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Ramekin Size

by rcspott 11 years ago

What's the best all around size ramekin for desserts?

broiler safe ramekins for onion soup?

by sweetpotato 11 years ago

Hi, all, I've never made onion soup before and would love to try. I've perused many recipes and they seem to agree that you want to brown your cheese topping by broiling your soup for...

Ramekin Questions

by snax 11 years ago

I’m thinking about purchasing some ramekins but unsure of a few things. First of all porcelain or stoneware? Is there a massive ‘wear and tear’ difference in the long term use of these two mater...

I want to make escargots in ramekins. Any suggestions?

c oliver
by c oliver 11 years ago

My elderly MIL used to make escargots when she entertained. I was thinking about making them for her but she's no longer able to handle the implements due to a recent minor stroke. I was thinking...

New "mini" ramekins or dutch overs?

by EclecticEater 11 years ago

What do you think of these super small ceramic or cast iron enameled little versions of the round pots with covers? Anybody have any experience with the Le Creuset or Staub or Frieling? My wife saw...

What is an ideal size for a ramekin to be used for chocolate lava cake?

by tinykitchen 12 years ago

I was think of getting some that are about 4 inches across, that way I can use them for other kitchen tasks. How tall should the ramekin be? How many oz? im planing to make these for valentines ...

Meringues for ramekins?

by purplishrose 12 years ago

really want to use my ramekins for something small yet spectacular, but i can't find any meringues recipes (for ramekins)..does anyone know any? (its not new right?...)

All Purpose Size Ramekins

by jmax 13 years ago

I would like to buy some ramekins - is there a common size that is used often in recipes? I want to make pot de cremes, baked eggs, souffles, etc... A lot of recipes call for 6 oz or 8 oz.

Recipe for 8 ounce Le Creuset ramekins?

by 939401 13 years ago

I'm giving a friend two adorable heart-shaped 8 ounce Le Creuset ramekins (with lids), and would like to include a recipe. Any ideas? TIA!

Followup on the No-Ramekin Baking and Cardoz' Chocolate Passover Cake Rocks

by brownie 14 years ago

What an amazing cake! Whoa. It was possibly one of the best desserts I've ever made. Pretty simple and despite not owning ramekins, nor a food processor larger than the Mini-Prep (can we say HUG...

What to Bake in if I don't Have Ramekins?

by brownie 14 years ago

I'm making the flourless chocolate cakes from this month's Gourmet, from the Floyd Cardoz Passover menu. Can I just make the exact same recipe in a 9in springform pan? Or do I have to make recipe...


by mede 15 years ago

Hi, What is a good standard size for ramekins? I've seen them in sizes from 4 ounces to 12 ounces. I don't currently have any ramekins, but would like some advice before buying my first set. ...

Searching for a basic two-ramekin souffle recipe: Sir Gawain, are you out there?

by nooodles 15 years ago

I think awhile ago Sir Gawain posted his recipe for a quick and easy way to make two ramekins' worth of souffle. The recipe involved two eggs, sugar, some milk, chocolate, fruit, and whatnot. Of ...

Ramekins - purchase and usage....

by ShinyACM 16 years ago

The lure of making individual desserts is too much, I must get some nice ramekins. The problem is, there are a few options to choose from (note: this is besides from being a useful mis-en-place too...


by maya 16 years ago

Hello. Got some ramekins lying around. Not sure what to do with them or what to cook inside them. Any ideas? I saw Jamie Oliver's 'chocolate pots' recipe but was wondering if there are some other...

Ramekins Cooking School in Sonoma?

by sharuf 19 years ago

Would like to get feedback from former students at this Somona cooking school. I've taken a few classes at Home Chef and found them a mixed bag. Compared to Home Chef, Ramekins has a more intere...

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