Rochester MN - yummy Indian restaurants?

by joshi 14 years ago

I'm looking for recommendations for an Indian restaurant - especially if it has particularly good vegetarian curry, raita, and naan. Walking distance from the Mayo Clinic campus would be ideal,...

Rehearsal Dinner around Rochester?

by firestalker 6 years ago

Hello hounds would anyone have a suggestion for a nice place to hold a rehearsal dinner for 20? The wedding is being held about 5 miles north of Rochester thus the rehearsal will be there as well. ...

Rochester again: Victorias

by Bashful3 8 years ago

May be old school, but a pleasant surprise. May have been an early bird special, but a seafood special for $21.95 including soup was an excellent choice. Large shrimp, and at least 5 of them...

Rochester Minn: MIchaels

by Bashful3 8 years ago

Some say it's the best restaurant in Rochester, but if you can be there between 3 and 5 pm Mon-Sat, the early bird specials are fabulous. I am partial to Walleyed Pike, which we cannot get in t...

Also in Rochester, Minn: Crossings Cafe in Kahler Inn and Suites

by Bashful3 8 years ago

I usually stay at the Kahler GRand when at Mayo, but couldn't get in this time. The Crossings Cafe looks ordinary, but was I surprised at the quality of the food. Their wild rice soup is loade...

Interesting dinner in Rochester, MN (near Kahler)

by RaquelRaquel 9 years ago

I'll be in Rochester, MN on business and we have 2 nights of "dinner on your own" plus I'll be in the market for any interesting coffee/bakery spots with WiFi. Totally new to Midwest culture, so w...

Rochester, Harmony, MN area and going north along the Mississippi River

by WildSwede 9 years ago

Hello! We will be traveling from the Twin Cities through Rochester into Harmony (with a quick jaunt into Iowa) and then north along the Mississippi River (either the MN or WI side, have not decid...

Where to watch the Superbowl in Rochester - Mayo

by mattc5900 9 years ago

Hi was wondering if there is a good spot with good food/drinks to watch the game will be staying near mayo. I couldn't remember any place we have been that had TV's. Thanks!

Rochester, MN - Where to EAT

by Bill J 19 years ago

Looking for GREAT places to eat in Rochester, MN Area. Thanks

A Week in Rochester, MN

by Bluehound 10 years ago

Just returned from a week in Rochester. I was concerned by the bad food buzz, but - thanks to the posts here- had a pretty successful week, at least foodwise. Sontes for tapas -- the place h...

Fabulous meals at Rainbow Cafe (Pine Island, MN) and Pescara (Rochester, MN)

by tigerswims 11 years ago

Recently visited my parents in Rochester, MN. We got takeout one night from Roscoe's - absolutely delicious ribs, though I haven't tried Hardy's yet. We biked the Douglas Trail to Pine Island a...

Rochester, MN update

by Abby B 13 years ago

Not many Rochester posts lately, so I thought I'd post my current faves. Remember, Rochester is not a food town (previous posts, esp by Garris, describe this well and postulate possible reasons). B...

Two Nights in Rochester MN; One Good, One Meh

by Brad Ballinger 11 years ago

Dined with two colleagues in Rochester last week. I picked Jasper's for one dinner based on previous visits, and decided to try Pescara for the other based on some positive publicity here. Jasper's...

Rochester Minnesota

by MarkG 11 years ago

trying to track down a rest. serving wonderful American food near the Kahler hotel. ate there in Dec 08. thought it was wonderful.

Will be in Rochester for a week, any suggestions

by PandoraJane 11 years ago

Accompanying my sister to the Mayo Clinic. I'm from Jackson, Mississippi where there's not a ton of great food. Can anyone recommend food in the Mayo Clinic area? I love Indian, Chinese and Mexi...

Any good restaurants in/near Rochester, MN? [Moved from Minneapolis-St. Paul Board]

by sailorgirl99 11 years ago

Anyone know of any good restaurants in or around Rochester MN? Specifically looking for smaller, local (not chain) place I can take friends from San Francisco...