Should You Rinse Rice Before Cooking?

To rinse or not to rinse: There are so many opinions and types of rice, the answer is daunting. Here, we break it down for you. Because like the answers to life's most lofty questions, there is no easy...

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Gordon Ramsay's quick method of preparing risotto

by Antilope 12 years ago

Here is Gordon Ramsay's quick method of preparing risotto as described on the web link at the bottom of this post. According to the website, this is the method used to prepare risotto for the F Wo...

Recipe/How to Make Greek Lemon Rice?

by mike_r 6 years ago

Hey, I'm hoping for a recipe or tips on how to make Greek lemon rice. Ya' know the orange-yellow, slightly greasy rice you can get from the corner gyro/Greek place? I tried making one but it ...

Sticky, Mushy Rice...HELP

by jcattles 14 years ago

I don't know what I do, but everytime I make rice, it's an overcooked, mushy, sticky mess. I'm not sure if altitude has anything to do with it. I live above 7200 feet. I have tried rinsing, not rin...

Reheating Frozen Rice

by BerkshireTsarina 13 years ago

Whenever I use my rice cooker I make extra so I can freeze portion sizes for another meal. The freezing part works fine. The problem comes in the reheating. The reheated rice almost always tastes d...

STUFFED VEGETABLES! Home Cooking Dish of the Month (September 2014)

by L.Nightshade 7 years ago

Welcome to the reporting thread for the September Dish of the Month. This month we'll all be preparing Stuffed Vegetables. We've got lots of leeway this month: any vegetable, and any stuffing. Let ...

Kozy Shack Rice Pudding

by Heidi 22 years ago

I have recently discovered Kozy Shack rice pudding in the dairy cases of many local stores. Let me tell you, it is REALLY good, clean, uncomplicated, homey tasting rice pudding. An added perk, and ...

Reducing starch/calories in rice--WaPo article

by chowser 6 years ago

This was interesting but I want more details about how cooling rice can change digestible starch to resistant starches. Does anyone have the science behind it? And, the cold rice has the propertie...

Need some inspiration today

by Puffin3 6 years ago

Tonight I'd like to serve 'sticky rice'. The type found in Dim Sum lotus leaves. I have some left over roast leg of lamb and some fresh veg. I can't think of a sauce I can make that would go wit...

Cooking Rice With Fat for Dramatically Reduced Calories

by kaleokahu 6 years ago

As strange and implausible as it may sound, yes! By adding a small amount of coconut oil to your water before boiling rice, and then refrigerating the cooked rice for 12 hours, up to HALF the calo...

Much difference in Carnaroli or Vialone rice brands? Any preferences?

maria lorraine
by maria lorraine 9 years ago

Would love to hear your thoughts on good brands of carnaroli and vialone nano. Is there much difference in the amount of milky starch (amylopectin) that's exuded? Texture? Flavor? Mushiness? ...

lower calorie rice

hill food
by hill food 6 years ago

http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2015/03/25/scientists-have-figured-out-a-simple-way-to-cook-rice-that-dramatically-cuts-the-calories/?tid=pm_pop I know the study was done in Sri ...

What to put on rice?

by imachimper 12 years ago

After watching my Indian (from India) co-worker eat some really cool looking lunches for the last few months, all piled on a bed of rice, I broke down and purchased a nice rice cooker, It makes a ...

Favorite Pressure Cooker recipes

by ski_gpsy 10 years ago

I just had to make 2 batches of chicken soup in one afternoon so I did one on the stovetop, and the other in my pressure cooker. I was genuinely surprised that all ingredients being equal, the pre...

Mjadra - recipe advice needed

by sweet100s 7 years ago

This morning's breakfast was a hit - Green Bottom layer - Arugula with an olive oil spritz Brown Middle layer - Mjadra White and red top layer - 1.5 cast iron skillet fried eggs with srirach...

How many types of fried rice dishes are there in the world?

by rworange 11 years ago

I was looking at a restaurant menu that had Malasian fried rice on the menu. For some reason, you have to order it a day in advance because it is labor-intensive to make. Googling on the web, I...

How to cook rice for 20-30 people?

by loraxc 10 years ago

I am making beans and rice as part of the menu for a party. How do I make rice for this many? I usually cook rice on the stove (no rice cooker)--can I multiply amounts and have it turn out okay? Al...

How well does rice freeze?

by LaureltQ 10 years ago

We are going to be tiling our kitchen soon and expect the project to take a couple weeks. During that time, my stove will be out of the kitchen, and as such, unusable. I plan to spend a weekend l...

young chow fried rice vs house fried rice

by fldhkybnva 9 years ago

I'm in the mood for Chinese takeout tonight and in my perusal of the menu spotted Young Chow fried rice. I did a quick google search and it seemed similar/same as house fried rice but the menu als...

What is the best way to reheat left over rice?

by Desidero 16 years ago

I have been told that the best way to reheat left over rice is to put some water in it and to microwave it. Is that true? What about if the rice is already mixed in with the meat, as with Indian fo...

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