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korean rice cakes

by mrsleny 10 years ago

I just bought a package or Korean rice cakes at HMart. They are thinly sliced, vacuum packed and were in the refrige...


DamonDamonDamon commented 1 year ago

Korean rice cake- how to prepare properly?

by EWSflash 8 years ago

I have a nice Korean market up the street, they often have the fresh extruded rice cake, and try as I may, I can't ge...


kc_2001_nicole commented 2 years ago

Help With Proper Rice Flour For Korean Tteok/Tteokbokki?!

by mrstimelord 2 years ago

Hey there Chowhound community, I'm having some trouble making Korean tteok/rice cakes (the oval and cylindrical ...


mrstimelord commented 2 years ago

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Have you seen this rice cake omelet?

by luckyfatima 3 years ago It's a Teo Chew style rice cake omelet famously served at Tan...

Best Rice Cake Dishes?

by maillard 5 years ago

I love rice cakes (not the airy cardboard kind, but the dense chewy kind). I would like to eat more of them. So far I...


opinionatedchef commented 3 years ago

mochi rice cakes

by rschenk 4 years ago

my daughter came home with Mochi frozen rice cakes Shirakiku brand there are 12 cakes in the package. My question is ...


BigSal commented 4 years ago

rice cakes

by TimsMom1 4 years ago

what is your favorite topper for rice cakes? mine is cream cheese and sliced bananas.

C. Hamster

C. Hamster commented 4 years ago

Any place to find tteok (Korean sweet rice cakes) in the Bay?

by SouthToTheLeft 6 years ago

Hey everyone, I'm looking for a place to find tteok (Korean sweet rice cakes) to serve on New Years' Day. Any ideas w...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 5 years ago

Have you seen this rice cake omelette?

by luckyfatima 5 years ago

Have you seen this rice cake omelette at any local Chinese or Chinese-Vietnamese restos in Northern Virgina? (Menu it...


luckyfatima commented 5 years ago

Question Korean Sticky Rice Cakes

by Sal Vanilla 5 years ago

I want to make them. I see that I am to use short grain white rice. I am wondering if anyone knows if Bob's Red Mil...


Sal Vanilla commented 5 years ago

Korean Rice Cakes in Montreal?

by withaflourish 5 years ago

I'm really craving tteokbokki/ddeokbokki, a Korean dish made of rice cakes and fish cakes drenched in a delicious spi...


withaflourish commented 5 years ago

Recipe for steamed sweet rice cakes?

by Deborah R. 6 years ago

My husband adores the rice cakes that are served at dim sum places like Oriental East in Silver Spring and New Fortun...


HillJ commented 6 years ago

Rice cakes

by shaebones 6 years ago

When I was grocery shopping last night I noticed everyone had a pkg of rice cakes in their cart. So I bought some. Ha...


HillJ commented 6 years ago

Shanghai Stir Fried Rice Cake

by thisisrichard 6 years ago

Hi all -- Looking for Shanghai stir fried rice cake in Los Angeles. See photo for clarification (I do not own the...


JThur01 commented 6 years ago

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Myungdong Kalkuksu (8194 Bayview Ave., Markham) - recommend its "Myungdong king size dumpling", "soup with dumpling and rice cake", and kimchi

by chutchut 6 years ago

This is very clean and cozy Korean traditional food place. I only go there for its "Myungdong king size dumpling", ...

Where to find Daifuku (Japanese rice cake treat)?

by j_do 10 years ago

i've had this great japanese treat at Isakaya sushi on Parc/Milton. it's not on the menu but sometimes they have it (...


AndreClo commented 7 years ago

"Gooey Rice Cake" Origin/Recipe?

by RaquelRaquel 7 years ago

years ago, my college professor brought us a snack he and his wife made (something traditional to her family, but can...


JungMann commented 7 years ago

Mark Bittman's brown rice cakes from NY Times Magazine?

by chowchienne 7 years ago

Has anyone else tried to make Mark Bittman's brown rice cakes from the NY Times Sunday magazine? http://www.nytimes.c...


MoGa commented 7 years ago

Starter for Bok Tong Go (Chinese steamed rice cake)?

by toranky 8 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm new here and this is my first post. I apologize in advance if this should be under another secti...


8o8piko commented 7 years ago

Does anyone still eat rice cakes?

by ipsedixit 7 years ago

And, if so, why? Just curious, not meant to be derogatory or anything. But I remember about 15 or so years ago ...


ratbuddy commented 7 years ago