Relish the Season: Delicious Chutneys, Jams, and Condiments for Thanksgiving

Add depth to your traditional Thanksgiving meal this year, or put a saucy spin on new Friendsgiving favorites, with these unique relish and chutney recipes. Canned cranberry sauce has its place, we...

What's happened to red (AKA "Hamburger") Relish in the GTA?

by rsvp7777 4 years ago

Remember Hamburger Relish? That red stuff similar to the ubiquitous green relish usually called Hot Dog Relish? It's been vanishing over the past few years and a recent search of Loblaw's, No Fril...

Dickie Davis's "Sweet & Hot"

by gabear50 8 years ago

Does anyone know anything about this incredible relish? Or about a lady named "Dickie Davis" from Menard, Texas? A friend used to get it for me from the General Store in Menard. I don't know if ...

Del Monte Sweet Pickle Relish

by Buckeye_Local 9 years ago

I moved to the Phoenix area from SoCal about 3 years ago, In Socal I always bought the Del Monte brand of sweet picklie relish. I have not seen it sold in Arizona. The M.A. Gedney distribution m...

Dixson's relish

by Gpatriarch 2 years ago

Does anyone know of a relish similar to Dixson's which is no longer made?

Bicks Zesty Onion Relish

Jaz Cooks
by Jaz Cooks 9 years ago

Hi guys - when I was in Canada last time, I picked up a jar of Bicks Zesty Onion Relish. It didn't last a week at home. Hubby kept asking for "anything that would go with that relish" for dinner - ...

Do you like chow chow?

by LaLa 13 years ago

I can not eat soup beans without Chow Chow. Do you like it? What else do you eat it on?

Do have to refrigerate sweet relish after opening?

by ipsedixit 13 years ago

You know, the kind you put on hamburgers and hot dogs? Had a BBQ over the weekend and I got stuck with about 3/4 gallon of leftover sweet relish. Would really rather not have to put the whole t...

Red Hamburger Relish (moved from L.A. board)

by hiflyer 10 years ago

Over the years there have been untold hours of research devoted to finding the extremely rare Red Hamburger Relish, especially in SoCal. While it seems that Heinz dropped it from their list of pr...

Subway hot pepper relish

by robertmuldoon 4 years ago

Does anybody know the recipe for the hot pepper relish you get at subway, or another hot relish that is similar? Usually relish is too sweet, but this is vinegary, slightly spicy and not too sweet...

Tomato relish, too vinegary!

by bluebean 5 years ago

I'm new to canning and just tried a batch of tomato relish and it's super vinegary! I have already sealed them but is there something I can do to fix it, I can pop the seals. The recipe doesn't sa...

Hamburger Relish in 1970's Southern California?

by David Naimark 17 years ago

In the 1970's every hamburger that my parents would buy for me in Southern California at hamburger stands always had a slightly sweet, tangy flavor that suddenly disappeared in the 1980's. What was...

Howard Johnson's relish

by Barry 16 years ago

With the demise of Howard Johnson's restaurant, do any 'hounds know of a source for their (delicious) pickle relish? Thanks in advance!

Store Bought Sweet Relish

by Buckeye_Local 10 years ago

For years my favorite brand of sweet relish has been Del Monte Sweet Relish (green). I have not been able to find it in the Phoenix Area or the west valley since I moved to Buckeye. I contacted D...

Elusive tangy pickle relish

by chilidog2 5 years ago

I, too, am looking for a pickle relish that was more tangy than sweet, and had a dark green color, sometimes with a hint of purple. I've tasted the major brands in vain of finding this elusive reli...

Please help ... how do you eat RELISH?

by ipse dixit 15 years ago

I've got about 5 gallons (yes, "gallons") of relish sitting at home. I need "new" uses for relish. So far, I've already tried the following: 1. relish and congee 2. relish and oatmeal 3. re...

Chicago Neon Green Relish and Sport Peppers found!

by WildSwede 10 years ago

I was in Cost Plus last night and found the relish and sport peppers (along with dill pickles) at Cost Plus. The brand is Puckered Pickle Co. and they are currently at 30% off. http://www.pucke...

ISO Claussen's Pickle Relish

by Querencia 14 years ago

Has anybody seen Claussen's Pickle Relish (one of the Claussen's products found in refrigerator case)? I haven't been able to find it in months. It's 'way better than the non-refrigerated kind of p...

Non-cranberry alternative to cranberry sauce?

by Kochav 13 years ago

I'll have a dinner guest for T-day who can't have cranberries. Anyone know of any other possibilities of a fruity relish that's cranberry-free?

How to make sweet relish from dill relish

by The Yummer 10 years ago

My sweet man purchased a gallon (yup) of Dill Relish by mistake - he and I only like sweet - dill pickles should be in dill pickle form - so my question is - has anyone found a recipie or has made...

8 Different Brands of Hamburger Relish

by Buckeye_Local 10 years ago

In the past 2 or 3 months I've come across 8 different brands of Red Hamburger Type Relish (aka sweet pepper relish, not to be confused with pepper relish), I only tried 5 of them because I foun...