oldies. Many older ...


ssainani commented 1 year ago

Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Romantic Restaurants Northshore

by madisoncurry 1 year ago

Hi! Getting ready for a romantic weekend getaway on the Northshore (Lacombe). Looking for restaurant recommendations ...

V-day dinner suggestions - young couple

by dunjailic 1 year ago

Hi guys! V-day falls on a Sunday this year and the SO and I both work in the restaurant industry, and both of our ...


caviartothegeneral commented 1 year ago