Restaurant Closings

All good things must come to an end. Explore restaurant closings in your area and find out which spots are coming and going with the help of other Chowhounds.

Empress Pittsburgh

by ttirem3 18 days ago

Does anyone remember the Empress Chinese Restaurant that was in the Waterworks mall? It used to be where Burgatory is...


Owtahear commented 3 hours ago

East Coast Grill is closing?

by Prav 2 years ago

Say it ain't so! I can't find much information about it yet, but Jan 23 '16 is the word so far (Globe). So sad!


Madrid commented 6 hours ago

Skyview Fusion closed?

by mrsleny 10 days ago

A co-worker tried to call for reservations and the number was out of service. And Yelp also shows it as closed. Doe...

mrsleny commented 9 days ago

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The Orient - Bethpage...Closed?

by MikeNYPT 18 days ago

Brooklynite, Transplanted to Nassau County.......Had a Nice Dim Sum Experience at THE ORIENT in Bethpage a few Months...

Concord NH Sandwich Depot closing

by dfrostnh 1 month ago

Sad news for fans if Sandwich Depot on Hall Street in Concord. According to an article in the Concord Monitor, the o...


dfrostnh commented 19 days ago

Taylor Railworks to close in Portland

by grayelf 6 months ago

I'm typing with a heavy heart. This restaurant is one of my favourites (ever), offering the full boonah of interestin...

stevewi commented 29 days ago

Le Perigord

by Tom Steele 6 months ago

Anyone know when or if Le Perigord will re-open? What happened, anyway? Is Georges Briguet still around? He was such ...


rrems commented 1 month ago

Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto Restaurant Holiday Closures For Year End

by mikey8811 1 month ago

Hi Am planning a trip to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto towards the end of the year ie. from 24 December to 7 January. ...


shakti2 commented 1 month ago

Pakse Cafe Closed

by Naco 1 year ago

Hi all, This doesn't seem to have been noted on here so thought I would pass it along. I tried to go to Pakse Cafe...

meatn3 commented 1 month ago

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Restaurant Closings During Christmas & New Year Period In Andalusia

by mikey8811 1 month ago

Hi I am in the midst of planning a trip from 24 Dec to 7 Jan to Seville, Malaga and Cadiz and was wondering if si...

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Quick Wok (nee Magic Thai) at Milpitas Great Mall closed

by foodcache 1 month ago

Was disappointed to see this place vanish from the Mall. Their Pad See Ew was the best around. Anyone know if they'...

Restaurant owners backtracking

by Gastronomos 4 months ago

This is one side of a story found on the interwebz: "I would like to address the post about Jamis Kitchen and the ...

eclecticsynergy commented 2 months ago

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Downtown Raleigh Commentary

by Guilty Gourmand 2 months ago

I just saw in the N&O that Bare Bones has closed. For better or worse, the only thing surprising to me about that wa...

That molecular place...?

by SweetSweetPotato 2 months ago

Hi friends, who remembers the name of the short-lived molecular gastronomy place that was on College around Grace? I ...

estufarian commented 2 months ago

Pasadena Cafe Bizou Closes Permanently

by Al Bondigas 2 months ago

Unfortunately this location has closed after 18 years in Pasadena. Another victim of the Pasadena minimum wage ordina...


beeceeinla commented 2 months ago

Rec like Assinatura in Lisbon?

by sarahbeths 3 months ago

My friend is going to Lisbon and while I was compiling my notes I discovered that Assinatura closed. I had a mind-blo...

sarahbeths commented 2 months ago

FuLoon's Malden location closed?

by Karl S 4 months ago I know that they faced dramatically...

lipoff commented 2 months ago

Waxman's Bird

by little big al 3 months ago

Any clues what happened to J. Waxman's fried chicken venue in G. Square? Seems like I read a review one week and next...


Malcolm Ruthven commented 3 months ago