Rehearsal Dinner

You've had the engagement party and the bachelor/bachelorette parties. Now it's time to practice for the real deal. See what recommendations the Chowhound community has for perfect rehearsal-dinner venues, menus, and more.

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Need help with barbecue dinner event for 150 in Asheville

by KarenfromDurham 5 years ago

Will be hosting a gargantuan (maybe 150?) rehearsal dinner in May 2017 in Asheville. The kids want excellent BBQ and a casual atmosphere. Can we find an event site to host this many that will a...

San Diego rehearsal dinner

by nessy 5 years ago

We are having a wedding rehearsal this coming Dec. 30 at a church near Mission Bay. We then need to take about 50 people to a rehearsal dinner. We'd like it to be nearby, about $40-45 a person. Nee...

Rehearsal Dinner

by apacifici 5 years ago

I'm trying to find a good place for our rehearsal dinner that isn't too expensive, something along the lines of $100/person for food, drinks, service, etc. Does anybody have any good suggestions? ...

Looking for a City Restaurant to host a Large Rehearsal Dinner

by ateacher 5 years ago

Most guests are from other countries and we were looking to host approx. 120 people at the rehearsal dinner on a Saturday night. It can be casual, Philly fare since our wedding is a sit down style.

Rehearsal dinner in NYC for 50 people on a budget

by bushyte 5 years ago

I would like to have a rehearsal dinner in Manhattan for approximately 50 people. Can be semi-private. Preferred cuisines would be Italian, American, relatively tame considering the guests. I don...

Rehearsal Dinner between Somerset and South Orange

by bekahrose66 5 years ago

Hi everyone- looking for a space for my wedding rehearsal dinner, a Saturday night in September for about 20-25 people. Our budget is $50 max, all inclusive. I don't want something "formal" but als...

Rehearsal Dinner in Clayton area

by Vicsgirl 5 years ago

Hi, We're planning a rehearsal dinner for about 8P in May- not sure of the head count but I'm expecting 30 or more. We'd like it to be near the church in Clayton, especially since it's so late. A p...

Rehearsal Dinner

by vsnider 6 years ago

I'll be hosting my son's wedding rehearsal dinner in the Broomfield, Colorado, area for about 35 people in early June. We are coming from California, so not really familiar with venues/restaurants...

Rehersal Dinner Venue for 100 guests

by martyl9 6 years ago

Greatly appreciate suggestions of a Westchester restaurant that would be able to accommodate 100 for drinks and dinner on a Saturday night in the summer. Looking for a place that would provide a b...

Charleston Rehearsal Dinner?

by foiegraslovr 6 years ago

Hi all! I'm looking for a rehearsal dinner venue in Charleston and really don't know the city at all. Have you guys been to any you liked recently? I'll probably have 70 or so people and looking to...

Help with a Toronto Rehearsal Dinner venue?

by CanuckianBride 6 years ago

I'm looking for some assistance in finding a great restaurant for a rehearsal dinner In Toronto. We're going to be in the Bloor-Yorkville area. There should be about 50 guests. I don't live in town...

Rehearsal Dinner Mid-City/WeHo/Hollywood/Culver City

by burgerfiend 6 years ago

Looking for a fun, casual place to host a rehearsal dinner for 40-50 people. Our budget is $50/person max including alcohol. Dinner will be in early February. Thank you!!

Restaurant in Asheville to host rehearsal dinner?

by ncart 8 years ago

Our son is getting married in Asheville in early spring 2014 and we are beginning to look for venues for the rehearsal dinner, most likely a party of around 60. We have visited downtown Ashevil...

Rehersal Dinner Recommendations - Kirkland Area

by RRANDY 6 years ago

Looking for recommendations for a wedding rehearsal dinner in the Kirkland, Woodinville, Redmond area. It will be Labor Day weekend 2016 (first week in Sep.) Looking for something casual and fun th...

Long Beach - rehearsal dinner & Sunday brunchh

by flowergirl 6 years ago

Any ideas for a Long Beach restaurant for a rehearsal dinner and also Sunday brunch for 45 guests. Private room not necessary but would be nice.

Wedding Rehearsal dinner in or near Somerville NJ

by eatinman 6 years ago

Looking for a great restaurant to host a rehearsal dinner on a Friday prior to a Saturday wedding. Would prefer a BYOB. There will be 40-50 people at this dinner Is there a place in or near ...

Location for small rehearsal dinner (15 people) in Montauk area Columbus weekend?

by ZenFoodist 6 years ago

Was thinking Harvest, but they only have a 5pm spot available, and that's way too early. We could leave it to chance and call one week before (and try to snag two or three tables) as is their reser...

Rehearsal dinner suggestions - NYC Midtown East

by sheald93 6 years ago

Hello, I'm looking for suggestions for a rehearsal dinner in Midtown East or Upper East Side for my fiancee's and my party of about 50-70 people. Preferably not too expensive but doesn't have to be...

Wedding rehearsal dinner options

by Azure 6 years ago

Looking for restaurant suggestions for a rehearsal dinner - approximately 50 people for a lovely sit down meal. Great steak/seafood place would appeal to all. Thanks so much for any suggestions!

Rehearsal dinner locations in Romeoville, IL?

by mcdona19 6 years ago

I'm looking for somewhere to host my wedding rehearsal dinner in Romeoville, IL or in the surrounding area as we're getting married at St. Andrew's. I don't want it to be too too far away, but it ...