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Reheating spaghetti carbonara?

by lawgirl3278 8 years ago

I just made spaghetti carbonara for the first time last night (yummy!), but I have plenty of leftovers. What's the b...


imahockeyholic commented 26 days ago

Deep Dish Pizza

by raberbm 4 months ago

Does anyone have any helpful hints on how to re-heat a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza? Thaw first?


cherwal47 commented 2 months ago

Reheating Brussels Sprouts?

by rp17 3 months ago

I'm bringing Brussels sprouts to my boyfriend's family's Christmas dinner. I typically make my sprouts by cooking in...


mobirose commented 3 months ago

Making Stuffing a Day Ahead and Reheating

by Philly Ray 4 years ago

I'm sure this topic has been addressed many times, but I thought I would bring it up again for the benefit of those l...


Semigourmet commented 3 months ago

Best method to reheat pork tenderloin and not overcook it?

by grnidkjun 7 years ago

I have a pork tenderloin I need to reheat for leftovers.. what would be the best way to warm it up but try to avoid o...


obnancy commented 3 months ago

Can I Freeze Cooked Beef Tenderloin?

by TrishL98 4 months ago

I cooked Beef Tenderloin for a dinner party and have a whole Tenderloin and some cut pieces left over. Can I freeze t...


conate commented 4 months ago

Reheating a cream-based pasta dish/sauce

by gardencook 4 years ago

I did a CH search and couldn't find anywhere that this was addressed. I love cream-based sauces and indulge far to...


acgold7 commented 4 months ago

Can a savory galette be made ahead of time and reheated?

by TorontoJo 6 months ago

Starting to plan for Thanksgiving dinner (nothing like getting a jump on things), and I'm going to make a mushroom an...

Ttrockwood commented 4 months ago

Reheating left over prime rib

by leboeuf 4 months ago

i have left over prime rib and want to reheat it. I've tried the frying pan, and this resulted in tough meat. does ...


treb commented 4 months ago

Reheating pork tenderloin in puff pastry

by nofunlatte 5 months ago

Hi all--I made a pork dish (tenderloin split and stuffed with goat cheese, wrapped in prosciutto, and then wrapped in...

outRIAAge commented 5 months ago

Reheating Prime Rib?

by steakrules85 8 years ago

I have a beautiful piece of Prime Rib left over from Keens that I want to reheat. I is a perfect bloody rare just the...


Carol Jean commented 5 months ago

best way to reheat frozen tamales

by SpongeBobSquarePegs 13 years ago

Someone in my office was selling handmade tamale as a fund-raiser and I got mine. They are frozen. What's the best ...


mexicanaexpertise commented 6 months ago

How to reheat whole pulled pork to keep moist?

by Bluecorr 6 months ago

Hi, a while ago I cooked a whole pork shoulder in the oven in a Dutch oven at 200 fahrenheit for about 17 hours and i...

Melanie Wong commented 6 months ago

Snacks and Meals for Non-Patient Hospital Stay

by sjd98765 7 months ago

So my 4 month old son is having his second open heart surgery this Friday, I will be staying with him in the hospital...

Ttrockwood commented 7 months ago

Using Chafing Dishes??

by Teraesa22 7 years ago

How long (approximately) does it take to reheat prepared food in chafing dishes, assuming the food is at room tempera...


Charlie5657 commented 8 months ago

Microwave Power Level for Reheating

by Jim Leff 13 years ago

for reheating purposes (not cooking) in a microwave, on what basis do you decide the percentage power to use?

DonShirer commented 8 months ago

What's the Best Way to Reheat a Leftover Slice of Pizza?

by Sam D. 3 years ago

I've tried the oven, microwave and stovetop in a heavy pan, all with less than satisfying results.


beevod commented 9 months ago

Re-heating a cooked pork roast

by nycron 9 years ago

I had a group invited for Xmas bag and have a good chunk of cooked roast loin of pork. I cooled it, wrapped it well a...


klberg16 commented 10 months ago

Reheating leftovers not using a microwave

by blustery 11 months ago

I have decided to really limit my use of the microwave and would love some ideas of safely heating up leftovers. I h...


blustery commented 10 months ago

Pyrex/glass cookware

by annstack 1 year ago

I have heard too many horror stories of Pyrex exploding, rather it has been heated or just sitting, to continue to us...


alexrander commented 11 months ago