Restaurant Nostalgia


Restaurant at 311 W 6th in mid-90s?

by wesson.dana 3 days ago

Does anybody remember the restaurant at 311 W 6th in Austin during the mid-90s? They served really good mimosas! Thanks!

Perrotto's Pizzaria Williamsport Pa

by Rommelt 1 year ago

Does anyone remember Perrotto's? John had the BEST pizza! (Iconic) Would love to have recipe ! The Pizza Parlor was Classic.


Old Timey Minneapolis-St Paul?

by cajungwailo 6 days ago

There used to be a semi-upscale restaurant, river view, in Prescott, WI that people would drive down from the cities for. Fish-centric? I was only there once. I can't find any reference to it on...

The Cockeyed Clam in NYC in the 80's Does anyone know the time-frame for this place

by seafoodmama 7 years ago

it was around the 90's on either 2nd or 3rd avenue? Have an on-going dispute about this. please correct or vindicate me lol

Schweller's and Epsteins

by wincountrygirl 10 years ago

We lived in Yonkers when I was growing up and frequently went to Jerome Avenue, around Gun Hill Road to eat. There was Epstein's Kosher Deli, Schweller's Kosher Deli, Jade Gardens Chinese restauran...

spinich crepes - remember The Magic Pan?

by Elizabeth Bennett Darcy 13 years ago

Remember the chain of crepe restaurants called The Magic Pan? Nana used to take me to the one in Beverly Hills & I'd always have the spinich crepes. Now I'm craving them (20 years later) and the p...

Donahue's Restaurant on ret-23 wayne

by bogsidebunny 8 years ago

Does anyone remember a restaurant called Donahue's on Rte 23 in Wayne, NJ just North of the Rte-46 intersection? I know it's been gone a long time but I have memories of it being a fine place t...

Great American Food & Beverage Co. (L.A.) - Who Remembers?

by tayres 3 years ago

Something got me to thinking about a place I went to long ago, The Great American Food & Beverage Company. It was somewhere in L.A. and they had something on their menu called an "orgy". Does any...

UF grads: Do you remember a sub shop that delivered to the dorms in the early '60s?

by Big Bad Voodoo Lou 4 years ago

Hey Chowhounds! I was wondering if anyone attended the University of Florida or lived in Gainesville back in the early '60s. My mom was trying to remember a sub shop that delivered to the dorms b...

What ever happened to Paddy's Clam House?

by Bonnie 13 years ago

I know it has been gone for years, but have been thinking about it in relation to the recent queries on New England style fish shacks. I ate there only once or twice, most recently 28 years ago, an...

UNH Alums, et al---Karl's, Catnip Pub, Tin Palace--Durham NH?

by gbean 9 years ago

I know Murphy's Tin Palace is still there. Anybody remember Karls Truck in the Quad. Oh how I still long for his cheeseburger subs and snotty fries! Catnip is long gone but was the coolest bar a...

Hamiliton Township, NJ 1960's?

by buenosds 11 years ago

I grew up in Hamilton Sq. and have a recollection of my dad taking me to get pork roll sandwiches from a drive in type restaurant on the northwest corner of Quakerbridge and I think, Sloans Rd. whe...

Childhood memories

by k140db 5 years ago

Being a child of the 80's(35 now) and growing up in Arbutus, I remember eating out at a lot of great places growing up. We would travel all over Maryland for a good meal and sometimes meet up with ...

The old Jade Fountain, North Arlington

by jethro 5 years ago

After having a lengthy chat today about how good the food was here, does anyone know if the owners opened another restaurant in the area? I would kill and/or die to try the food again. They had a...

Does anyone remember a restaurant called Chelsea Place?

by withabandon 6 years ago

Hello! I'm wondering if anyone remembers a restaurant called Chelsea Place. It was in Chelsea, and you entered through an antique store and went downstairs to get to the restaurant. They had put...

Santo Pietro's in Studio City circa 1990

by ckpsjp 4 years ago

Does anyone remember Santo Pietro's original(?) location on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City near MTM studios? Their Chinese Chicken Salad was the best (and first) I ever had and their garlic rolls we...

Dragon House restaurant (long gone) - chefs still around?

by Apple IIGS 8 years ago

Does anyone here remember The Dragon House (Maison du Dragon) restaurant? It was a Chinese food restaurant that had been around probably close to 40 years when it closed for good in the early 2...

Anyone remember an amazing Italian restaurant in Eagle Rock named Julio's?

by Rob575 1 year ago

Does anyone happen to remember that awesome Italian restaurant from back in the 80's in Eagle Rock, near Occidental College, named Julio's? It was on Verdugo Rd near the York Blvd intersection. Wha...

Remembering Hoagie's Corner

by cacheinhand 8 years ago

Anyone remeber Hoagie's Corner? What hapen to chain sub shops like HC? I loved the Cheesy British.