Stopping in Reno? Get recommendations on where to eat and drink, from high-end Italian to casual Mexican.


Reno food scene

by Dagney 2 years ago

We are considering Reno as a retirement destination and are about to drive up there from Las Vegas. One of our requirements in a new location is a good food scene. Las Vegas has proven itself thi...

Any rec's for a steakhouse in Reno ??

by emglow101 6 years ago

I never knew Reno was in the southwest . Anyway I have not been there in ages . I used to live nearby and Nevada was known for beef . So I'll be there for three nights coming up and was looking for...

Reno/Tahoe recommendations?

by tre2012 4 years ago

All the threads for this area seem very old, on a quick search. We may be having a houseguest in July/August 2017 and I'm thinking of a quick trip up to the Tahoe area. We are not skiers, hiker...

Brazilian beer in Reno/Carson City area?

by RedMuts 5 years ago

I'm looking to buy Brazilian beer in the Reno/Carson City areas. Brahma or Bohemia would be great, but Antarctica or Skol would also work. Any tips on where to buy Brazilian food would also be appr...

Bawarchi - New Indian Restaurant in Reno

by GEC 5 years ago

There's a new Indian restaurant (Bawarchi) in South Meadows, at the corner of Double R and Prototype - right next to Jazmine. It's a chain from California with an upscale casual feeling. As they'...

Best Buffet in Reno?

by captin taco 16 years ago

Any recommendation? I remember we had pretty decent buffet at the Nugget last time...

Ice Cream/Gelato/Frozen Yogurt in Reno?

by jbryadan131 5 years ago

Wondering if anybody knows of some good ice cream places in Reno. We spoke to some friends and all they could come up with was a Uswirl or a Baskin Robbins, and I get the feeling Reno can do bette...

Reno Recommendations Requested

by Dave Feldman 6 years ago

In a couple of weeks, thousands of bridge players will descend upon downtown Reno (Silver Legacy/Circus Circus) for the national bridge tournament. Unfortunately, I won't be able to come. But som...

Any good bakeries in Reno? Or chocolate shops?

by Bay Gelldawg 6 years ago

Hello. Will be visiting Reno for the first time and looking for fresh baked goods and extraordinary chocolates. Any suggestions?

Reno lunch

by Tom Hall 6 years ago

Looking for a good lunch spot on Saturday, Jan 17 that will have the early NFL game available. Only big requirement beside the game is good food. Thanks.

Any Good Pizza in Reno?

by chisox 10 years ago

I have lived in Reno for around 7 months and have yet to have a decent pizza. There are many varieties of thin crust New York pizza and the wild variations of California pizza, but coming from Chic...

Reno chowdown: Great Russian/Slavic food at The Aroma Club

by SteveTimko 6 years ago

To describe my enthusiasm for The Aroma Club, I’ll start with the summer borscht. Normally, I hate cold soup. I haven’t had a gazpacho I like, for instance. At The Aroma Club, the summer borscht h...

Reno Chowdown: Great Thai meal at Moo Dang

by SteveTimko 6 years ago

The Greater Reno Grub and Gripe Group gathered at Moo Dang for what turned out to be another spectacular meal. The consensus of the group was that every dish was executed well and we would order th...

Reno Chowdown: Spectacular meal at Crawfish Asian Cuisine

by SteveTimko 7 years ago

The Greater Reno Grub and Gripe Group held its latest Chowdown at Crawfish Asian Cuisine in Reno and the meal was spectacular, one of the best the group has ever had. We stuffed ourselves on gourme...

Icecycle Reno

by RevrendAndy 6 years ago

Icecycle Creamery opened in Reno within the last year offering homemade ice cream and sorbets with unusual flavors reminding me of legendary Humprhy Slocombe in San Francisco. The flavors rotate bu...

Centro Reno

by RevrendAndy 6 years ago

Centro, another hip new place arrived in Midtown a while ago. The owner is the chef from La Vecchia, who really upped his game when he moved from Virginia St. to his current location on Skyline. T...

Los Pepes Reno

by janetofreno 6 years ago

As I mentioned elsewhere, this taqueria is the latest reincarnation of the building at the corner of Wells and Winston in Reno (across Wells and slightly north from the Livestock Events Center). M...

Reno chowdown: Superb meal at Gaman Ramen

by SteveTimko 6 years ago

The Greater Reno Grub and Gripe Group held a chowdown at Gaman Raman and everyone gave it thumbs up. Between the eight of us we covered all three types of ramen offered: Tonkatsu (pork cutlet), s...

Random Reno notes: New Middle Eastern and a Panaderia

by janetofreno 7 years ago

Two short, unrelated updates: As I was driving up Holcomb the other day I noticed a small converted house with a big sign saying "Midtown Market" and a smaller sign advertising Middle Eastern fo...

Reno: Authentic and tasty Chinese food at 168 Cafe

by SteveTimko 10 years ago

168 Café has opened in Reno on South Virginia Street behind Black Bear Diner and is offering some nice authentic Chinese dishes in addition to the standard Americanized Chinese food. My friend Glen...