Roast Beef

12 Things You Should Never Make in a Slow Cooker

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Standing Rib Roasting Plans

by Buswaybob 10 months ago

My current plan as follows and want someone to comment if any flaws 1. Have purchased 10lb, 6 Rib roast, Choice NOT Prime on Monday, Dec 16th 2. Plan to roast on Christmas Day for 9 adults follow...

Is there a way to get deli-thin slices of roast beef without a slicing machine?

by greygarious 11 years ago

There are a few cheaper cuts of beef that are too tough for ordinary roast beef but if sliced thinly enough, across the grain, make good sandwiches. Without a deli slicer, however, that's a tall o...

Best way to reheat portions of standing rib roast?

by Amandarama 10 months ago

Anyone have a good method for reheating portions of a boneless standing rib roast that won't interfere with the level of doneness (it's at medium rare right now). I wanted to reheat a couple 10-12...

Pastrami Zombie @ Sammich | SE Portland

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

For my first time at Sammich, I ordered the signature sandwich, Pastrami Zombie, made famous at its cart of the same name. I'd been unaware of the owner's Chicago roots, that became apparent with t...

Roast beef safety

by Meeskeit 1 year ago

Made roast beef on Friday. Chopped leftovers & cooked in gravy, onions & wine etc to make base for cottage pie. How long can I keep in fridge or should I freeze.

Making Mayslack's Roast Beef sandwiches at home [split from Midwest board]

by IceeofMN 11 years ago

I love Mayslack's Roast Beef sandwiches. I've recreated them at home. You need a 2lb package of Minnesota Gold Roast Beef (it is vac-packed sliced pre-cooked roast beef) a medium yellow onion...

Ribeye Roast Conundrum

by armchairshrink 2 years ago

So for Christmas Day I'm cooking a 5 lb, boneless Ribeye Roast. My plan was to use Kenji Lopez-Alt's recipe from the Food-Lab, maybe modified slightly, where you cook the roast on low heat until i...

Yet Another Rib Roast Question, 6-bone

by yddeyma 2 years ago

The last few years I've cooked a standing rib roast for Christmas. We don't have it at any other time of year. It usually comes out okay, but over done. Last year I had a 4-bone roast. I took i...

What's a good beef joint for xmas dinner?

by Soop 2 years ago

I did a single prime rib to feed 3 people last year, and there were plenty of leftovers, but this year is for 5 people, and I think that's probably just the right number of people that one rib is t...

10-12 lb. sirloin tip roasts

by 19Nanasue47 2 years ago

I plan to feed a group of veterans in Nov and have ordered (3) 10-12 lb sirloin tip roast. What is the best way to prepare these so tender meat and favorable juice for a gravy or sauce?

What to do with overcooked chuck roast?

by lchance926 2 years ago

I wanted to make French Dip sandwiches and asked the guy behind the butcher counter which cut of roast he’d recommend. That was my first mistake. He said to get a chuck roast and he’d shave it supe...

Porterhouse roast (?) for Christmas day

by nick1098 5 years ago

Hi, Would be great to get some input from the community. My plan for Christmas is to cook a large porterhouse (3KG+) as follows: 1) Sear as best I can in large skillet, finish with blowto...

Roast Beef Sandwhich Ft. Lauderdale

by cloudship 2 years ago

Sorry for the last minute request, but looking for the latest recommendation for the best roast beef sandwich around the Ft. Lauderdale area. Have a car so distance isn't a big concern, but needs t...

Rib roast weighing about 1kg (about 2.2lbs) cooking time for medium

by lemony05 2 years ago

Hi, I'm cooking this rib roast that is about 1kg in weight (we're only 2 people). It's one rib and I don't really like it medium-rare so would like it a bit more cooked than that but not fully ...

rescue a tough roast?

by coolgeek 12 years ago

I bought a rump roast yesterday, with the intention of making a pot roast. However, after looking around for cooking instructions, I came to understand that meats graded choice or prime should not...

Grading Christmas Dinner 2017

by HabaneroLady 3 years ago

So I am a bit late. Sorry. But I wanted to grade my Christmas dinner and take a critical look at it to think about what I can improve next time. So here we go. Prime rib roast: A- I went heavy ...

11 pound sirloin roast

by Trixey 3 years ago

I have never cooked a roast this big and would like to prepare it for the holidays. How long and at what temperature would you cook such a large piece of meat so that it isn't dry and over done. I'...

Roast Beef dumb question

by saxie 3 years ago

i know this is dumb but i just haven't learned this yet. Roast beef: about to make my second one. This time it's for 20 people so i have about 11 pounds. i cut it in half to put in two pans but wil...

What cut did I get?

by Soop 3 years ago

Hi guys, wonder if anyone can tell me exactly what cut I got here? I asked for anprime rib, but the butcher asked me "of what", which took me back a little. I know it's beef, and I know it's a ri...