Road Trip: Roanoke Portion

by rlcole4346 5 years ago

MC and I recently completed a long road trip built around family, old friends, and of course, food. We left KY for Asheville, then to the Charlotte area, then to D.C., Baltimore, Cincinnati, and ...

natural/good food stores in blacksburg or roanoke?

by mary shaposhnik 6 years ago

What are the stores near Blacksburg or Roanoke where health-conscious, organic, food-loving sorts might shop? They grow their own fruits and veggies, but do shop somewhere. I want to give a gift ...

Dinner with a 9-month-old in downtown Roanoke

by ickymettle 6 years ago

We'll be staying in Roanoke for a night this coming weekend and are looking for a place that serves good food, but will also be suitable to bring our 9-month-old son. We're staying downtown, so so...

Recommendations around Smith Mountain Lake State Park? Roanoke? Blue Ridge, VA?

by Bood 10 years ago

We're spending the long weekend at a cabin in the Smith Mountain Lake State Park and I'm looking for recommendations for some restaurants, markets, general fun things to do in the area. We're look...

Roanoke, VA

by tomatoe 7 years ago

We will be driving down to NC and will make a stop over at Roanoke, VA for 1 night. Is there anything worthwhile or representational of the local cuisine in Roanoke?

best fish market in Roanoke, VA?

by medicine 8 years ago

I'm moving to Roanoke from Los Angeles. I think I am going to miss "The Fish King" in LA. Is there anything like it in Roanoke?

Downtown Roanoke

by JKidd 7 years ago

Headed there for a night this weekend, anything new & interesting happening downtown? My two choices for dinner on Saturday are currently Lucky and The River & Rail. Thanks!

Roanoke VA- where to find a flawless dinner and breakfast for 2, money is no object.

by alkonost 9 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm planning ahead for a road trip (just me and my spouse) along i-81 in October and we will be spending a night in Roanoke/Salem VA along the way unless we change our route (unlik...

Roanoke non touristy Restauran suggestions?

by foiefoodies 8 years ago

Roanoke non touristy Restauran suggestions? Traveling to Roanoke for the first time. Looking for dining options for food centric, sophisticated palates. Chef/Owned/Local? Any cuisine other ...

Roanoke non touristy Restauran suggestions?

by foiefoodies 8 years ago

Traveling to Roanoke for the first time. Looking for dining options for food centric, sophisticated palates. Chef/Owned/Local? Any cuisine other than Southern. Thank you! L

Quiet place for business lunch in Roanoke, VA

by lreader 9 years ago

I would like to find nice restaurant in Roanoke, Va for quiet business lunch. We need to be able to have leisurely lunch and able to have conversation.

Doughnuts in Roanoke!

by betsykk 12 years ago

Has anyone been to Blue Collar Joes??? It's a new doughnut store (actually in Daleville). Homemade custom made doughnuts with all kinds of exotic flavors. My absolute fav was the North meets South....

dinner off I 81 roanoke area

by estarae 10 years ago

Driving from NY to Asheville with a one night stop-either Roanoke, Christiansburg, or Staunton. Where should we stop so that we can have a nice dinner-something local and yummy, Any suggestions?

need roanoke lunch recommendations near I-81

Jeff C.
by Jeff C. 10 years ago

Will be passing through Roanoke next Monday on our way to DC and am looking for a decent lunch place near the interstate. We're not huge lunch eaters, so anything fast, fresh, and nonchain will be ...

Lunch recommendation between Wytheville and Roanoke

by wilson 11 years ago

Looking for lunch suggestions along I-81 (or close by) between Wytheville and Roanoke... thanks!

Need Help With Chinese in/near Roanoke

by RoanokeBen 11 years ago

Hey everyone: Thanks to Chowhound, I've gotten a great appreciation for the various forms of Chinese food available - Cantonese, Sichuan, Hong Kong - you name it, and I'll make time on a busines...

Help in Roanoke, VA

by VAFleur 11 years ago

I need a place to host 30+ business guests for a lunch/presentation. The restaurant needs to have good food, private dining room or closed at lunch, with a filet, chicken and seafood offering. (Sim...

Va., Roanoke - weekend trip report

by meatn3 11 years ago

I found very few mentions of Roanoke on this board when I was planning my trip, so thought I would give a report for other searchers. I had a nice lunch at Padow's Ham and Deli. This is a clean, b...

Where to dine- best of Staunton, Lexington or Roanoke?

by maddogg280 11 years ago

Hubby and I are traveling by car from Baltimore to Asheville next month. We plan to stop over one night in Staunton, Lexington or Roanoke based on best accommodations and most interesting dining ex...