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Ramen in Manhattan

by CAMPA 18 days ago

I'm looking for a ramen restaurant for a HS graduation dinner for approx 10 people on Thursday 6/21. I prefer somepl...


kk202 commented 13 days ago

Tokyo Concierge Restaurant Booking

by sleedy9 1 year ago

Hey all, I'm planning a trip to Tokyo in the fall and I've noticed a few places people recommended The Royal Park ...


vicpop commented 2 months ago

Chef Headed to Tokyo

by SPICESupperClub 7 months ago

Ok. First trip to Japan and will be spending 4 days in Tokyo. I'm looking for some guidance on a few specialties I'...


erica commented 2 months ago

Osaka Food Tour: Help me Select Places

by Julien.A 2 months ago

Hello: I need some help to choose some places for a 2 days itinerary in Osaka. No western food, just a discovery of ...


Julien.A commented 2 months ago

How to make umami rich tonkotsu ramen?

by Mario123161 12 months ago

Hi, I've been trying so hard to make a really good tonkotsu ramen, my tonkotsu broth is great it is creamy and have t...


SeaEagle commented 3 months ago

How to make tsukemen broth creamy and thick?

by Chili_Junkie 2 years ago

Hello dear Chowhound community, I love ramen and make good ramen myself. (White tonkotsu for 13 hrs, marinate my o...


TsukemenApprentice commented 4 months ago

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Miami Florida Area - Where to buy fresh ramen noodles?

by dbellas 4 months ago

Hello, I live in miami, I used to buy our ramen noodles at the “Japanese market “ which recently closed down. Anyone ...

" Sansotei " - New branch in Richmond Hill!

by Charles Yu 6 months ago

Rejoice! Richmond Hill Hounds! Noticed ' Sansotei ' just opened up a branch next to ' Pho Tai Bac ' at Yonge & Wel...


Sadistick commented 6 months ago

Ramen Gaijin in Sebastopol

by Cynsa 2 years ago

http://www.chowhound.com/post/ramen-gaijin-pop-sebastopol-992963 brick-and-mortar here: 6948 Sebastopol Avenue, Seb...


relizabeth commented 6 months ago

Konjiki Hototogisu Ramen

by Notorious P.I.G. 10 months ago

My ramen prayers have been answered. http://www.konjikiramen.com/ If this place is even half as good as the To...


LUV_TO_EAT commented 6 months ago

Best Ramen in Montreal

by Siumaieater 3 years ago

With all the pseudo-izakayas opening, and ramen making a bit of headway, I thought it was time for this glorious crea...


stak commented 7 months ago

What makes ramen ramen?

by Edokko 7 months ago

(This post began as a rant on Ruckus "ramen" but was morphing into a broader question about ramenness, hence the exis...


Edokko commented 7 months ago

Chicken & Dashi Shoyu Ramen - 12 hours UMAMI BOMB!

by Chili_Junkie 8 months ago

What a fantastic broth combination this was. Was really excited to make this and prepper for a long time. after over ...


Chili_Junkie commented 8 months ago

Straining ramen broths with a cheesecloth?

by Chili_Junkie 8 months ago

Dear Chowhound community. I am wondering about straining ramen broths with a cheesecloth. I regularly use one to ...


Chili_Junkie commented 8 months ago

Japanese noodle company invents noise cancelling fork to mask offensive slurping

by Melanie Wong 8 months ago

" . . . When the slurp alert is triggered, the fork sends a signal to the user’s mobile phone, which plays the soothi...


ruprecht25 commented 8 months ago

Fat layer of ramen broths - to skim or not to skim?

by Chili_Junkie 8 months ago

Hello dear Chowhound community, I have been making ramen broths for a couple of years now and still try new things...


Thymus commented 8 months ago

Correct chicken feet prep. for broth (ramen)

by Chili_Junkie 8 months ago

Dear Chowhound community, I am back with another ramen related post. I might have finally found a source for fresh...


hotoynoodle commented 8 months ago

Ippudo, Berkeley report w/ PICS

by hhc 11 months ago

I stood in line for 1.5hrs on the 2nd day Sat 7/29/17. It's off Shattuck Ave but the one behind 85C Bakery, next to...


SLRossi commented 9 months ago

Ramen Summit by J-POP Summit

by marssy 10 months ago

Happening this weekend, September 9th and 10th at J-POP Summit. I'm aiming to go on Saturday. Any other Chowhounds go...

little big al

little big al commented 10 months ago

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