Rehearsal Dinner

You've had the engagement party and the bachelor/bachelorette parties. Now it's time to practice for the real deal. See what recommendations the Chowhound community has for perfect rehearsal-dinner venues, menus, and more.


Location for 40ish person rehearsal dinner for Nov/2022

by MSK 1 month ago

Looking for recommendations for locations in Portland to host the Rehearsal dinner for our son's wedding in November 2022. I would be great to find a separate or private room rather than have the b...

Rehearsal Dinner Location - Los Angeles - BBQ Restaurant

by mowglibear 2 years ago

Hi! I'm trying to find a BBQ restaurant that can host ~60 people for a Rehearsal Dinner / Lunch in Los Angeles. Ideally we are looking to spend $10-16 PP for food only. We would want to have beer/w...

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Question about Rehearsal Dinner Venue for Large Group near Pasadena, CA

by goirish11 2 years ago

Hi! I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a nice rehearsal dinner venue within thirty minutes of Pasadena for about 80 guests? I was hoping for it to not be super expensive so mayb...

Healdsburg Rehearsal Dinner?

by MSK 4 years ago

Looking for recommendations for locations to host the Rehearsal dinner for our sons wedding in Sept. I would be great to find a private room rather than have to burden of renting out an entire rest...

Rehearsal dinner in Bucks County area

by kirashka 3 years ago

Looking for a place to hold a rehearsal dinner in Bucks County area (around 40 people). Our hotel is in Doylestown, but we could go to New Hope, Newtown, Richboro, upper NE, or surrounding areas. ...

Boston Rehearsal dinner

by cgb2 3 years ago

Good place for rehearsal dinner in boston/cambridge area. 20-25 people; North End or not - family style necessary

Eating in/around Harrodsburg, KY?

by organicspice 12 years ago

We're getting married at Shaker Village (Pleasant Hill) in July and are looking for a place within a half hour drive to have the rehearsal dinner for about 40 people. Can you recommend someplace wi...

Worcester, MA: rehearsal dinner suggestions?

by chnewbie 10 years ago

Happy New Year, foodie friends! Here's the challenge: 70 people; Friday night; informal. I'm looking for a place to hold a **sit-down** rehearsal dinner in downtown Worcester on a Friday night ...

Suggestions for Rehearsal Dinner

by Queenofallthings 4 years ago

Looking for a place to hold a Rehearsal dinner next September near either St Benedicts Church (Irving Park Rd) or near Mid America club (where reception will be) Not overly expensive but good food!...

Rehearsal Dinner on West Side of Indy

by indychristine 4 years ago

Hello We are looking for suggestions for a rehearsal dinner venue. There will be about 30 people, in October. We want it somewhere on the West side. Any ideas? All suggestions are appreciated...

Rehearsal Dinner in Wilmington, DE/Chester County PA

by XOXOMuffins 4 years ago

Hi everyone! We're looking for a place to host a rehearsal dinner for a small group of family and friends (well, about 25 in total) and we have our pick of locations -- somewhere between Kennett S...

Rehearsal Dinner in Manhattan

by LisaPage 5 years ago

My Son is getting married in NYC. We (his parents) live in Seattle so must plan from across the country. I have a specific menu I want made/catered: Several lovely wines Artesian beers 4-5 di...

Manhattan rehearsal dinner ideas?

by missko 5 years ago

Hi all, I am planning a rehearsal dinner for 150-200 people (!) this summer. Any ideas for places in the city that can accommodate such a large crowd for dinner ... on a budget (<$60 per person for...

Rehearsal Dinner Location - last minute?

by Shuttercrzy17 5 years ago

Hi! Looking for some suggestions on a last minute rehearsal dinner location for February 10th, 2017. Woukd like a private/semi private room. Approx 20 - 25 ppl - not overly expensive. No...

Good places for an informal wedding rehearsal dinner near Studio City

by gwyner 5 years ago

Looking for a place that: - Has a private room that can seat ~20-25 people - Serves alcohol or allows BYOB - Isn't crazy expensive - Has good food and ideally is near-ish to Studio City/Sherma...

Looking for a Rehearsal Dinner venue in Baltimore with great crabcakes. H-E-L-P please!

by tiap 5 years ago

We're looking for a spot for a rehearsal dinner thats FUN with a good vibe (translation: not fancy but something that says Baltimore) for about 50-70 people. The date in Sept 2017 and we'd like t...

Rehearsal dinner ideas in Nashville

by jcaatl 5 years ago

This spring I'm getting married! The ceremony will be in Brentwood and the reception venue/hotels will be downtown Nashville near the Country Music Hall of Fame. Does anyone know of a good resta...

Mexican food in Valencia or surrounding

by Mandy 5 years ago

Looking for a restaurant that can accommodate a group of about 30 people for a rehearsal dinner...so a private or semi-private room would be ideal. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

Looking for a post Rehearsal Dinner spot in Center CIty Philadelphia

by ateacher 5 years ago

This is a destination wedding and we are hosting a traditional rehearsal dinner at a restaurant in the city. We are looking for a fun, casual spot for our out of town guests to meet us afterwards....

Help with an Rehearsal Dinner venue

by Pbelamarich 5 years ago

Hi I am looking for a fun place to have a wedding rehearsal dinner with good food and a casual/fun atmosphere for about 30 people. Open to all types of food and a setting that would encourage mi...