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Reheating Brussels Sprouts?

by rp17 11 months ago

I'm bringing Brussels sprouts to my boyfriend's family's Christmas dinner. I typically make my sprouts by cooking in...

Ttrockwood commented 1 day ago

Reheating a whole chicken

by Zorra 13 years ago

I won't have time to cook tonight, so I bought a rotisserie chicken. Of course it is in the refrigerator now. What's ...


snowkis commented 16 days ago

How To Reheat Chinese Roast Duck?

by Bon Ap 2 years ago

Help! Purchased a Chinese Roast Duck (and all Peking Duck fixings) at Corner 28 in Flushing, NY last night. Am curr...


nicelily commented 1 month ago

Best method to reheat pork tenderloin and not overcook it?

by grnidkjun 7 years ago

I have a pork tenderloin I need to reheat for leftovers.. what would be the best way to warm it up but try to avoid o...


kelmar1985 commented 3 months ago

How can I reheat my risotto?

by Kristine 12 years ago

Well I made ristto for the first time (yeah!) after about a year of procrastinating, and well just being too intimida...


jessica_rivas commented 5 months ago

best way to reheat frozen tamales

by SpongeBobSquarePegs 14 years ago

Someone in my office was selling handmade tamale as a fund-raiser and I got mine. They are frozen. What's the best ...

hallen_carina24 commented 6 months ago

Braising juices all dried up -- Help!

by Hannah Banana 8 months ago

Hi all, I made a brisket. When it went in the oven 5 hours ago, the liquid came up to level with the top of the meat...


zackly commented 8 months ago

Reheating spaghetti carbonara?

by lawgirl3278 8 years ago

I just made spaghetti carbonara for the first time last night (yummy!), but I have plenty of leftovers. What's the b...


imahockeyholic commented 9 months ago

Deep Dish Pizza

by raberbm 1 year ago

Does anyone have any helpful hints on how to re-heat a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza? Thaw first?


cherwal47 commented 10 months ago

Making Stuffing a Day Ahead and Reheating

by Philly Ray 5 years ago

I'm sure this topic has been addressed many times, but I thought I would bring it up again for the benefit of those l...


Semigourmet commented 11 months ago

Can I Freeze Cooked Beef Tenderloin?

by TrishL98 12 months ago

I cooked Beef Tenderloin for a dinner party and have a whole Tenderloin and some cut pieces left over. Can I freeze t...


conate commented 12 months ago

Reheating a cream-based pasta dish/sauce

by gardencook 4 years ago

I did a CH search and couldn't find anywhere that this was addressed. I love cream-based sauces and indulge far to...


acgold7 commented 12 months ago

Can a savory galette be made ahead of time and reheated?

by TorontoJo 1 year ago

Starting to plan for Thanksgiving dinner (nothing like getting a jump on things), and I'm going to make a mushroom an...

Ttrockwood commented 12 months ago

Reheating left over prime rib

by leboeuf 12 months ago

i have left over prime rib and want to reheat it. I've tried the frying pan, and this resulted in tough meat. does ...


treb commented 12 months ago

Reheating pork tenderloin in puff pastry

by nofunlatte 1 year ago

Hi all--I made a pork dish (tenderloin split and stuffed with goat cheese, wrapped in prosciutto, and then wrapped in...

outRIAAge commented 1 year ago

Reheating Prime Rib?

by steakrules85 9 years ago

I have a beautiful piece of Prime Rib left over from Keens that I want to reheat. I is a perfect bloody rare just the...


Carol Jean commented 1 year ago

How to reheat whole pulled pork to keep moist?

by Bluecorr 1 year ago

Hi, a while ago I cooked a whole pork shoulder in the oven in a Dutch oven at 200 fahrenheit for about 17 hours and i...

Melanie Wong commented 1 year ago

Snacks and Meals for Non-Patient Hospital Stay

by sjd98765 1 year ago

So my 4 month old son is having his second open heart surgery this Friday, I will be staying with him in the hospital...

Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago

Using Chafing Dishes??

by Teraesa22 8 years ago

How long (approximately) does it take to reheat prepared food in chafing dishes, assuming the food is at room tempera...


Charlie5657 commented 1 year ago

Microwave Power Level for Reheating

by Jim Leff 14 years ago

for reheating purposes (not cooking) in a microwave, on what basis do you decide the percentage power to use?

DonShirer commented 1 year ago