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Southern Italy lemon ricotta recipe?

by LanaG 2 years ago

We spent some time in Puglia (Gallipoli) and for some reason I also think I tasted it in northern Italy but perhaps n...

hotoynoodle commented 2 months ago

Freezing a ricotta/spinach filling?

by MazDee 2 years ago

I made ricotta (excuse me, you might call it queso fresco!) to use in a lasagna, but that was cancelled, so I made a ...


auntymair commented 2 months ago

Why is ricotta cheese so expensive now?

by mushroomaffairs 4 months ago

I love ricotta cheese and sweet ricotta desserts, I used to buy big containers of ricotta cheese for $1.99 or 2/$4 wh...


MikeG commented 4 months ago

Cannoli Filling: Mascarpone vs. Ricotta

by knoxhound 13 years ago

Transplanted New Yorker wishes to make NYC-via Mulberry Street-(love it or leave it)-style Cannoli Filling. The quest...


NUESTRO123 commented 7 months ago


by taras1949a 10 months ago

Does a finer cheese cloth or straining bag make for a creamier ricotta?


taras1949a commented 9 months ago

Cook's Country Ricotta Baked Chicken Apr/May 2017 issue

by DebitNM 11 months ago

This recipe was on Facebook, but before I could get the recipe; they locked it. Does anyone have the recipe and if ...

DebitNM commented 10 months ago

Troubleshooting Homemade Ricotta

by foodandscience 4 years ago

The other day I was making the ultimate lasagna bolognese. Bolognese simmered for 6 hours, homemade pasta, besciamel...


practicebalance commented 12 months ago

Failed Ricotta

by kflei 2 years ago

I recently started making Greek yogurt, and used 1 gallon + 4 cups of leftover whey, + 1 gallon UHT 1% milk, + 1 cup ...


Chef_Dude commented 2 years ago

On heating milk for ricotta making

by lacoet 2 years ago

Hi, Does anybody use the MW to heat the milk to make ricotta cheese? I've been doing it this way because no matter ...

lacoet commented 2 years ago

why didn't my ricotta set up?

by sparkareno 2 years ago

I tried making ricotta tonight for the first time & it is a disaster. I used a quart of milk, 2 cups of cream (not ul...

Multifoiled commented 2 years ago

Ricotta cheese past date

by munchkin1 2 years ago

I have some ricotta post-date that tastes fine but there is a wee bit of pink (mold?) on the edge of the container. ...


treb commented 2 years ago

Ricotta in North- Central NJ

by bropaul 2 years ago

Is there any decent ricotta out there? I'm looking for something other than the big industrial brands that you find i...

JustJake2 commented 2 years ago

ISO: Goat cheese ricotta

by famke 2 years ago

Any suggestions where I could find goat cheese ricotta in downtown Toronto or North York? Thanks!


highlyunlikely commented 2 years ago

Is it safe?

by josephine 2 years ago

ok, I hate to ask....but.... Left some stuffed shells out in the car in a cooler with just some ice in a zip lock ov...

nannygoat commented 2 years ago

Cannoli filling recipes?

by lipur 11 years ago

I have problem with the ricotta filling, anybody have a thick filling for cannoli.


wendy1029 commented 2 years ago

Has anybody noticed polly-and sorrento riccota has gone down in quality but the mozarella has not?

by krissyafite 3 years ago

Polly o and sorrento mozarella is just milk, salt, vinegar and enzymes. That is what whats suppose to be in cheese. A...

mcf commented 3 years ago

Ever had Mancuso's Ricotta

by UncleMorty 3 years ago

The Food section of today's Inquirer mentions Mancuso's ricotta which I've heard of before but I was wondering if it ...


Bigley9 commented 3 years ago

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