Restaurant Nostalgia

Remember Hobeau's?

by Linda 15 years ago

When we lived in NY, our favorite neighborhood restaurant was Hobeau's, which sadly has closed. Has anyone found ano...


photoguy1948 commented 3 days ago

Chick's - Still around?

by tablefor1 10 years ago

Does anyone remember a place called Chick's - a greasy hamburger vienna beef hot dog place, right off of a highway ex...


LeoGthehomeboy commented 3 days ago

Memory Lane - Phil Johnson's

by catherine 16 years ago

Does anyone here remember a Chicago suburban restaurant called Phil Johnson's? My parents took me and my sister there...


ShermanQ commented 4 days ago

What ever happended to Capizzi's on North

by goodfood 14 years ago

I remeber growing up going to Capizzi's on North Avenue near the suburb of Oak Park. Their pizza was the best pizza e...


gigi60564 commented 6 days ago

Memories of the Windsor Restaurant!

by josephnl 10 years ago

I was just thinking about the old Windsor Restaurant downtown that as I recall was sort of tucked in behind the old A...


chuckmerken commented 7 days ago

Looking for the name of a long-closed restaurant in Vancouver

by lanneq 4 years ago

In 1980 I lived at Point Grey - 4th and Collingwood - in Vancouver, and there was a wonderful little French restauran...


rsayle commented 7 days ago

Long Gone But Not Forgotten! Manhattan Memories

by JimmySee 4 years ago

Luchow's on East 14th Street; Mamma Leone's on West 48th; Ratner's on Delancey; The Stork Club on East 53rd; HoJo's i...


gutreactions commented 11 days ago

Does anyone remember Michael's?

by kateD 9 years ago

Does anyone remember an old style steak restaurant called Michael's in the Bay Area? I think it was in Sunnyvale, P...


cookie19 commented 16 days ago

Long Gone But Not Forgotten! Outer Borough Memories

by bobjbkln 4 years ago

A similar post on the Manhattan Board has so far generated 450 responses, so I thought a NYC-non Manhattan post could...


Mr4wrestle commented 17 days ago

Hamburger Express

by lucyis 9 years ago

Does any other c'hound from the boomer generation remember the hamburger place on 73rd avenue in Bayside that served...


sjr52557 commented 19 days ago

Defunct Mr Steak's House Salad Dressing

by chefmra 20 days ago

Mr Steak probably closed 40 years ago. I've been looking forever for a recipe for their salad dressing, It had Oil, V...


chefmra commented 20 days ago

Memories of Chef Maxime...

by gutreactions 2 years ago

Was discussing some favorite culinary memories with friends and came up with a few stories about Chef Maxime Ribera w...


gutreactions commented 29 days ago

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Whatever happened to Walker Hill on Hwy 7?

by chloesil 30 days ago

I have childhood memories of going to Walker Hill Korean BBQ with my family from as early as twenty years ago...they ...

From the Old Days - a Poodle on Maiden Lane?

by cmvan 6 years ago

Is my memory faulty, or was there at one time a restaurant/cafe on Maiden Lane called something like The Pink Poodle?...


walkoffdinner commented 1 month ago

Kansas City, Mo. Old Restaurants

by kevin 10 years ago

I happen to be reading a Calvin Trillin article in the New York Times and then later got sidetracked to a link to an ...


GailMSUMKC commented 2 months ago

Remember Franco's in Provincetown?

by Pomegranate Martini 7 years ago

Remember Franco's in Provincetown? In all of their locations the food was extraordinary and the atmosphere was a beau...


ptowncook4 commented 2 months ago

A question for old-timers regarding Hugo's

by hazelhurst 9 years ago

Several ex-pat New Englanders were together recently and remembering all kinds of things from the Impossible Dream ye...


tomlargey commented 2 months ago

Restaurant in King of Prussia in late 70s or so

by sal_acid 4 years ago

This has been driving me crazy for a few days. Anybody remember a restaurant just a little South of the Mall that was...


ladystitch commented 2 months ago

Anyone remember Pueblo Village?

by gourmette 13 years ago

I was having nostalgic twinges for the great BBQ from this old tourist trap on Indian Rocks Beach. They had a nice de...


TeresEverett1961 commented 2 months ago