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Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine Best Restaurants 2015

by american_idle 6 years ago

http://mspmag.com/Eat-And-Drink/Articles/Best-Restaurants/Best-Restaurants-2015/ Is it me, or besides Saffron, are all of these places doing effectively the same thing? It's 14 variations of th...


by meagan 6 years ago

I am looking for someplace to eat before/after theater in the theater district tomorrow. We have our favorites in the area, but want to try something new. In the past I have perused Menupages with ...

d-bags at alden & harlow

by hotoynoodle 6 years ago

http://boston.eater.com/2015/2/28/8126023/michael-scelfo-publicly-lays-the-smackdown-on-entitled-alden-harlow#4162106 i love that there is a photo of these 2 "lovelies".

YELP's algorithm fail in Westchester

by RawTunaFan 6 years ago

Hi fellow 'hounds... I haven't posted in quite a while, but was wondering if anyone else has experienced a MAJOR FAIL when it comes to Yelp's algorithm "filtering" More specifically, we've be...

Nominate Your Best Food App for "Best of 2014."

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 6 years ago

Are you a food app fiend? Tell us your favorite food apps, which could have been released at anytime, the app does not have to be confined to just 2014. Please make sure to list the following: ...

iphone app to explore restaurants/bars?

by spicyAndAsian 6 years ago

I use Yelp for recommendations in the bay area/US. zomato in Asia/Europe. Yell! is another interesting app (no typing-just speak and listen to yelp recos). Any others you would recommend. Esp ...

Food and restaurant related app?

by SeekingBeauty 6 years ago

Hi there, Will anyone please recommend some food and restaurant related apps? Maybe good for searching and bookmark restaurants, tons of pictures of dishes that are updated frequently, current ...

Slowfood app

jen kalb
by jen kalb 6 years ago

This may be old news, but Slowfood now has an Android Osterie app (2014) in additional to the Iphone app. Just bought it and its a big improvement over lugging the book around. $10. It has a map f...

Restaurant Tracker App?

by zakappel 6 years ago

I'm looking for an app (on android) that i can use to input restaurants and spots as i hear about them, and have it notify me when i'm near them, or display on a map at the least. I live in NYC, an...

Phone Apps related to food

by pancake 10 years ago

I uploaded Mark Bittmans "How To Cook Everything" app to my iphone lastnight. One of the best food apps yet. Easy to use, lots of recipes at my fingertips. What food-related app's are other ch...

Paris Restaurants:Pudlo app?Lebey?

by negirl2 8 years ago

Hi, We are going to be in Paris and I was thinking about buying the Pudlo 2013 app for iPhone. Has anyone tried it? How does Pudlo compare to lebey in terms of coverage and type of resto?( I have...

Any good mobile apps or e-food guidebook resourcesfor Italy?

jen kalb
by jen kalb 8 years ago

Im making a decision in the next week on a new smartphone (my first, slow adapter) and wonder if anyone has a comment on good dining and food related apps available either for the i-phone or androi...

An app to help you find a restaurant

by cteavin 8 years ago

Hi, I'm going on holiday and though I've packed my GoogleMaps with lots of food possibilities, I know from experience that there will be times when I'm nowhere near where I need to be and I want...

Any good online or mobile apps to bookmark favorite places? [moved fron General Topics]

by mochamike 8 years ago

Most forums and people I know use google maps, but I'd prefer something better designed and also mobilized. I found a few online: Urbantag, Matchbook, Pindrop, Placeling, but I don't know much abo...

Iphone App for tracking places to try

by flyerhawk 8 years ago

Hey folks. Does anyone know of an Iphone app which I can store places I want to eat which will alert me when I am near them? I have so many places I want to try and I never remember when I am...

Patricia Wells: Food Lover's Guide to Paris is an IPHONE app!

by sderham 8 years ago

I just saw that Patricia Wells has finally updated her Food Lover's Guide to Paris, and it is available as an app for the IPHONE, IPAD, and ITOUCH. I know that she has been working on this very h...

looking for an app or program for planning & tracking restuarant itineraries

by tjinsf 9 years ago

I travel a lot and like to collect list of restaurants I might being interested and looking for iphone app or computer program that will map and collate all the information. I haven't been able ...

Useful websites (and Android apps)?

by Garlic Guy 9 years ago

Hi, everyone. I'm about to move to Manhattan and was wondering what websites, besides this one, I should get in the habit of checking for useful information or functionality regarding restaurants ...

Best Foodish Apps?

by lemons 9 years ago

I'm about to get a smartphone, probably android-based, but might succumb to an i-phone. Suggestions for any particularly useful apps? I know there are useful things for when we travel, but I was th...

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