Ask for, and receive, the best restaurant recommendations in Riverside, or share your favorite local spots.


"Start Your Home Cooking Business", Microenterprise Home Kitchens (MEHKO) 101 Webinar, Aug 7

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

"Microenterprise Home Kitchens (MEHKO) are the newest type of food facility in California (and the nation). A new law now lets home cooks sell prepared meals to the public after obtaining a MEHKO p...

Lunch near Riverside National Cemetary

by foodell 9 years ago

I will be driving from Riverside National Cemetery on the 91 to Anaheim. Is there a reasonable place for lunch. Closer to RNC is better. RNC is on Van Buren .

Ring Pasta (Anelletti)

by jenniferw36 5 years ago

I'm looking for a place near Riverside California that sells ring pasta (Anelletti) it looks like spaghetti-o noodles and I can't find it anywhere ugh

Riverside, CA - new recommendations near the Mission Inn?

by glbtrtr 5 years ago

Spending another Christmas at the Mission Inn in Riverside. Made reservations for Duane's one night and the Courtyard Christmas Day Brunch -both at the Mission Inn. So we now have Saturday (B-L...

Riverside - Mission Inn

by bishopsbitter 8 years ago

My last night in the LA Area found me staying at the (very nice, and recommended, "Hyatt Place" (sic) in Riverside. I had planned to visit a creole Cajun place the Crescent (Queen?) which had sound...

Corona and Riverside???

by manku 7 years ago

My son has upcoming AYSO Soccer tournaments in Corona and Riverside coming up in the next few months. I may have a bunch of 10-11 year old boys, or maybe just one or two. Any recommendation...

AYCE KBBQ in Riverside?

by supallcomm 7 years ago

Hey all, been lurking for a bit, love the info people share here. I searched for KBBQ in Riverside but didn't see much in the discussion boards. Does anyone have favorite AYCE KBBQ in or around...

Downtown Riverside Restaurant Recs

by pleasurepalate 15 years ago

Other than the Mission Inn, where are great places to eat in downtown Riverside. I'm open to price, type of food, etc. Thanks, Abby

Lunch between Pasadena & Riverside?

by mocro 7 years ago

Would like to take my niece to a pretty place with a nice ambiance between our homes for a giant salad and glass of wine. I checked out the Golden Spur in Glendora, but would rather not go the nos...

New deli in riverside ca.

by mark501 10 years ago

Just got back from the Relish deli. I had what would be called a Fairfax at Cantors' in LA rye pastrami,corned beef & swiss. Very good & reasonably priced ,a liitle over $10.00 for a sky high. As ...

Rehersal Dinner Riverside Area

by Jessattacks 8 years ago

Hello, Getting married next month in riverside (yay) looking for a rehersal dinner resturant after finding the resturants at out our venue (the mission inn) charge a room rental fee for a party of...

Dinner for 4 adults somewhere along 10 or 60 freeways between West Covina-ish and Colton/Riverside?

by Midlife 8 years ago

We're young seniors meeting some old friends for a Saturday dinner on a Saturday night very soon. We live in South OC and they will be in San Gabriel that afternoon, but they will be staying in Be...

Texas Best BBQ in Valley Village on Riverside:

by Hypnotic23 8 years ago

There's various threads about this spot vs. Dave & Romero's TX BBQ on Coldwater outside behind the deli. I just returned from an amazing meal and got the full scoop. I was lucky to meet the owner a...

Reccomendations for a nice dinner in Riverside area ?

by collegedad35 9 years ago

My son is graduating from University of California, Riverside and we are looking to have a nice dinner for his graduation. Would you recommend a sit down$$ or $$$ restaurant that is within the 10 m...

Lunch in Riverside - elegant and good food?

by pambrain 9 years ago

I will be taking a good friend out to lunch on a weekday - she lives near Riverside. I would like to have this be great food in a gracious atmosphere - outside if it is not too hot. The Mission I...

Awesome Restaurants in Riverside?

by ferrett1 10 years ago

My husband and I will be there the end of October. Don't know much about the area, we will be attending a conference there. We would love to know about some chowhound favorites!Thanks in advance!!

Riverside dining?

by winterorchid 10 years ago

Hi, I'm a cook from Boston and I'll be in Riverside for a graduation in June. Looking for places for lunch and dinner that weekend. The catch...my parents are vegan. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Dinner in Riverside near Mission Inn (moved from LA board)

by kelewis 10 years ago

I've got a single night in Riverside, staying at the Mission Inn. Can anyone recommend a good place for dinner -- doesn't matter high-end or low-end, whatever type of food. Just has to be a very ...

Good place for dinner near Fox Center Of The Arts in Riverside

by lunataz 10 years ago

Hi Chowhounders, My husband and I are going to see Legally Blond in Riverside (LONG DRIVE) and we would greatly appreciate any recommendation you have for us to have dinner out there. The theatre...

Any Great Burgers in Riverside or Corona?

by moelsk 10 years ago

Looking for the best burgers in the IE. Haven't really found any. Everything seems to be a chain around here. Now sometimes a chain can be great...ie, I hear Slater's 50/50 will expand, not to t...