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Kazi Grill: Bengali and Boeing

by equinoise 2 years ago

I recently had an interesting lunch at Kazi Grill on Airport Way in Renton. I had read of its Bangladeshi provenance...

Spot for dinner catch up with long-time friend in Renton or Burien?

by Scott O 2 years ago

Meeting up with one of my oldest friends - tonight - visiting for business. I thought we were set for Afghan Cuisine ...

MsMaryMc commented 2 years ago

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Peyrassol (Southport/Renton) - still good ?

by LotusRapper 3 years ago

My cousin who's headed down to Tukwila for a couple of days asked me for reccs of good local eats. I did some diggin...

Afghan Cuisine (Renton)

by equinoise 3 years ago

This generically named Afghani in Renton had been on my list to try and a meeting in the area gave me a chance. The o...

MsMaryMc commented 3 years ago

Renton and Bremerton

by sweetpotater 3 years ago

I need to arrange one or two business dinners each in Renton and Bremerton, for four people. I know nothing about Bre...

EatFoodGetMoney commented 3 years ago

Weekday brunch in Renton or thereabouts

by sweetpotater 4 years ago

I'm looking for a place for a group of eight or so people, including senior citizens and a 5-year-old, to have a week...


firecracker commented 4 years ago

Last-minute: Late eats in Renton, or on the way back north?

by sweetpotater 7 years ago

An out-of-town guest and I are going to the Regal East Valley 13 in Renton and will need dinner afterward, around 9:3...


sweetpotater commented 7 years ago

Renton - any ideas?

by ch_smooth 7 years ago

Will be in Renton for about a week, Tues-Mon visiting my mom. Anything good in the area? I am pretty unfamiliar wi...

gingershelley commented 7 years ago

Renton - good bakeries/patisseries ?

by LotusRapper 7 years ago

Hi all, First time on Greater Seattle CH board (I "live" on the Vancouver BC CH board). We're visiting some dear f...

LotusRapper commented 7 years ago

Tacos al Pastor in Renton?

by equinoise 8 years ago

I was driving through Renton on Rainier Avenue last week and noticed an otherwise nondescript Mexican grocery/maket a...

terrier commented 8 years ago

Guatemalan in Renton?

by dcatwater 8 years ago

Will be travelling in GUA this spring wih my son. Could only find one Guatemalan rest. in the area - Chapinlandia - I...


equinoise commented 8 years ago

Dinner Friday in Renton or Kent

by zinfanatic 8 years ago

We will be visiting this area briefly over the weekend. We will probably not be able to get into the foodie paradise ...


Leper commented 8 years ago

Uwajimaya in Renton - anyone been?

by gmm 8 years ago

We usually go to the Seattle store, but was wondering if the new Renton store is worth a drive to visit. Does it hav...

EbonyEyedEnigma commented 8 years ago

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What happened to Olga of Olga's Russian Blinchiki in Renton?

by seattledebs 8 years ago

Does anyone remember this place from a few years back? Eccentric, wonderful Olga and her daughter Marina, with amazi...

Lunch in Sea-Tac/Renton Area?

by MidTexHorn 8 years ago

Looking for a decent non-chain place in that area for lunch this week. Nothing fancy, just good solid comfort food af...


Leper commented 8 years ago

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Kent/Renton suggestions

by samkirch 8 years ago

I would like to find a special place for a birthday lunch in the Kent/Renton/south end vicinity. I'd like to stay awa...

Has anyone tried Slow Poke's in Kent/Renton, WA?

by udomaki 9 years ago

I tried it the other night and I have to say its a HUGE sandwich and quite tasty (and cheap $6). Anyone else been there?


GreenYoshi commented 9 years ago

best free chips an salsa in renton area

by atvalaska 9 years ago

with good beer/any type and great chips...the folks across and down the road from famous dave is great ...any mor...


ira commented 9 years ago

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buffets in seattle/renton wa

by atvalaska 9 years ago

looking for good eats ,in town (renton) for 2 weeks ... could use a old fashion FISH FRY :)

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Party Platter for Renton

by Briggs 9 years ago

We'd like to have a nice food platter delivererd to friends in Renton, WA. Something like a deli platter. Any suggest...