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Shaoxing wine in Westchester?

by DGresh 6 years ago

Given our weird liquor laws, I imagine this isn't sold in Asian groceries like HMart or Golden Village (but I haven't checked yet). Where can one buy this? I have always used sherry as a sub, but I...

Pagoda brand shaoxing wine in Seattle?

by maggieeats 6 years ago

Can anyone recommend where to purchase pagoda brand rice wine in Seattle? I've looked at Uwagimaya, Viet-Wah , Central Market, and the new Asian Grocery on Aurora where K Mart used to be. Does any...

Shaoxiang Rice Wine

by tjk53 6 years ago

Where can I buy (unsalted) shaoxiang rice wine, preferably in central NJ? My go-to asian market only stocks the cooking wine version, and none of the liquor stores around here carry it.

Chinese Rice Wine - Shao Xing

by iris 6 years ago

I have two bottles of Shao Xing, Pagoda brand, purchased in a liquor store in Chinatown in NYC. One has a red label and is "Shao Xing Hua Tiao". The other has a brown label and is "Shao Xing Chia ...

Chinese Rice Wine - Shao Xing

by iris 6 years ago

I have two bottles of Shao Xing, Pagoda brand, purchased in a liquor store in Chinatown in NYC. One has a red label and is "Shao Xing Hua Tiao". The other has a brown label and is "Shao Xing Chia ...

Thoughts on substituting dry sherry for shaoxing rice wine?

by arielleeve 7 years ago

I don't have any shaoxing rice wine and plan on making a braised eggplant/tofu dish tonight. Last time I did this, I subbed in dry sherry. The recipe called for 3/4 a cup of the wine, though, and I...

Where can I find makgeolli (Korean rice wine) in Toronto?

by themiguel 8 years ago

Just recently found out about this fermented rice wine drink from Korea. Pretty sure it's not available at the LCBO but do any restaurants in town carry it? Thanks Miguel

Chicken and broccoli stir fry question, rice wine

by javaandjazz 7 years ago

I'm making a recipe of Chinese style chicken and broccoli and it's been years since I made it. It calls for rice wine. I don't feel like going out and buy a bottle, last time I got it was at an Asi...

Sub shaoxing + sugar for mirin?

by elizabells 7 years ago

Grrrr... I'm out of mirin and making a dashi/kaeshi based soba noodle soup that calls for 6T mirin. I do have plenty of shaoxing - can I add a bit of sugar and swap it in? I saw one recipe that sug...

Shaoxing wine in Honolulu?

by wabi 8 years ago

I'm looking for some real Shaoxing wine for cooking purposes. I am used to using that wretched salted cooking wine and would like to buy the genuine article. Andrea Nguyen recommends Pagoda Brand, ...

MSP - Where to find Un-Salted Shaoxing Rice Wine

by MilliePop 12 years ago

Hey guy/gals, I've heard there really is no substitue for chinese rice wine that is called for in chinese cooking so I was wondering if any of you can help me find some. I'm from the Frogtown area....

Looking for Baijiu, Chinese rice wine

by martyw71 8 years ago

Are there any stores in the area that sell Baijiu, the Chinese rice wine (for drinking, not cooking)? Sake is readily available, but according to my Chinese fiancée it is a very different product. ...

Shaoxing wine substitute

by Musie 8 years ago

I'm planning on making a stir fried ginger beef this week. The recipe calls for shaoxing wine in both the beef marinade and the stir fry sauce. I can't find this ingredient in my area. We have no ...

Rice Wine

by juliejulez 9 years ago

So I need rice wine (only 3tbsp so it's not the end of the world if I can't find it, I'll sub Sherry). My normal, very large, supermarket did not have any that I could find and they have a pretty ...

Where can I buy Shaoxing rice wine in St. Louis, MO

by MRBHK 9 years ago

After numerous searches, I finally found some online...in New Jersey. St. Louis is about an hour and a half drive for me, and I'd like to just walk in a market and buy a bottle. I DON'T want co...

Rice Wine for Braised Pork Dish

by MGZ 9 years ago

There is a recipe for Braised Pork in Soy Sauce I am interested in trying (I have added a link to it at the bottom of the page for reference). I am curious as to suggestions for what to use for th...

Where to buy Shaoxing rice wine?

by madscientist 12 years ago

I'm looking to try my hand at some Sichuan recipes, but I'm not sure where I can buy Shaoxing rice wine as called for in the recipe. I tried my best to look around in Chinatown, but didn't find it ...

Where can I buy Korean rice wine (for cooking) in Virginia?

by HowChowBlog 10 years ago

A cookbook calls for ch'ongju, a rice wine from Korea. They say you can substitute vermouth, but I'd like to find the real stuff. Korean markets in Maryland say they can't sell ch'ongju because...

Source for Shaoxing wine without salt?

by Bada Bing 10 years ago

I wonder if anyone can point me to a source for this ingredient, as I plan to spend a few days in Chicago in mid-August and mean to do some shopping for Asian items. The challenge is that the ...