Rice Cookers

These Hello Kitty Appliances Are the Kitchen Inspiration You Didn't Know You Needed

Hello Kitty fans, rejoice: The globally loved cartoon little girl, who was created by the Japanese company Sanrio, can now be welcomed into your kitchen, painted onto two limited edition Zojirushi appliances...

Cooking From Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbooks, Part 4

by DuffyH 3 years ago

Please join us in cooking with your electric pressure cooker and posting about your experiences here. You can cook from any book or any recipe and any model or kind of pressure cooker, but please n...

Rice Cookers

by codmeister 2 years ago

Are rice cookers worth buying? Do they make the rice preparation process any easier than boiling water and cooking rice for 20 to 30 minutes?

Rice Cooker: Zojirushi or Cuckoo, or something else?

by Neo1 4 years ago

Recently I started researching upgrading my rice cooker. Currently I have a fairly basic, little Aroma Stainless thingy. It works, but it’s slow and steamy. I’ve been researching Zojirushi and C...

Zojirushi Rice Cooker Size?

by ribeyez 2 years ago

So typically I cook 2-3 cups of steel cut oats per day. I'm not sure whether to go with the 5 cup or 10 cup Zojirushi model? It says that the 5 cup model can cook 1.5-2.25 cups of steel cut o...

Stainless Steel Rice Cooker used *only* for Brown Rice

by JQ32 2 years ago

Looking for a stainless steel rice cooker, which I will only use for brown rice. Have done some research and came across this and similar websites: https://gonewmommy.com/2018/05/17/non-toxic-rice-...

Rice Cooker

by 2Hounddogs 3 years ago

I was given a national rice cooker hardly used but no instructions would appreciate, any help Model SR CG 05N. I have looked ever were with little results, really want to use this. thank you in adv...

Cooking From Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbooks, Part 3

by DuffyH 4 years ago

Please join us in cooking with your electric pressure cooker and posting about your experiences here. You can cook from any book or any recipe and any model or kind of pressure cooker, but please n...

Do I Need a Rice Cooker with a Dedicated "Long-Grain" Mode?

by 99Jason 3 years ago

I use a Rice Cooker for Oat Groats and White Basmati Rice. My current (very old) cooker has a "Non-Sticky White Rice" mode that works well for Basmati. Some new ones (e.g., Tiger) have special...

Rice cooker: avoiding crust

by Olivia 13 years ago

I always get a crust on the bottom when using my rice cooker, whether it's brown, jasmine, or sweet rice.. For the most part I don't mind, but there are times when it would be preferable not to ha...

Anyone Super Familiar With Rice Cookers?

by mobiledynamics 3 years ago

Maybe it's just me and I'm going crazy - but cooking rice over the stovetop/pan seems to be to be more fluffier, etc than via a rice cooker. Granted there is more cleanup involved... For the wik...

Rice Cooker Recommendation with Extended Keep Warm

by chowsue 8 years ago

I was hoping to get a recommendation for a new rice cooker. When we first got married, my Thai husband brought a National rice cooker with him. We still, to this day, call it the "magic rice...

Completely (Chemical and Plastic) Odor-Free Rice Cooker?

by 99Jason 3 years ago

I'm sensitive to odors and chemicals and have had nothing but trouble trying to find a replacement for my 20 year old National (Panasonic) rice cooker which has an unreplaceable rusting and scratch...

How to Cook Basmati Rice in Rice Cooker?

by brandondt 4 years ago

I have a really nice Tiger rice cooker that I cook jasmine rice in. Jasmine rice works great, but when I try to cook basmati rice, it gets really clumpy, broken, and sticky. I would like the rice...

Rice Cookers - Brown Rice

by mobiledynamics 3 years ago

? for all you rice cookers who cook brown rice in your rice cooker....Cooking Brown Rice in a rice cooker seems to be the norm for many. Tips/Secrets ? We have the Zoji IH model but I tend to pr...

Rice cookers... a revelation?

by Idas 8 years ago

HI, I have been researching getting a stainless ricecooker (to avoid aluminum and non-stick chemicals) and almost bought a Buffalo smart cooker. Then I went to our Auntie's house for dinner and s...

Rice Cooker w/ All Stainless Steel Bowl and Advanced Features?

by 99Jason 4 years ago

I've tried a few different rice cookers and have had real problems with off-gassing of fumes that make me dizzy and ill. ( I just may be super-sensitive in this regard.) So, I'm hoping to find a ...

Best Rice cooker for two in 2017?

by bdk 4 years ago

I've read some of the older posts on this topic and i am wondering if there are any recent opinions out there. We want great rice but we are only two people and don't want a huge appliance taking u...

I want a super multi-cooker: deep fryer, slow cooker, rice cooker, pressure cooker, etc.

by travelerjjm 5 years ago

My deep fryer died this morning. This is my third or fourth. I don't fry a lot, but I like the control of the fryer appliance. I have an old one-temp slow cooker that is solid, but would kind of li...

Instant Pot Bluetooth question

by outRIAAge 5 years ago

I've got a $30 Instant Pot wannabee that frankly amazes me with what it can do, and I'm dying to find an excuse to upgrade to the real thing. I never understood the attraction of a Bluetooth int...

Good Rice Cooker for small amounts of rice.

by Gumbo Guy 13 years ago

What rice cooker do you think is the best for cooking small amounts of rice, and it has to be easy to clean. Thanks for your replies, Charlie