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Do you have to finish a steak in the oven?

by Sweetpotatofry 2 months ago

I'm planning to make a medium rare ~1 inch thick porterhouse steak. I don't have a cast iron skillet or grill so I'm ...


Angelus2013 commented 2 months ago

Does low and slow work as well for NY Strip roast (top loin) as it does for Prime Rib?

by overthinkit 6 years ago

I'm having 12 people for dinner. Everyone likes med-rare. I have 10 lb whole strip. I'm a firm believer in the 20...


acgold7 commented 3 months ago

Removing turkey wings and/or legs prior to cooking?

by E_M 1 year ago

I have a recipe for make ahead gravy that calls for the wings and maybe a leg or two. I would like to remove them fro...


ShadowsGathered commented 3 months ago

Prime Rib Roast Successes and Disasters....

by fourunder 6 years ago

It's the day after Christmas 2011, and I'm reading about the disasters, both the less than desired and failed results...


JerkPork commented 4 months ago

Roasting Beef at 500 degrees

by SweetPhyl 8 years ago

My aunt gave me a recipe years ago for roast beef whereby you roast the beef at 500 degrees for 5 minutes a pound and...


WayneHicks commented 4 months ago

Roasting Vegetables

by bxgirl 5 months ago

I am planning to roast the following vegetables, and need to decide if I should do two separate batches, with one bat...


bxgirl commented 5 months ago

How to roast a 9 pound sirloin roast?

by CarolynJ 6 years ago

I am a beginner cook. They have these big Sirloin Tip roasts all the time at Smart and Final for cheap. I bought one,...


fourunder commented 5 months ago

Rib roast weighing about 1kg (about 2.2lbs) cooking time for medium

by lemony05 5 months ago

Hi, I'm cooking this rib roast that is about 1kg in weight (we're only 2 people). It's one rib and I don't really...


acgold7 commented 5 months ago

Boston Butt / Pork Roast , Roasted Low and Slow @ 200* for 8.5 Hours ( Pictures )

by fourunder 6 years ago

During my latest weekly shopping excursion, I spotted a very nice looking Boston Butt Pork Roast, rolled and tied and...


fourunder commented 6 months ago

What Is the Correct Temperature for Boneless Ribeye Roast?

by lt000 6 months ago

I just made my first ribeye roast and it came out way too medium/well-done, with only very little pink in the center....


acgold7 commented 6 months ago

Cooking Pork Shoulder for the first time

by mgp2675 7 months ago

I am a somewhat experienced cook, but somehow I have never actually cooked pork shoulder before. It's so good and it...


lequeu commented 6 months ago

Chuck Roast... Roasted Low and Slow @ 220* F...For A Better Pot Roast? (Pictures)

by fourunder 7 years ago

A recent thread on Pot Roast, coinciding with a Beef Sale at my local Supermarket, inspired me to to do my own Kitche...


fourunder commented 6 months ago

Braciole (used flank steak) came out very tough

by mgp2675 7 months ago

I used Giada's recipe (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/braciole-recipe-1965471) and the first ...


dave_c commented 7 months ago

Standing Rib Roast ; Another Vote For "low and slow"

by Craiglv 6 years ago

I've cooked 2 or 3 standing rib roasts for Christmas dinner for well over 10 years now. I typically buy 2-3 roasts f...


fourunder commented 7 months ago

Unpeeled Garlic?

by StevietheFish 7 months ago

I've noted in recent years a trend in recipes for garlic to be left unpeeled. The writers tend to be of a younger gen...


Nyleve commented 7 months ago

Wondering about roasting frozen veggies and chicken breast in the oven at the same time

by aamusing 7 months ago

Hi, yesterday I took a stab at roasting a baking pan of frozen okra alongside a couple of hearty chicken breasts in a...


hotoynoodle commented 7 months ago

Pork tenderloin recipe from Bon Appetit October 1993

by RobinFeuer 2 years ago

Desperately in search of a recipe from Bon Appetit October 1993 on page 66 called Roast Pork Tenderloins with Fall Fr...


cathyhetz commented 7 months ago

Le Creuset Dutch Oven vs Breville The Fast Slow Pro

by RaptorsTV 1 year ago

Currently, I only own a LC Skillet and a LC Saucepan. I was set on buying the LC Dutch Oven until I learned about Pre...


drrayeye commented 8 months ago

Grading Christmas Dinner 2017

by HabaneroLady 8 months ago

So I am a bit late. Sorry. But I wanted to grade my Christmas dinner and take a critical look at it to think about wh...


Njchicaa commented 8 months ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

A Toast to "How to Roast"

by obillo 8 months ago

Maybe I’m jumping the gun here, because the official on-sale date is March 27, although this title, “How to Roast Eve...

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