Eating out in Raleigh? Get tips for the best restaurants and top places for local specialties like barbecue, plus weigh in on where you like to eat in the city.

Rock Star Chef Cheetie Kumar Riffs on Southern Ingredients with Asian Spices

Throughout Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Chowhound is celebrating some of our favorite chefs, cookbook authors, and entrepreneurs. For our final profile, Sucheta Rawal spoke with...

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Midwesterner Request (for someone else)

by burgeoningfoodie 2 years ago

Had a few Mid-Westerner's lamenting about tenderloin sandwiches and great onion rings (beer battered and thick cut). Does anything like that exist in the area and preferably Durham? Who has the b...

Raleigh: Where to host a small, quiet bridal shower

by Aravisea 7 years ago

I'm planning a bridal shower for a friend who lives in Raleigh. I'm looking for a nice place to have it since I don't live locally and can't host it myself. Does anyone have recs for a nice restaur...

Mofu Shoppe

by D R C 2 years ago

I just read Greg Cox's 3.5 star review of Mofu Shoppe and wanted to write an addendum. I agree with some of his likes - the fish tacos and brussel sprouts were really good (huge pieces of fresh fl...

Help us find a Good Turkey in the Triangle

by TerryG 3 years ago

Last year we had a real loser (tempted to say Turkey :>)) from Whole Foods - dry and tasteless. We are having 12+ for Dinner so think we will need a 18-20 pounder. Where do you suggest?

UberEats coming to the Triangle

by romansperson 3 years ago

From the article: "Uber, the ride sharing app, is bringing its restaurant delivery service to the Triangle Wednesday with 100 restaurants already signed up – some offering delivery for the first...

Most underrated and overrated restaurants in NC Triangle

by 27705food 4 years ago

Perhaps a good discussion starter. Which restaurants do you feel are overrated (this board, critics, newspapers or just too popular) and which are the hidden gems which don't get enough love or...

Downtown Raleigh Commentary

by Guilty Gourmand 3 years ago

I just saw in the N&O that Bare Bones has closed. For better or worse, the only thing surprising to me about that was how long that took. One of the reasons noted in the article was the difficult...

Best Raleigh non-high end restaurant?

by LulusMom 3 years ago

One of our babysitters lives in Raleigh, and she likes trying new places. Her birthday is coming up and I'd like to get her a gift certificate to someplace in Raleigh but I don't know the scene the...

Cooking/supper club in the Rolesville/ Wake Forest/ N.Raleigh area

by edinaeats 3 years ago

I'm interested in organizing a cooking/supper club in the Rolesville/ Wake Forest/ N.Raleigh area for people who love to cook. The exact format is open to discussion, but my idea is themed eveni...

Best Hot Dogs in the Triangle?

by Guilty Gourmand 3 years ago

I know there have been prior posts on this topic in general but I don't recall seeing one in awhile and the recent overrated / underrated discussion got me thinking about this topic. In particul...

Dinner in Downtown Raleigh (by the opera theater)

by mcfreid 3 years ago

Hello Chowhounders, 'long time lurker here and with the decline of foodies (https://www.tastingtable.com/dine/national/instagram-viral-food-harming-businesses) I felt the need to finally sign up...

Raleigh: Anyone been to chicken and waffles off 440, Mr Wonderful's

by panthur 7 years ago

I need the scoop, is it worth the drive from the exact opposite side of 440? Compare to Dame's at all in any way? http://www.mrwonderfuls.com/

Provenance in Raleigh, NC

by burgeoningfoodie 3 years ago

This past Sunday the family needed to get out of the house and we decided to take our little master to Marbles. I was already looking out for places nearby that may be suitable for us to eat. It ...

ISO authentic Mexican in the Triangle

by TerryG 3 years ago

We wll be hosting visitors soon who are interested in inexpensive, authentic Mexican (or other Latino) food. in the Triangle. Looking in both Raleigh and Durham for family restaurants, hole-in-th...

Anniversary lunch - Raleigh or Durham

by BerriesAndToast 3 years ago

I am looking for restaurant ideas for a Saturday anniversary lunch, ideally in downtown Raleigh, North Raleigh, or downtown Durham. We enjoy vegetable/seafood focused cooking (no beef/pork) from mo...

Game Sausage?

by Ashmolean 3 years ago

Where can I find game sausage like duck, rabbit, wild boar in Raleigh?? thanks!