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Bear with us: We're about to get all philosophical on you for a moment. In the Western perspective of the universe (yeah, we're going there), there are four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. But...

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Chili is too spicy-any ideas?

by nhtom 13 years ago

I made a batch of chili today and added a little too much heat. any ideas how to tone it down? Thanks

Runny frosting! What am I doing wrong?

by CookieEater 12 years ago

My frosting always ends up runny, no matter what I do. End result, my cakes always look like the leaning tower of Pisa. Tastes good, yes, but looks nasty. Especially if it's chocolate frosting. ...

Help! Exploding brown butter!

by vicarious 10 years ago

I made the Cook's Illustrated Brown Sugar Cookies last night, and disaster ensued. (It's a great recipe that I've made twice before.) The first step is to melt, then brown over medium-high heat, ...

HELP! My homemade cranberry sauce did not gel and is watery

by MrsD 13 years ago

I just made a cranberry sauce and for some reason it did not gel correctly. I put a little more sugar than what was required and added pears. I am not sure if I cooked them exactly 10 minutes, but ...

Can I rescue undercooked chicken?

by beggsy 11 years ago

I roasted a chicken last night to make chicken pot pie. When I took it out to shred it today, some of the breast meat was not fully cooked. Can I rescue it by re-heating the already shredded chic...

Rescuing undercooked rice?

by Problem Child 13 years ago

I undercooked a big pot of rice in my rice cooker (I think I put too little water). Any way I can rescue this? Or is the rice gone to waste? Thanks

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