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Why Deleting Your Food Delivery App Could Help Save Restaurants

The food delivery category has become a true juggernaut, thanks large in part to an explosion of delivery apps and remote ordering platforms. Digital food delivery is projected to grow into a staggering...

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12 Mile Limit

by Hockey19 5 years ago

Heading to NOLA for a week and will post schedule but interested if anyone has been to 12 Mile Limit. Seems like a fun different place.

Restaurant familiar to Bond St

by BellaDonna 5 years ago

I'm looking for a restaurant similar to Bond St that has great food (crispy rice and such) and elegant dining room.


by Querencia 5 years ago

There is a rumor in my building that Corner Bakery at Rush & Cedar is closing because the building is going to be torn down. If that is true, I wonder if Big Bowl, Lux Cafe, and Da Lobsta are simil...

Tocqueville - what to get

by eateat22 5 years ago

3 of us going here soon for dinner. Yelp seems to suggest there is a $68 5-course tasting menu but the restaurant says they only offer the $110 tasting menu. Confused Also, we do have a good app...

Chef Laura Lam - anyone know where she is these days?

by uwsister 10 years ago

Formerly of beloved Monsoon (UWS) and most recently Safran in Chelsea, now called Legend and a completely different restaurant. Google hasn't turned up anything, unfortunately. Anyone know an...

Salumi: how long a line are we talking about?

by dunstable 5 years ago

Hi folks, I am planning to visit your fair city this August, and am wondering just how long this line at Salumi really is? Like, fifteen minutes? An hour? Two hours? I'm probably going to wa...

Wait times at Davenport

by kickerconspiracy 5 years ago

Will be up in Portland for a weekend from June 27-29. Coming from SF Bay Area, the Davenport menu and reservation policies make it seem a little like Flour + Water or State Bird, specifically limit...

Cappocaccia any reviews?

by annamac 5 years ago

Walked past this place Yonge and summer hill. Looked pretty swish. Wondering if there's any substance behind the style. Anyone been?

Reports on West Side Lounge , City Table in the Lenox, and Boston Chops?

by opinionatedchef 5 years ago

We've never eaten at these spots but friends want to take us out with coupons they recently won.Any advice- dinner, brunch, either? Thx much!

What's opening in the former Baked space? [San Francisco]

by chowhoundX 5 years ago

Does anyone know what's opening in the former Baked space on 18th St in Potrero Hill? Through the window you can make out coffee/espresso equipment, saucepans, a bulk container of nuts and a bulk c...


by arepo 5 years ago

Has anyone been lately? Do they change their menus? Is it BYOB? Your impressions please. Thanks

what is the name of that "club" that opened in Yorkville about a year back and had a membership available?

by foodyDudey 5 years ago

I was just thinking about that place that had posted a grand opening message here last year, and had a picture of someone wearing a mask. They were selling memberships and also I think you could ...

The Atlantic Sea Grille -Acton

by sandramrma 5 years ago

Has anyone been here recently? Their website shows that it has-finally-been completely remodeled! Does it have a new owner? Their food has always been okay-but has their menu also been updated?

I sodi NYC

by roberthughjerome 5 years ago

Going back to NYC after six months away. How's one of my favorite spots since Via Carota opened? Still as good?

Dreaming of the Ris de veau at Hôtel Ricordeau in LOUE near Le Mans

by Kimosabe99 5 years ago

Has anyone been here recently? Where I first gained consciousness in the early 1980s that there is a higher power when it comes to gourmet meals...

Segovia Closing Down Rumour?

by Ritsuko 5 years ago

I heard Segovia (Yonge and Wellesley) will be closing down. Can someone confirm if the rumour is true? Big fan of their paella here

Capital and Craft

by sgschef 5 years ago

I've seen a sign in front of an old Charley Browns on rye 22 east in greenbrook. Anyone know anything about this restaurant ? It says 24 craft beers on tap.

How old is Madeo?

by OliverB 5 years ago

Just curious, can anyone tell me exactly when Madeo Ristorante was est? Thanks!

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