Everything You Need to Know About Ramps

Ramps are hard to describe. Ask shoppers about them at a farmer’s market and you'll get all sorts of answers; yes, ramps look sort of like scallions, but they have these broad flat green leaves; ramps...

Ramps / Ramp Oil Source located!

by Sadistick 11 months ago

Fresh Ramps, an ultimate delicacy heralding the arrival of spring. I recently discovered a source for fantastic Ramps and Concentrated Ramp Oil. If anyone is interested, feel free to reach out ...

Ramps/wild leeks/wild onions

by JimSquared 12 months ago

It’s spring. Having lived in Pennsylvania I miss ramps. Where can I find Chicago’s namesake wild allium?


Old Red
by Old Red 2 years ago

We moved to our present home last August. Today I said to the wife let's take a walk to a nearby woods as it looks like good ground for ramps. A fifteen minute walk from my door the greens are just...

Looking for Ramps

by BrianYarvin 4 years ago

Hi folks! Does anybody here know of any markets selling ramps in Maryland, Pennsylvania, or northeastern West Virginia? I don't need a festival (although I wouldn't mind one) but rather, five or te...

Wild Ramps in LA?

by man0fsteel 4 years ago

Hi all, After reading all these articles on how to cook with wild ramps, I was wondering if there are restaurants who get their hands on wild ramps here in the LA area? Or even better, does an...

Looking for ramps (Boston area)

by MillionsKnives 4 years ago

Looking for ramps in boston area. I've seen it pop up on restaurant menus but no luck at markets so far. Usually whole foods will have them but none of the ones I've checked. If you see it anywh...

Prepared Ramps in the Hudson Valley

by applesauce23 4 years ago

Have you seen any dishes with ramps recently? Thinking about where to go for date night next weekend. I'm looking for a place in the Mid-Hudson Valley. Thanks!

No more ramps (wild leeks) at Union Square Greenmarket

by nycguy20011 5 years ago

There are no more ramps (wild leeks) sold at Union Square Greenmarket. I went there today and was told that they're completely gone for the season. Just letting you know so that some of you won't e...


by Gastronomos 5 years ago

Although foraging is a lot of work, the payoff is great! We had a great morning. Anyone know what ramps are retailing for at farmers market? By the bunch, not by the pound. And how many per bunc...

Brining ramps - or anything, really.

by THewat 5 years ago

I'm following instructions for brining in Bar Tartine: Techniques & Recipes. They tell me to brine two pounds of ramps in two cups of brine, and indicate that the ramps should be submerged. Maybe o...

Are ramps coming up in Central NJ?

by elk 5 years ago

I've been out looking in places where I'm told they grow, but no sightings yet. Have people seen them?

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