Best restaurants in Renton

by unamuno907 3 years ago

I just moved to Renton from Seattle and I'm looking to find some of the best places to eat around town. I Would appreciate any suggestions.

Kazi Grill: Bengali and Boeing

by equinoise 6 years ago

I recently had an interesting lunch at Kazi Grill on Airport Way in Renton. I had read of its Bangladeshi provenance, but had never viewed its menu, which is here: https://www.facebook.com/media/s...

Spot for dinner catch up with long-time friend in Renton or Burien?

by Scott O 6 years ago

Meeting up with one of my oldest friends - tonight - visiting for business. I thought we were set for Afghan Cuisine in Renton but it's CLOSED! Can anyone think of a suitable replacement - low n...

Peyrassol (Southport/Renton) - still good ?

by LotusRapper 7 years ago

My cousin who's headed down to Tukwila for a couple of days asked me for reccs of good local eats. I did some digging and came up with Peyrassol, even though I've not heard of them and never been ...

Afghan Cuisine (Renton)

by equinoise 7 years ago

This generically named Afghani in Renton had been on my list to try and a meeting in the area gave me a chance. The owner suggested a basmati rice pilaf dish with braised lamb shank, which seems to...

Renton and Bremerton

by sweetpotater 7 years ago

I need to arrange one or two business dinners each in Renton and Bremerton, for four people. I know nothing about Bremerton dining, and my Renton eating always involves Heaven Sent or teriyaki. We ...

Weekday brunch in Renton or thereabouts

by sweetpotater 8 years ago

I'm looking for a place for a group of eight or so people, including senior citizens and a 5-year-old, to have a weekday meal around 11 a.m. It has to be on the way to the Tahoma Cemetery east of K...

Last-minute: Late eats in Renton, or on the way back north?

by sweetpotater 10 years ago

An out-of-town guest and I are going to the Regal East Valley 13 in Renton and will need dinner afterward, around 9:30. Any recommendations? Casual, fancy, whatever—delicious and open are the only ...

Renton - any ideas?

by ch_smooth 11 years ago

Will be in Renton for about a week, Tues-Mon visiting my mom. Anything good in the area? I am pretty unfamiliar with the Seattle area in general so even if I have to travel a bit, would apprecia...

Renton - good bakeries/patisseries ?

by LotusRapper 11 years ago

Hi all, First time on Greater Seattle CH board (I "live" on the Vancouver BC CH board). We're visiting some dear friends in Renton this weekend. I'd like to pick up some nice pastries for them, ...

Tacos al Pastor in Renton?

by equinoise 12 years ago

I was driving through Renton on Rainier Avenue last week and noticed an otherwise nondescript Mexican grocery/maket advertising "tacos al pastor fines de semana". I believe the place is called La ...

Guatemalan in Renton?

by dcatwater 12 years ago

Will be travelling in GUA this spring wih my son. Could only find one Guatemalan rest. in the area - Chapinlandia - I found conflicting addresses on the web for the establishment so we went to both...

Dinner Friday in Renton or Kent

by zinfanatic 12 years ago

We will be visiting this area briefly over the weekend. We will probably not be able to get into the foodie paradise that is Seattle. We are up for any GOOD food. It can be almost any ethnic cuisin...

Uwajimaya in Renton - anyone been?

by gmm 12 years ago

We usually go to the Seattle store, but was wondering if the new Renton store is worth a drive to visit. Does it have anything the Seattle store doesn't?

What happened to Olga of Olga's Russian Blinchiki in Renton?

by seattledebs 12 years ago

Does anyone remember this place from a few years back? Eccentric, wonderful Olga and her daughter Marina, with amazing borscht and delicious foods? They had Russian storytelling night and Olga wo...

Lunch in Sea-Tac/Renton Area?

by MidTexHorn 12 years ago

Looking for a decent non-chain place in that area for lunch this week. Nothing fancy, just good solid comfort food after a long flight. After looking on Yelp, thought maybe sandwiches at Sal's Del...

Kent/Renton suggestions

by samkirch 12 years ago

I would like to find a special place for a birthday lunch in the Kent/Renton/south end vicinity. I'd like to stay away from the mall chain restaraunts, but I'm not familiar with the area... Any sug...

Has anyone tried Slow Poke's in Kent/Renton, WA?

by udomaki 12 years ago

I tried it the other night and I have to say its a HUGE sandwich and quite tasty (and cheap $6). Anyone else been there?

best free chips an salsa in renton area

by atvalaska 12 years ago

with good beer/any type and great chips...the folks across and down the road from famous dave is great ...any more...?

buffets in seattle/renton wa

by atvalaska 12 years ago

looking for good eats ,in town (renton) for 2 weeks ... could use a old fashion FISH FRY :)