Home to the famous Garbage Plate, Rochester has a food scene that's long been awesome, and Chowhounds know all about it. Get recommendations for must-try local spots and more.


Long ago Italian restaurant in Marketplace Mall Rochester, NY and Perinton Plaza

by lchukhin 9 years ago

Does anyone remember the name of the Italian restaurant located at both Marketplace Mall and Perinton Plaza? The Marketplace one had been renovated from a family-style restaurant into a stylish and...

Learn to sharpen knives

by sle1313 5 years ago

I am interested in learning how to properly hone and sharpen my knives (for the record, I understand the difference). I own a quality honing steel and have purchased a whetstone, but even having wa...

Hot Dog Sauce

by yuppicide 5 years ago

I love hot dogs. Mostly with chili sauce, so I thought I'd start keeping a list of places that you can order hot dog chili sauce online. This is just a simple website with pictures and links. I'...

Cipolla Romaine (Pittsford, NY)

by nonuthin 5 years ago

Does anyone know anything about this restaurant? According to its website, it offers a five-course tasting menu for $65 and a nine-course tasting menu for $90, which seems rather unusual (in terms...

McCann's Local Meats: a new Rochester must

by david kaplan 6 years ago

McCann's is an artisan butcher shop in Rochester's South Wedge neighborhood. It's a full-service butcher with several tables for eating on premises. They have a short, changing menu of sandwich spe...

Caterer for rehearsal dinner in rochester

by hockeyfan6 6 years ago

My girlfriends sister needs a caterer for rehearsal dinner at the end of May. The lucky couple needs a caterer that will deliver to Victor. Both bride and groom have very simple tastes. Suggestions?

Rochester - anything great?

by josephnl 9 years ago

We will be spending a few nights in Rochester in June, and are wondering if there are any terrific dining venues in this city. We like all food...except we avoid Asian cuisines when traveling beca...

Suggestions for Webster or Rochester, NY?

by Marie1 15 years ago

My husband and I have to travel to Webster, near Rochester, NY almost every Friday in the next year or so. Since we are going to be there so often, I was wondering if I could get some suggestions f...

Rochester Round Up Nov 2014

by TheDegustationAsian 7 years ago

Just returned from a recent visit seeing family for Thanksgiving. Tried a few "newer" places that have eluded me for one reason or another. Fuego Coffee Roasters - 3rd wave coffee shop located d...

Anything new & great in Rochester?

by josephnl 7 years ago

We get to Rochester 1-2x/year and keep hoping for a really terrific fine dining restaurant. So far we've really not found one. Our best meals have been at Tournedo's and Good Luck. Is there anythin...

Family-Friendly Rochester Recommendations?

by friskypete 7 years ago

My husband I will be bringing the kids (boys, aged 9 and 11) from Toronto to Rochester at the end of August. We'll probably be there for 48 hours, and would love to know any local favourites for lu...

Eating out in Rochester with Allergies! Help!

by praisethelard 7 years ago

Hi everyone! I'm in Rochester this week with family. Last year I came here with my SO. We're both gluten free and had great experiences at Sticky Lips, Nathan's, and The Owl House. Last night w...

Breakfast/Brunch in Rochester

by Elyssa 7 years ago

I'll be in Rochester for a wedding this weekend and am staying at the Hyatt Regency (on East Main St). I'm looking for a place to get breakfast/brunch before the afternoon wedding. I won't have ...

dim sum in Rochester

by david kaplan 7 years ago

I've heard rumblings that someplace in Rochester now serves dim sum that's on par with what you'd find in Toronto or San Francisco. Would love to check it out. Which restaurant might this be? Thanks.

Rochester - anything great?

by josephnl 7 years ago

We visit Rochester about 2x/year and it seems like I always ask the same question. We need a restaurant with very good food, reasonably quiet and upscale ambiance, ability to accommodate 6 guests ...

Specialty grocery in Rochester?

by caywood 8 years ago

Hi folks - I'm looking for a source for several harder-to-find items (at least harder to find in upstate, wouldn't be in a big city). Things like fresh boar, chestnut flour, etc. Can anyone po...

best chicken wings in Rochester?

by david kaplan 8 years ago

Buffalo style or other styles -- where are the current favorites? Is Jeremiahs Tavern still the gold standard? Thanks.

Promising New Asian Restaurant in Rochester

by Indy 67 8 years ago

Shui Asian Fusion restaurant (Main Street) opened recently and we ate there last night. In general, I have positive feelings about the place and we'll go back in spite of two issues that need work:...

Rochester, one dinner?

by josephnl 8 years ago

Need one nice place for dinner in Rochester next month. Want American/regional food...hopefully in a pleasant and not too noisy restaurant. We did have a wonderful meal last year at Good Luck, bu...

Anything mid-way between Rochester and Canandaigua?

by josephnl 8 years ago

Is there any really nice restaurant that's sort of half-way between Rochester and Canandaigua where we could have dinner? We were planning on Warfield's High Point in Victor, but it has apparently...