Restaurant Closings

All good things must come to an end. Explore restaurant closings in your area and find out which spots are coming and going with the help of other Chowhounds.

When You Can't Work From Home: This Week in Hospitality

On Sunday, March 8, I left New York for a trip to London, joking with one of my coworkers during my last restaurant shift that maybe the trip would get extended if the coronavirus ratcheted itself up...

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The closing of Locke-Ober: Please keep the menu

by Adam 19 years ago

This is an unprinted letter to the Boston Globe editor, submitted July 28, 2001. Any further information about whether I misinterpreted the Boston Globe's article about the intentions of Lydia Shir...

Adriatica Closing

by Leper 19 years ago

I read in the Seattle Times that the beloved Adriatica will be closing the end of August. I have always felt Adriatica was one of Seattle's best dining spots--less trendy than Belltown and more c...

New Dining Finds/Marco's Closing

by Katie Benes 19 years ago

This message is a followup to Sylvia's earlier post regarding new dining finds. My girlfriends and I have a monthly "Girl's Night Out" and tonight we tried Lauletta's Grille on South 11th Street b...

S.F. Restaurant Closings? 2 down-many more to come?

by duke dee 19 years ago

The Bay Guardian food columnist mentions Belon and Flying Saucer." the price gouging and e-business melt down will result in many of the high profile, showy spots that opened in the last 2 or 3 yea...

Le Colonial closing

by PorkChop 19 years ago

Anyone know what happened to Le Colonial? A little over priced, yes, but they had the greatest spring rolls!! Any chance they are closed only temporarily? Thanks!

peter's ice cream - closing?!?!?!

by wayne 19 years ago

Heard from a friend at work that Peter's Ice cream Cafe on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn is closing in April - something about a 75% hike in rent. Anybody know more? Please say it ain't so...

Spago Hollywood Closing?

by Gibbs 19 years ago

Is this true?

Blah Blah in Park Slope Closing

by George Lynch 19 years ago

I just found out that the Blah Blah (12th Street off 7th Avenue in Park Slope) is closing in early December. From previous conversations with the owner, Cosmo Lee, I knew he was thinking of giving...

Jo Jo Closing - Not Exactly

by Dena 20 years ago

I remember reading a few posts about the closing of Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Jo Jo and have learned something about it. He's relocating it, according to an English food magazine that I'm readin...

Pearson's Texas BBQ Closing

by Seth Ditchik 21 years ago


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