Rolling Pins

This Medical Tool Is Actually a Beloved Chef Staple

Chef Shirley Chung—the Top Chef finalist and owner of Ms. Chi Cafe in Culver City, Los Angeles—knows a thing or two about Chinese-American food. She immigrated to America when she was 17 years old...

Rolling pins- your preference for general baking

by FluffyKiwiFruit08 6 years ago

I have limited real estate in my "baking tools" drawer, and I can only really fit one rolling pin. I am wondering which kind people prefer (the "traditional" fat ones, or the "french" ones) and why...

Experience w/ Jacob Bromwell brand?

by bloodboy 3 years ago

In my continual search for Made in USA kitchenware, I stumbled upon Jacob Bromwell. I have had a look at his website and the brand itself and it looks great. It is quite expensive but it seems ...

Equipment for making mint chutney, rolling pin for samosas

by blustery 5 years ago

Today I will be attempting samosas, starting first with a tortilla version until I get my Indian rolling pin for pastry which I may attempt with chickpea flour. I am going to make some mint chu...

How long does silicone kitchen "stuff" last when properly cared for?

by FluffyKiwiFruit08 6 years ago

Curious if anyone knows or has an opinion on how long high-quality silicone will last if properly cared for? Things like baking molds, rolling pins, pastry mats ect... Will it, in say 10 years, dry...

Rolling Pin Question

by PrairieGal2 6 years ago

I was oiling my rolling pin collection today when I realized someone here may have the answer to a mystery: can anyone tell me the purpose of the pin with the tiny diamond pattern? I thought maybe ...

Nylon Rolling Pin?

by flourgirl 14 years ago

Does anybody know why the nylon rolling pin made by Matfer is usually so expensive? ($80?!?) And does anybody here use one and prefer it over wood? If so, why? I actually already bought one, bec...

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