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All good things must come to an end. Explore restaurant closings in your area and find out which spots are coming and going with the help of other Chowhounds.

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Gordon's House of Fine Eats Closing

by Paul H 17 years ago

I just heard that Gordon's will be closing on January 18th, 2003. This is a place I have never found the time to visit. It seems this might be a good time to go, for two reasons. 1) Last chance...

Nassau St. - Pret A Manger closing...

by Kerry 17 years ago

...no business, they said. They are closing on Friday. It's too bad, the street really needed it. In fact, all of lower Broadway and Nassau St. needs it. (There is still a location on Broad St.) L...

Wild Hare closing - anyone know why?

by autumn 17 years ago

I noticed that Wild Hare closed recently, was wondering if anyone had the low-down on what happened.

Jae's Cafe in Cambridge closing?

by kittychow 17 years ago

I just heard a rumor that Jae's in Inman Sq. has opted not to renew their lease and shut down in December. Has anyone else heard this?

Closings and an opening

by Joanie 17 years ago

I read in the Sat. Globe that Macondo in Union Sq. is already closing. That's sad, he tried very hard to make it work adding that tango nite to bring in business. Is the Elephant Walk going to be...

Totilla Grill - Huntington - Closing?

by Siobhan 17 years ago

A sign in the window says they have lost their lease and will be closing at the end of the month. If you have fond memories of the place, it may be time to go for one last chicken stew taco. I ha...

Closings at 88 Food Court; Misono grill

by ju 17 years ago

It looks like the Japanese stall and Rickshaw (Indian) have closed. The former has been shut for more than a week (or perhaps longer; I was out of town until early Sept) while Rickshaw was closed o...

Latticini Barese closing

by amusebouche 17 years ago

Sad to say, went Barese today and they had a sign up saying that tomorrow is their last day of business after 75 years. I've been going for at least 20 and for my money it is consistantly the best ...

Kansas City Closings

by Bob 17 years ago

About 10 years ago I stayed at Crown center for a weekend. In the shops area there was a BBQ place, I can't remember the name, but I just stopped for a quick lunch and had the best BBQ I can rememb...

A future closing

by Bruce 17 years ago

Don's Restaurant in Burbank, on Glenoaks will be closing at the end of this month. And will be replace by yet another Japanese restaurant.

Three big Kansas City Midtown closings...

by jane 17 years ago

I'm a little late posting some of this news, but it's probably worth noting for folks who sometimes visit Kansas City and look forward to visiting some popular restaurants. Just wanted to let peop...

My ShopRite is closing

by Pat Hammond 17 years ago

I'm very sad about this. I've lived here only four months but I became very fond of this store. It's in Mt. Vernon, and the next closest is Yonkers. I don't know from Yonkers! It's not what you'...

ritaskitchen.com closing

by Pat Goldberg 17 years ago

I got an email from these people a bit ago saying they were closing, They have dropped their already competitive prices by about 25% until they close. I have no particular interest in these folk...

Alfanoose Summer Closing: 7/31 - 9/8

by Gil Bauer 17 years ago

A sign in Alfanoose (150 Fulton Street), a middle-eastern favorite of many downtown chowhounds, indicates that they will be closed from 7/31 - 9/8.

Russian Tea Room Closing

by xavier 17 years ago

I actually had a good meal there a few months ago at a business meeting upstairs. Not too many tears for another Warner LeRoy monstrosity, but I do feel badly for his daughter, Jennifer, who was ch...

Mimi's closing

by joan 17 years ago

it's my guess that Mimi's was just located in the wrong neighborhood for her rather high priced sandwiches, and couldnt make a go of it. the right location is so important. does anyone really know...

Truffula in Tahoe City--Don't miss it, it's closing soon

by Fine 17 years ago

Will post when I have more time on our 5 meals + one breakfast at North Shore, but wanted to tell everyone about this terrific find (or as good as one visit can predict, anyway). Feel like a comp...

Hamada closing?

by chowhoundX 17 years ago

Through the window of the 41 bus this morning, I saw a "For Lease" sign in the window of Hamada, the coffee/falafel shop (Union/Hyde) we've talked about here before. Does anyone know if it's moving...

Xaviers in Garrison is closing 12/31/02

by Bill Rubin 17 years ago

According to an article in Monday's Journal News (the Gannett paper in Westchester), Peter Kelly will be closing the Xavier's in Garrison after New Years Eve this year. The article says that he fee...

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