Rehearsal Dinner around Rochester?

by firestalker 4 years ago

Hello hounds would anyone have a suggestion for a nice place to hold a rehearsal dinner for 20? The wedding is being held about 5 miles north of Rochester thus the rehearsal will be there as well. ...

Rochester again: Victorias

by Bashful3 6 years ago

May be old school, but a pleasant surprise. May have been an early bird special, but a seafood special for $21.95 including soup was an excellent choice. Large shrimp, and at least 5 of them...

Rochester Minn: MIchaels

by Bashful3 6 years ago

Some say it's the best restaurant in Rochester, but if you can be there between 3 and 5 pm Mon-Sat, the early bird specials are fabulous. I am partial to Walleyed Pike, which we cannot get in t...

Also in Rochester, Minn: Crossings Cafe in Kahler Inn and Suites

by Bashful3 6 years ago

I usually stay at the Kahler GRand when at Mayo, but couldn't get in this time. The Crossings Cafe looks ordinary, but was I surprised at the quality of the food. Their wild rice soup is loade...

Interesting dinner in Rochester, MN (near Kahler)

by RaquelRaquel 7 years ago

I'll be in Rochester, MN on business and we have 2 nights of "dinner on your own" plus I'll be in the market for any interesting coffee/bakery spots with WiFi. Totally new to Midwest culture, so w...

Rochester, Harmony, MN area and going north along the Mississippi River

by WildSwede 7 years ago

Hello! We will be traveling from the Twin Cities through Rochester into Harmony (with a quick jaunt into Iowa) and then north along the Mississippi River (either the MN or WI side, have not decid...

Where to watch the Superbowl in Rochester - Mayo

by mattc5900 8 years ago

Hi was wondering if there is a good spot with good food/drinks to watch the game will be staying near mayo. I couldn't remember any place we have been that had TV's. Thanks!

Rochester, MN - Where to EAT

by Bill J 18 years ago

Looking for GREAT places to eat in Rochester, MN Area. Thanks

A Week in Rochester, MN

by Bluehound 8 years ago

Just returned from a week in Rochester. I was concerned by the bad food buzz, but - thanks to the posts here- had a pretty successful week, at least foodwise. Sontes for tapas -- the place h...

Fabulous meals at Rainbow Cafe (Pine Island, MN) and Pescara (Rochester, MN)

by tigerswims 9 years ago

Recently visited my parents in Rochester, MN. We got takeout one night from Roscoe's - absolutely delicious ribs, though I haven't tried Hardy's yet. We biked the Douglas Trail to Pine Island a...

Rochester, MN update

by Abby B 12 years ago

Not many Rochester posts lately, so I thought I'd post my current faves. Remember, Rochester is not a food town (previous posts, esp by Garris, describe this well and postulate possible reasons). B...

Two Nights in Rochester MN; One Good, One Meh

by Brad Ballinger 9 years ago

Dined with two colleagues in Rochester last week. I picked Jasper's for one dinner based on previous visits, and decided to try Pescara for the other based on some positive publicity here. Jasper's...

Rochester Minnesota

by MarkG 9 years ago

trying to track down a rest. serving wonderful American food near the Kahler hotel. ate there in Dec 08. thought it was wonderful.

Will be in Rochester for a week, any suggestions

by PandoraJane 9 years ago

Accompanying my sister to the Mayo Clinic. I'm from Jackson, Mississippi where there's not a ton of great food. Can anyone recommend food in the Mayo Clinic area? I love Indian, Chinese and Mexi...

Any good restaurants in/near Rochester, MN? [Moved from Minneapolis-St. Paul Board]

by sailorgirl99 9 years ago

Anyone know of any good restaurants in or around Rochester MN? Specifically looking for smaller, local (not chain) place I can take friends from San Francisco...

Rochester - Stuck at Mayo for a few days! [Moved from Minneapolis-St. Paul Board]

by Aramek 10 years ago

As a quick preface, no, I'm not sick. I work as a Lab person in my Hospital's Cancer Centre, and was chosen to be the envoy of my department for this Medical Conference. As such, I'll be in Roc...