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As most know by now, major cities across the world have ordered restaurants and bars to shutter their doors temporarily, allowing only delivery and takeout during the COVID-19 outbreak. For many restaurants...

Dan Tana's Italian Salad Dressing Recipe needed!!!!

by JFlash123 10 hours ago

Not the Cesar, everyone has that, looking for the recipe for their Italian salad dressing. I have crazy allergies and this is one of the few things I can eat without a bad reaction. Please help!!!

Ebinger's cake with mocha frosting and slivered almonds

by drwalsh12 11 years ago

I have been trying to find recipe that used to be in Ebinger's bakery. My mom said it was her favorite cake as a kid. It was a yellow cake with mocha frosting and slivered almonds. Anyone able t...

Oldie but goodie... Anacapri Restaurant Fairfield

by tjd241 2 years ago

Anyone remember Anacapri which used to be on State Street Extension near the Fairfield Bridgeport line? Closed long ago and actually Pepe's Pizza is now located there. Boy I used to love a Southern...

Potsticker recipe from San Francisco's Lai Hong Lounge

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 15 days ago

Lai Hong Lounge, perhaps the best dim sum restaurant located in San Francisco Chinatown, has been closed during shelter in place and plans to reopen next week. It shared the recipe for its Cantones...

Ah Fong resturant in Hollywood

by Ahfonglover 7 years ago

As a youngster my Father who was an Asst. Director would take us to Ah Fong's on sunset Blvd. Benson know my father well, having met him on many sets. The dish I remember, till this day is the...

Asian Box -- Tamarind vinaigrette?

by alignment 20 days ago

I remember eating at Asian Box restaurants in the SF Bay Area. There was a tamarind vinaigrette that was particularly addictive. It was sweet and tangy and just amazing. Now that I live on the ...

Recipe search

by intrepid artist 21 days ago

I used to work at the Marriott near the airport back in the 1980's. They made danish from scratch in-house. It was the best! Does anyone have the recipe? It can be in baker's % or large amounts; I ...

Thoughts on recipe creation?

by georgeeric999 1 month ago

I'm trying to incorporate traditional Chinese plant-proteins into European and Latin cuisines. Not as a substitute, but rather to build new dishes specifically around these foods. Anyone have exper...

St. Louis Sara lou Fried Shrimp and Tartar Suace

by ksphillips 3 years ago

Would love to find any recipe for the fried shrimp and especially the tartar sauce from this St. Louis favorite. I believe the tartar sauce had Miracle Whip, dill pickles and onion with something ...

Whole Wheat and Wild Berries

by Drew 15 years ago

Anyone who remembers the rest. 'Whole Wheat and Wild Berries' in NYC on 10th St. will remember the fabulous salad dressing they made...the best I've ever tasted. Does anyone have the recipe? I used...

Off the top of your head: How many recipes do you know by heart?

by gutreactions 10 months ago

I remember working with a top French chef on projects in the New York/Miami area. Once I asked him: How many recipes do you have memorized? He thought for a moment and responded: around 3,000. And ...

Little Star Crust/Dough Recipe

by Marauder44 9 years ago

Seriously, people. I can't find a recipe--or even an attempt at a clone--for the Little Star Pizza crust. Anyone out there have it? I've been making pizza Napoletano and legit Chicago-style and ...

Vincent's Sauce

by GJWhite 13 years ago

Every Christmas my uncle brings over a few containers of sauce from Vincent's, one mild and one spicy. As those of you who have tasted it will know, it's got a very different taste profile than tra...

Boston-style pork fried rice recipe

by johnken 3 months ago

im from boston area all my life and chinese take out is my favorite food. i moved to the south and cant find comparable chinese food ANYWHERE. does anyone have a recipe for pork fried rice like the...

Estrada's Spanish Kitchen, Daly City Recipes needed-

by alameda fats 14 years ago

Apparently the Estrada's branches in Fresno and Visalia are kaput, and I have acquaintances there that are now suffering from acute tostada compuesta, enchilada and Mexican macaroni deprivation...

La Dolce Vita Beverly Hills

by DBoos 4 months ago

Does anyone know the ingredients of their chopped salad dressing?

Help with China Village Albany Braised Pork Shoulder Dish recipe

by Armoise 9 months ago

Trying to find a recipe online for making it at home. If I copy the Chinese characters I can access Chinese recipes and translate them, but they aren't very clear. this is the Chinese name: 紅棗煨肘子. ...

Chin's Polynesian Garden Monroeville PA Egg Roll recipe?

by LtotheM 7 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for a certain egg roll recipe. I grew up in Pittsburgh eating egg rolls at Chin's Polynesian Garden in Monroeville for many years. The restaurant closed years ago, sadly. Their home...

Recipes From Old Cigo's Restaurant - San Pedro CA

by Maggijo 7 months ago

Looking for a long lost recipe from Cigo's. Dalmatian Mostaccioli - beloved by all of San Pedro.

Does anyone know what is in the Buckhorn Grill tri-tip rub?

by joshmill 9 years ago

I recently had some tri-tip from the Buckhorn Grill and fell in love with that spice rub! If anyone knows what they use or how to make it, I'd love to know!