Restaurant Closings

All good things must come to an end. Explore restaurant closings in your area and find out which spots are coming and going with the help of other Chowhounds.


Coming and Closed Chapel Hill/Carrboro

by Rory 1 year ago

this seemed like a good thread to make for odds and ends. Guru India closed (it was ghastly) and a new place Pho Happiness is coming. Also Menuchehr from Rumi Persian cafe has a food trailer Gyro...

Emilio's Italian on 6th Ave

Openings & Closings Sept-Dec 2019

by JerkPork 4 months ago

No point in going with quarterly threads as the Montreal board is nowhere as busy as it used to be unfortunately. Seems like Uniburger on Cote de Neiges is closed down that or they are completel...

Flushing Golden Mall - basement is closed

by kimijye2 28 days ago

Whoa, a friend told me last night that the underground Golden Mall in Flushing has closed, taking with it our favorite dumpling spot. We called it the Three Ladies dumpling restaurant – located ...

Fat Angel Has Closed

by DavidT 21 days ago

You can add Fat Angel (on O'Farrell @ Fillmore) to the list of places that have closed.

Oriental Garden, gone for good?

by jumpingmonk 23 days ago

Greetings all. Does anyone know if Oriental Garden on Elizabeth St is gone permanently? I know it was closed temporarily for remodeling, but google now says "permanantly closed" So does anyone k...

No Name - No Mo

by treb 27 days ago

Not surprised that No Name is closed. I remember days a long long time ago when I’d be waiting in line with bottles of wine and coolers of beer. It was always a party while waiting in line. ...

What's Happening to Our Village?

by Ziggy41 1 month ago

Is it me or the East Village seems to be hurting right now with closings accelerating. Harry and Ida's (the most painful one), Maharlika, Moishe's, Martina, Le Sia (maybe temporary), Tramonti, the...

Chinese Restaurants Are Closing

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

" . . . the share of Chinese restaurants in the top 20 metropolitan areas has been consistently falling. Five years ago, an average of 7.3 percent of all restaurants in these areas were Chinese, co...

Papa Sushi/Ichi Maki

by valveeta300b 1 month ago

My first bite of real sushi was at Ichi Maki in Fairfield California. Ichi was a family run budget oriented affair. The standouts for me were the Chef Special 1 and 2. Chef Special 1 was a tasty de...

Closure of Lucky Lee's

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

Eater says it's "dunzo". Did anyone ever try it? Previous discussion of Lucky Lee's" https://www.chowhound.com/post/lucky-lees-framing-entire-cuisine-unhealthy-1082120

Cincinnati: Szechwan Wok is closing

by johnbycz 12 years ago

The Szechuan Wok in Silverton is my favorite Chinese restaurant in Cincinnati, and we learned when we ate there on Friday that it's closing for good around Nov. 13. The owner and the chef are both ...

Morgan's Fish House, Rye, closed...

by gutreactions 2 months ago

Part of Pearl Restaurant Group, Morgan's Fish House in Rye has permanently closed. There is a for lease sign in the window. The Pearl Group also owns The Tap House in Tuckahoe, Rye Grill & Bar, Rub...

Restaurant auction going on at Vento, New Rochelle...

by gutreactions 3 months ago

Passed by Vento Bistro at 282 Huguenot Street, corner of Division St., in New Rochelle, and noticed auction signs in the windows. Supplies and equipment were piled up inside. Not sure if this one i...

California Sandwich leaves Richmond Hill

by toronto guy 3 months ago

The signs is the window said it all - here's a pic They did make a good sandwich, but charging extra for onions and peppers was unappetizingly chintzy Nearby Joe's, same traffic probs, same p...


by heddcase 3 months ago

I've been going to Kyo Ya on my birthday for like 10 years. When I called today, they told me chef Sono left. What do I do now? I can't imagine anyone replacing him. Does anywhere in the city compa...

Closed restaurant in Memorial

by frankienickie 3 months ago

Does anyone remember the name of the French restaurant that was on Memorial? It was there in the 70’s and 80’s. Near dairy Ashford I think where Nirvana now is.