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Roasting Pan Reviews

by Cam14 5 years ago

Here is a review of roasting pans. Somewhat timely right now with all the turkey, prime rib and ham being cooked for large gatherings. They picked the Cuisinart MCP but mentioned America's Test...

Mauviel Roaster turning black inside

by Cam14 5 years ago

Last year I purchased a stainless Mauviel 5 ply roaster at TJ Maxx. It's a version that isn't normally offered in the states and has plain handles. It's stamped Mauviel France. The sticker had th...

What do you roast your turkey in? I am reluctant to purchase a roasting pan, and considering a Staub piece instead--but which? Thanks!

by madteaparty30 11 years ago

I have been roasting turkey in pyrex the past couple of years, looking to make an improvement this year :) Can you use LC or Staub for this purpose? If I must make an investment, I'd rather those....

Turkey Emergency - can I remove cooked breast and let rest cook?

by OrangeBlossom76 5 years ago

Hi all. Any help would be appreciated. I stupidly started a turkey in a too small pan. I normally only do a breast, but this was given to me (which is why I'm cooking it today). I realized this was...

Roasting a Turkey: Metal roaster necessary?

by BonBon79 5 years ago

To get the best results for roasting a turkey, is it necessary to use a metal turkey roaster or can a roaster of similar size in porcelain do the exact same thing? Would the difference in material...

Which roasting pan for apartment oven 16.5" by 17" in size

by PurpleTigger 5 years ago

I am looking at these on sale at wayfair. http://www.wayfair.com/Viking-13-Roasting-Pan-with-Non-Stick-Rack-4013-5016-VIK1561.html Viking 13"x16" for $200 or http://www.wayfair.com/Mcook-15.7...

Carbon Steel Roasting Sheets Toronto?

by Idas 5 years ago

Hi! I'm looking for carbon steel (no "non-stick" coating please) roasting pans/baking sheets. I'm tossing out non-stick for good and I saw a food writer with a well season carbon steel cookie she...

Anyone tried Le Creuset's tri ply roaster in small?

by riverwalk 6 years ago

I'm looking at a Le Creuset tri ply roaster in small (15x10). Has anyone used it, or one that size? We're a home of two people and I just wonder if there are any drawbacks. The price is high, but I...

Got a Le Creuset roaster for a steal, but what utensils/rack should I use with it?

by Beeedee 6 years ago

Despite the drama with the broken DO, I just snagged a Le Creuset 5 1/4 roaster for $60 from 6pm! I'm quite pleased with the deal, but I'm now worried as to what kind of tools I should use with it...

Small induction roasting dish

by featheronawire 8 years ago

Anyone have any ideas what I can find out there. I have been googling for the last six months to find something like a heavy duty rectangular cake tin which I can use for roasting and making gravy...

Cooking Meat - should I get a Slow Cooker vs Pressure Cooker vs Roasting Pan?

by spiceesnice 6 years ago

I'm looking to cook a variety of meats and meat dishes (whole chicken, pork shoulder, brisket, ribs, carnitas & barbacoa, chile verde, etc.) that would allow me to have around for several days of m...

No more burnt gravy! - Calphalon roasting pan

by johnandscooter 11 years ago

Hi, I used to be able to make a nice gravy - that is until I recieved a Calphalon non-stick roasting pan as a wedding gift. For some reason for the past few years now that I have this roasting pa...

hmm...first turkey, I guess a roasting pan would be helpful

by fldhkybnva 8 years ago

Well, I am planning my first big turkey dinner to serve on New Year's Eve and I figured it'd be best to start planning ASAP - grocery list, timeline, etc. I just realized that I do not own a roast...

Stainless or hard anodized roasting pan?

by Jack_ 13 years ago

Time for a new roasting pan. We usually do a chicken once a week. I noticed a big difference going from Pyrex to a dark cake pan but the cake pan is on its last legs. I know when I make cookies ...

looking for a stove top safe roasting pan

by mark111757 9 years ago

hello and greets to the group...am looking for and not having much luck in finding, a roasting pan that is alwaso safe/okay to use on the stove top....i have seem quite a few tv cooks/chefs use the...

Calphalon One Roasting Pan

by Pete 16 years ago

Hello, Does anyone have experience with the Calphalon One roasting pan? I think it is relatively new to the market. Some websites advertise it as nonstick, but others say you can deglaze with it...

How long to reheat a roasting pan full of beef stew?

by nojunk 7 years ago

Mornin', hounds. i've previously posted about my make ahead St Paddy's day beef stew for a party. Now, i'm planning my oven time....so how long do I need to plan for warming an 8 qt roasting pan ...

Mauviel M'cook 260C Stainless Steel Roasting Pan or ...

Sid Post
by Sid Post 7 years ago

a Zwilling J.A. Henckels TruClad Stainless Steel Roasting Pan or a Le Creuset Stainless Steel Roasting Pan? I'm looking at large roasting pans, preferably stainless steel, and I'm considering th...

De Buyer Carbon Steel Roasting Pan

by jljohn 7 years ago

I know that in several roasting pan threads here over the years, there is usually one mention of the De Buyer Carbon Steel Roasting Pan: http://www.debuyer.com/product.php?id=594&cat=63 Not much...

Park Tavern's Poulet Noir put on the Staub vertical roasting pan, SF - any reports?

by hhc 8 years ago

From 7x7 Magazine there's an awesome pic of the Park Tavern's Poulet Noir that's brine-marinade w/ mushrooms & truffle in the Staub vertical roasting pan. Has anyone tried it? Park Tavern 1652...