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The Red Grape | Sonoma

by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

In November 2017, a chow pal and I had a leisurely lunch meeting at The Red Grape, off Sonoma Plaza. My previous visi...


tre2012 commented 4 months ago

Frozen Store-Bought Raviolis Breaking Open During the Draining Process

by jimhunt76 2 years ago

When I prepared ravioli which was frozen, after completing the cooking and I drained it into a collender, some of the...


cmacy commented 12 months ago

What kind of sauce for lobster ravioli?

by Philly Ray 12 years ago

An Italian grocery store near me sells fresh made lobster ravioli, but I never buy them because I don't want to put m...


stever1950 commented 1 year ago

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Is your homemade ravioli falling apart? Two tricks to try.

by HeidiCooksSupper 1 year ago

To make pasta thinly rolled pasta stronger so homemade ravioli is less likely to spring leaks, use bread flour. The...

Butternut/Winter Squash Ravioli, anyone have a go to recipe?

by qianning 2 years ago

Have some fresh pasta dough to use, along with some nice butternut squash that needs to be cooked....but have never m...


sandylc commented 2 years ago

Fresh ravioli?

by Shrub 4 years ago

Looking for markets with great ravioli. Not a big fan of Rafetto's offerings that I've picked up at Fairway, and whil...


coasts commented 2 years ago

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Open Ravioli (Operto Ravioli)

Ravioli woes

by escondido123 3 years ago

I have been making fresh pasta and ravioli for a long time. I like the dough very thin and I can do that. But I am ...


Venetian commented 2 years ago

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Resturant 30 to my wife

by maozikansky 2 years ago

Hi, My wife celebrate 30 on sunday. She is really want to eat after long time one of: 1. Sweet potato ravioli 2. ...

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Uova da Ravioli With Asparagus Everything

by outRIAAge 2 years ago

There's a perfectly-good recipe for this in the Editorial section:

pear ravioli with tallegio sauce

by Luther 13 years ago

I had this dish with my husband in Florence and it was one of the most amazing pasta's I've ever eaten. I want to re...


thegforceny commented 2 years ago

What sauce would go with the Trader Joe's Ricotta & Lemon Zest Girasoli (Ravioli)?

by sweet100s 3 years ago

What sauce would go well with the Trader Joe's Ricotta & Lemon Zest Girasoli (Ravioli)?


junescook commented 2 years ago

What do do when ravioli gets Mushy in Crockpot?

by wahine88 5 years ago

For an emergency potluck dinner, turned to my new eLume Crock-Pot for what seemed like the most impossibly easy recip...


hotoynoodle commented 3 years ago

Marcato Pasta Maker Question...

by angiethebeat 3 years ago

My father has a Marcato Ampia 150 pasta maker. I wanted to get him a ravioli attachment, but the only one I can seem ...


Nyleve commented 3 years ago

Ravioli handling in farmers market

by Rashi22 3 years ago

I make homemade raviolis and fresh pastas and deliver to my customers in frozen form. I want to display my pastas in ...


nemo commented 3 years ago

Where to Find Store Bought Butternut Squash Ravioli?

by marfloors 3 years ago

Does anyone if prepackaged Butternut Squash Ravioli is available in Canada? Particularly Edmonton?


tibbles commented 3 years ago

Sauce for Lobster Ravioli?

by carolinadawg 10 years ago

I bought some lobster ravioli at Trader Joe's, and I'm a bit stumped as to what kind of sauce to serve it with. Perh...


Dogboa commented 3 years ago

What to put on veal ravioli?

by PhillyCook 7 years ago

I got some frozen veal ravioli from this amazing Russian food store in NE Philadelphia. Everything else I got there h...


Piratka88 commented 3 years ago

When making ravioli or dumplings with wonton wrappers, should the meat filling be pre-cooked?

by ViolentScarlet 9 years ago

I've never tried cooking with wonton wrappers, but am wanting to try making ravioli or dumplings with them. Do you n...


PhilUSAFRet commented 3 years ago

I want to sell my homemade tortellini and ravioli

by Rashi22 3 years ago

Can some one please explain to me how supermarkets package their refrigerated fresh pastas. I know the long ones are ...


boogiebaby commented 3 years ago