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NYC Restaurant Week, Jan. 22-Feb. 9. Where to go?

by gutreactions 2 months ago

Reservations are open for New York City Restaurant Week 2018. Restaurants will be offering 3-course lunch: $29, and 3...


JerseyCrude commented 29 days ago

Bronx Restaurant Week, Nov. 6-17...

by gutreactions 4 months ago

The theme is 'Savor the Bronx' and it really is a fine way to enjoy the many international cuisines found in the boro...


gutreactions commented 4 months ago

Restaurant Week

by howdini 8 months ago

Anything particularly noteworthy going on this year? My gf and I are thinking of doing lunch or dinner someplace we w...

clcorbi commented 6 months ago

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NYC restaurant week early?

by lauren75 7 months ago

We will be in NYC this week...does anyone know if certain restaurants on the list start their restaurant week menus e...

Trip Report -- Italian Restaurant Week in Manhattan

by jnwall 9 months ago

My wife and I recently had the opportunity to explore several Italian restaurant offerings for lunch in Manhattan. We...

Ttrockwood commented 9 months ago

Chicago Restaurant Week 2017 -- Where Are You Going?

by Felliott 1 year ago

Chicago restaurant week is January 27-February 9 this year. I participated for the first time last year and went to S...

nsxtasy commented 1 year ago

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Charlotte Restaurant Week 2017

by sweinsch 1 year ago

We are recent transplants to Charlotte from Southeast Florida. We have slowly been checking out the restaurants in Ch...

So Detroit Restaurant Week is coming back Feb. 3-12...

by boagman 1 year ago

...and I really don't know what to think about that. It seems/ed that they kind of gave up the ship with it over t...

coney with everything commented 1 year ago

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week Nov. 2016

by smilingal 1 year ago

Surprised not to find a post for this?! Is it the new/not so new format here at CH? Any suggestions for this year's...


Solstice444 commented 1 year ago

Bronx Restaurant Week coming: Nov. 7-18...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

'Savor The Bronx' Restaurant Week 2016 will be held Nov. 7 thru the 18th. About 40 restaurants from all over the boro...


gutreactions commented 1 year ago

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week - Spring 2016 - March 7-20

by MisterBill2 2 years ago

It seems like no one has started a thread, so I'll do it. Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is coming up in March. The li...

MisterBill2 commented 1 year ago

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Hudson Valley Restaurant Week; Nov. 1 to 13

by jayjay 1 year ago

A few new; many old....... https://www.valleytable.com/restaurants

Review of Zinc's Restaurant Week

by lilyann 1 year ago

Don't go. From the inedible tuna and veggies in a sea of brown sauce to the chocolate dessert, to the rushed service,...


foodielove commented 1 year ago

Recommending Le Perigord for RW

by Lady Grey 1 year ago

Went to Le Perigord for lunch right now for Restaurant Week, and such a nice experience that I wanted to mention it. ...


Lady Grey commented 1 year ago

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2016 Triangle Restaurant Week

by ksbee 1 year ago

I debated resurrecting one of the older Restaurant Week posts, but most were 5 and 6 years old, so I decided to start...

Jersey Shore restaurant week

by joonjoon 2 years ago

I know it's last minute but Restaurant week goes through this Sunday and I'm liking a lot of options. Anyone in the m...

fershore commented 2 years ago

Tried Tom's Oyster Bar for Royal Oak Restaurant Week today...

by boagman 2 years ago

...and it was probably due to the fact that: 1. It was Restaurant Week, and it was 3 courses for $15, including t...

TraderJoe commented 2 years ago