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Cooking different breeds of whole duck

by damiano 1 day ago

I want to become better at preparing and cooking duck. But at this stage I still have difficulty knowing which breed ...

Le Creuset Dutch Oven vs Breville The Fast Slow Pro

by RaptorsTV 12 months ago

Currently, I only own a LC Skillet and a LC Saucepan. I was set on buying the LC Dutch Oven until I learned about Pre...


medlar commented 2 days ago

Shiny or Dull? Aluminum Foil debate

by itryalot 6 years ago

At work today, we were having a discussion about shiny side vs dull side. Which side touches food? When BBQing, whi...


rainyfg commented 4 days ago

How To Prevent Roasted Potatoes From Sticking

by JENNYBEEAY 24 days ago

My family loves crispy roasted potatoes. I have not figured out how to roast potatoes at a high enough temperature to...


JENNYBEEAY commented 15 days ago

Low-temp prime rib roasting (Cook's Illustrated recipe etc.)

by Robert Lauriston 11 years ago

This is discussed in several topics, since it's such a different method from the usual ~350 degrees I thought I'd sta...


acgold7 commented 16 days ago

Slow roasting the turkey: a homily

by jvanderh 6 years ago

I slow roast my turkeys, and I think you should, too. Especially if you're cooking a big one. It all started with ...


maestra commented 19 days ago

Slow & low turkey for Thanksgiving - any recipes?

by Clare K 11 years ago

I've heard that you can roast a whole turkey at a very low heat (aorund 200-250) for 8-10 hours so that the meat is l...

Emerogork commented 22 days ago

Two Turkeys- Cooking Time?

by macca 10 years ago

Every year, I get a large turkey for usually- usually about 30 lbs. This year, we are going with two 16 or 17 pound ...


acgold7 commented 22 days ago

pork chops in the oven- do you prefer a slow oven or a hot oven?

by prima 5 years ago

I find my pork chops dry out/toughen up if I bake/roast them at 350, and usually end up more tender if I bake/roast/b...


acgold7 commented 25 days ago

Cooking a Semi-Stuffed Turkey - how long?

by nofunlatte 26 days ago

Okay, I've got a 13-pounder this year (I always order a small from my local organic grocer, but last year's small was...


acgold7 commented 26 days ago

Chuck Roast.... Roasted Low and Slow @ 220* F.....For A Better Pot Roast ?(Pictures)

by fourunder 7 years ago

A recent thread on Pot Roast, coinciding with a Beef Sale at my local Supermarket, inspired me to to do my own Kitche...


DizzieLizzie commented 1 month ago

Roasted turkey, covered or not?

by somervilleoldtimer 9 years ago

After my mother made a great, moist, nicely browned turkey in her roaster with the lid on throughout the cooking proc...


Patriciayork commented 1 month ago

Roast Chicken - Undercooked Spots

by panoz 2 months ago

I've made several attempts at roasting a chicken. I have a convection oven. I always truss, and I rotate the pan a ...


Linda431 commented 2 months ago

* Porchetta *...Slow Roasted with Crispy Crackling Skin... and Pictures

by fourunder 5 years ago

So for a change from the usual straight Roast Pork Roasts I have been making of late….I thought I would liven things ...


Fabio8 commented 2 months ago

Shoulder roast vs chuck roast? Help!

by Chandler114 3 months ago

So I don't know much about red meat. I love it, but it's expensive! My boyfriend recently bought a bunch of red meat ...


therealdoctorlew commented 2 months ago

Tips on how to roast a Large Chicken (8 lbs)

by Alicia 4 years ago

Does anyone have an recipes or thoughts on how to roast very large chickens? My farmer's market guy grows whoppers! T...

hotoynoodle commented 3 months ago

Forgot to turn crockpot on all night

by Chelle8888 3 months ago

At 7:00 in the evening, when putting all the veggies, spices and so forth in my crockpot, I had it on warm with a Roa...


treb commented 3 months ago

Oven settings for slow roasts?

by damiano 4 months ago

So, I made a shoulder of lamb yesterday in my mum's oven. She has a modern Siemens convection oven, with many setting...

BeeRich commented 4 months ago

Ground Beef Question (solved)

by magnoliasouth 4 months ago

I have a strange question, but let me explain first what I'm trying to do. We are in a small RV and I want to make th...

magnoliasouth commented 4 months ago

Boston Butt / Pork Roast , Roasted Low and Slow @ 200* for 8.5 Hours ( Pictures )

by fourunder 5 years ago

During my latest weekly shopping excursion, I spotted a very nice looking Boston Butt Pork Roast, rolled and tied and...


faramoans commented 5 months ago

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