9 Brussels Sprouts Recipes to Make Anyone a Believer

These are some of the best Brussels sprouts recipes to try this fall—even if you think you don’t like these much-maligned vegetables. The expression “good things come in small packages” certainly applies...

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Pot roast - help!

by kverplanck 12 years ago

I have scanned the boards and it seems like everyone says something different. I am cooking a pot roast now, braising in oven. I am following a recipe that calls for a 5 lb. roast at 350 for a...

Brisket in the oven?

by mschow 14 years ago

I client gave me a recipe for brisket that her Jewish grandmother used to make for the holidays. She said it was incredibly tender. I love brisket, so thought I would give it a try. It was terr...

Why does my roast chicken always do this?

by redthong 12 years ago

No matter what method I use to roast a chicken, it seems I always end up with some - sometimes a lot - of bright red juice in the cavity of what certainly seems like a fully done chicken. Most re...

First Time Roasting Pork Shoulder Picnic

by mcsheridan 7 years ago

I have a fresh shoulder picnic half - bone-in and almost exactly 5 pounds. There's a small amount of pork skin around the narrower bone end, which I plan to leave in place. I'm going to remove the ...

Pork tenderloin - high or low heat roasting?

by gkyam 7 years ago

Hi all - finally registered to Chowhound though I've been browsing discussions for a while now! Thanks to the community for much insight. I've got one question to throw out there - I'm curious abou...

Bone-in PORK Sirloin Roast

by makinitgreen 9 years ago

I've been scouring the boards trying to figure out the best way to cook this 3-lb roast, which we got from our meat CSA. Just put it into brine, and now trying to figure out how to season and roast...

Roasting chicken breasts together with veggies?

by Mustardeer 9 years ago

- First of all can I roast chicken breasts in the same sheet/pan with veggies? For some reason couldn't find a single recipe where this is done. - Also can I use lodge's cast iron skillet to roa...

Boneless Ribeye for Prime Rib, please help!

by Jennilikesyum 8 years ago

I have read several discussions on roasting the perfect prime rib. Since reading all of the threads/posts I was wondering if someone could break it down in dummy terms for me for my specific piece ...

How Long to Roast a Pork Loin?

by zorra 14 years ago

There is a delicious sounding recipe in the latest Sur la Table catalog for roast pork loin, stuffed with chopped dried fruits that have been simmered in tawny port. I want to do that for Christmas...

Cookbook of the Month for December 2013: ALL ABOUT ROASTING: A NEW APPROACH TO A CLASSIC ART by Molly Stevens

by BigSal 8 years ago

Welcome to the December 2013 Cookbook of the Month. ALL ABOUT ROASTING by Molly Stevens has been selected to close out the COTM year. To view the history of COTM and how it works, please visit ...

How Do You Convection Roast a Chicken?

by oceras 10 years ago

I understand, sort of, how a convection oven works and that it's supposed to save time, but I just roast a small chicken in a porcelain dish with the convection roast setting and it didn't quite wo...

Approximate cooking time for a 10lb pork loin?

by Maggiethecat 8 years ago

I am making pork loin for a large party next weekend. I have a recipe that I have made before in smaller batches where you coat the pork in a dry rub and brown in quickly on the stove, then roast ...

Convection or Conventional Oven for Roasting the Turkey

by Fiona 10 years ago

My new stove has a convection oven which I have used to bake cookies with great success but I have never used it for roasting meat. I am thinking that I ought to use it for the turkey on Thanksgivi...

Rubbing the turkey with butter, or oil?

by mazwe 8 years ago

I usually rub the turkey with an herb butter before it goes into the oven (under the skin and all over). However, and despite the air drying the night before, I'm not getting that crispy and brown ...

Turkey Temperature Question

by bxgirl 11 years ago

I read the thread that the temperature (and using an accurate thermometer) is the best guarantee for getting a moist turkey. But, unless I missed it, no one mentioned what the temperature should b...

Roasting time for a brined turkey

by Brennius 12 years ago

Is it just me, or is the roasting time shorter for a turkey that's been brined (vs. a non-brined turkey of the same weight)? We usually brine, and I find it knocks 1 to 2 mins per pound off th...

Top Round Roast?

by HBGigi 9 years ago

I've ordered a 5 pound top round roast from the butcher and now I'm wondering how to roast it so that it comes out medium-rare and not too tough. This roast was recommended by the butcher as a les...

Roast chicken - what temp do you cook to?

by owen_meany 10 years ago

Hi all, I used the Thomas Keller recipe last night to roast two whole chickens. I'm always a bit insecure about knowing when something is done...I tend to overcook! So I googled a bit and it s...

Using bacon on your roast turkey

by jgg13 14 years ago

I came across some tidbits where people were swearing by putting bacon strips across the breast of their turkey (actually, I think there's something like that on the 'neo-slacker's guide to thanksg...

Estimated timing to slow roast a 4lb pork butt?

by odub 9 years ago

I'm about the try out David Chang's bo ssam recipe, which suggests a 300 degree, 6 hour roast for a 8-10 lb, bone-in pork butt. My bone-in pork butt is half that (4 lbs) and I'm wondering how t...

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